List of members of the European Parliament for Austria, 1995–96

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Members of the
European Parliament

for Austria
Delegation (1995)
4th term (1996)
5th term (1999)
6th term (2004)
7th term (2009)
8th term (2014)

This is a list of the 21 appointed delegates to the European Parliament for Austria (from 1 January 1995 until 12 October 1996), ordered by name. The first Austrian MEP elections were held on 13 October 1996.


Name National party EP Group
Bösch, HerbertHerbert Bösch      Social Democratic Party      PES
Crepaz, IreneIrene Crepaz      Social Democratic Party      PES
Farthofer, ErichErich Farthofer      Social Democratic Party      PES
Graenitz, IlonaIlona Graenitz      Social Democratic Party      PES
Gredler, MartinaMartina Gredler      Liberal Forum      ELDR
Hawlicek, HildeHilde Hawlicek      Social Democratic Party      PES
Hlavac, ElisabethElisabeth Hlavac      Social Democratic Party      PES
Jung, WolfgangWolfgang Jung      Freedom Party      NI
Konecny, AlbrechtAlbrecht Konecny      Social Democratic Party      PES
König, FriedrichFriedrich König      People's Party      EPP
Linser, FranzFranz Linser      Freedom Party      NI
Linzer, MilanMilan Linzer      People's Party      EPP
Lukas, KlausKlaus Lukas      Freedom Party      NI
Meier, ErhardErhard Meier      Social Democratic Party      PES
Nußbaumer, WolfgangWolfgang Nußbaumer      Freedom Party      NI
Rack, ReinhardReinhard Rack      People's Party      EPP
Rübig, PaulPaul Rübig      People's Party      EPP
Schierhuber, AgnesAgnes Schierhuber      People's Party      EPP
Schreiner, ErichErich Schreiner      Freedom Party      NI
Spindelegger, MichaelMichael Spindelegger      People's Party      EPP
Voggenhuber, JohannesJohannes Voggenhuber      The Greens–The Green Alternative      GG