List of members of the European Parliament for Portugal, 1986–87

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Members of the
European Parliament

for Portugal
Delegation (1986)
2nd term (1987)
3rd term (1989)
4th term (1994)
5th term (1999)
6th term (2004)
7th term (2009)
8th term (2014)

This is a list of the 24 appointed delegates of the European Parliament for Portugal in the 1984 to 1989 session (from 1 January 1986 till 13 September 1987), ordered by name. See European Parliament election, 1987 (Portugal) for the first election results.


Name National party EP Group
Pereira, VirgílioVirgílio Pereira      Social Democratic Party      LDR
Garcia, VascoVasco Garcia      Social Democratic Party      LDR
Pinto Balsemão, FranciscoFrancisco Pinto Balsemão      Social Democratic Party      LDR
Almeida Mendes, RuiRui Almeida Mendes      Social Democratic Party      LDR
Condesso, FernandoFernando Condesso      Social Democratic Party      LDR
Lacerda de Queiróz, AntónioAntónio Lacerda de Queiróz      Social Democratic Party      LDR
Pereira, ManuelManuel Pereira      Social Democratic Party      LDR
Augusto Pinto, PedroPedro Augusto Pinto      Social Democratic Party      LDR
Silva Domingos, JoséJosé Silva Domingos      Social Democratic Party      LDR
Campinos, JorgeJorge Campinos      Socialist Party      SOC
Coimbra Martins, António AnteroAntónio Antero Coimbra Martins      Socialist Party      SOC
Crespo, RodolfoRodolfo Crespo      Socialist Party      SOC
Santos Gomes, Fernando ManuelFernando Manuel Santos Gomes      Socialist Party      SOC
Madeira, Luís FilipeLuís Filipe Madeira      Socialist Party      SOC
Rosa, WalterWalter Rosa      Socialist Party      SOC
Barros Moura, JoséJosé Barros Moura      Communist Party      COM
Brito Apolonia, José AntonioJosé Antonio Brito Apolonia      Communist Party      COM
Miranda, JoaquimJoaquim Miranda      Communist Party      COM
Fernandes, António JoséAntónio José Fernandes      Democratic Renewal Party
Marques Mendes, António JoséAntónio José Marques Mendes      Democratic Renewal Party
Medeiros Ferreira, José ManuelJosé Manuel Medeiros Ferreira      Democratic Renewal Party
Pegado Liz, JorgeJorge Pegado Liz      Democratic Renewal Party
Pais Beirôco, Luis FilipeLuis Filipe Pais Beirôco      Democratic and Social Centre–People's Party      EPP
Lucas Pires, Francisco AntónioFrancisco António Lucas Pires      Democratic and Social Centre–People's Party      EPP