List of members of the European Parliament for Slovenia, 2009–14

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Members of the
European Parliament

for Slovenia
Observers (2003)
Delegation (2004)
6th term (2004)
7th term (2009)
8th term (2014)

This is a list of the 7 members of the European Parliament for Slovenia in the 2009 to 2014 session. One person from Democratic Party entered the Parliament in December 2011, bringing the number of MEPs to 8.


Name National party EP Group
Tanja Fajon      Social Democrats      S&D
Romana Jordan Cizelj      Democratic Party      EPP
Jelko Kacin      Liberal Democracy      ALDE
Zoran Thaler [1]      Social Democrats      S&D
Zofija Mazej Kukovič [2]      Democratic Party      EPP
Lojze Peterle      New Slovenia      EPP
Ivo Vajgl      Zares–Social Liberals      ALDE
Milan Zver      Democratic Party      EPP

Party representation[edit]

National party EP Group Seats ±
     Democratic Party      EPP
3 / 7
     Social Democrats      S&D
2 / 7
Increase 1
     New Slovenia      EPP
1 / 7
Decrease 1
     Liberal Democracy      ALDE
1 / 7
Decrease 1
     Zares–Social Liberals      ALDE
1 / 7
Increase 1


  1. ^ Resigned in 2011 following corruption allegations, replaced by Mojca Kleva Kekuš on 13 April 2011.
  2. ^ MEP since the Lisbon Treaty.