List of members of the House of Representatives of Japan, 2005–09

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43rd House of Representatives (2003)
44th House of Representatives (2005)
45th House of Representatives (2009)

This is a list of Representatives elected to the House of Representatives for the Forty-Fourth session of the House of Representatives of the National Diet of Japan at the 2005 general election, held on 11 September 2005.


Affiliation Members
Liberal Democratic Party 293
Democratic Party 113
New Komeito Party 20
Japan Communist Party 9
Social Democratic Party 7
People's New Party - New Party Nippon 6
Independent - Minor Parties 20
 Total 480
 Government Majority 313
 Opposition 167

The Government[edit]

Liberal Democratic Party (293 members)[edit]

New Komeito (20 members)[edit]

The Opposition[edit]

Democratic Party (113 members)[edit]

Japan Communist Party (9 members)[edit]

Social Democratic Party (7 members)[edit]

The People's New Party, New Party Nippon (6 members)[edit]

Independents (20 members)[edit]