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In 1997 the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) established the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame in Zürich, Switzerland.[1] The IIHF Hall of Fame is intended to honor individuals who have made valuable contributions both internationally and in their home countries.[2] The first class, which was composed of 30 individuals, was introduced during the 1997 World Championships in Helsinki, Finland.[3] Members are inducted into the Hall under three separate categories: Player, Referee, and Builder (an individual that "manages" or grows the game).[3] The IIHF and the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada, agreed on a long term contract[1] whereby the Hockey Hall of Fame became the permanent residence for the IIHF Hall of Fame.[3] On 29 June 1998, the Hockey Hall of Fame opened its newly revamped Exhibition Center containing an international area known as the World of Hockey Zone, which houses the exhibits for the IIHF Hall of Fame.[1]


The new members in 2013: Jan-Åke Edvinsson, Gord Miller, Mats Sundin, Danielle Goyette, Paul Henderson, Peter Forsberg and Teppo Numminen. There is also Boris Mikhailov, member since 2000, on the right.
Mario Lemieux won a gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics.
Mark Johnson won a gold medal in the 1980 Olympics and coached the USA women's team in the 2010 Games.
Peter Šťastný played for Czechoslovakia in the 1980 Winter Olympics and Slovakia in the 1994 Games.
Slava Fetisov won Olympic gold medals in 1984 and 1988.
Wayne Gretzky was a part of three Canada Cup winning teams and the Executive director of Canada's 2002 Olympic team.
Börje Salming was inducted in 1998 for Sweden.
Alexander Ragulin (right) won a combined 13 gold medals in Olympic and World Championship play.
Lasse Oksanen (dropping the puck) was inducted in 1999 for Finland.
Igor Larionov is a member of the "Triple Gold Club".
Erich Kühnhackl was part of the West Germany bronze medal winning team in 1976. One of only two Olympic ice hockey medals for Germany.
Name Country Category Year elected
Adamec, QuidoQuido Adamec  Czech Republic Referee 2005
Ahearne, BunnyBunny Ahearne  Great Britain Builder 1997
Alexandrov, VeniaminVeniamin Alexandrov  Russia Player 2007
Aljančič Sr., ErnestErnest Aljančič Sr.  Slovenia Player 2002
Balderis, HelmutsHelmuts Balderis  Latvia Player 1998
Ball, RudiRudi Ball  Germany Player 2004
Bauer, Fr. DavidFr. David Bauer  Canada Builder 1997
Berglund, ArtArt Berglund  United States Builder 2008
Berglund, CurtCurt Berglund  Sweden Builder 2003
Bergqvist, SvenSven Bergqvist  Sweden Player 1999
Björn, LarsLars Björn  Sweden Player 1998
Bobrov, VsevolodVsevolod Bobrov  Russia Player 1997
Bondra, PeterPeter Bondra  Slovakia Player 2016
Bourbonnais, RogerRoger Bourbonnais  Canada Player 1999
Bouzek, VladimírVladimír Bouzek  Czech Republic Player 2007
Bozon, PhilippePhilippe Bozon  France Player 2008
Brooks, HerbHerb Brooks  United States Builder 1999
Brown, WalterWalter Brown  United States Builder 1997
Bubník, VlastimilVlastimil Bubník  Czech Republic Player 1997
Buckna, MikeMike Buckna  Canada Builder 2004
Bukač, LuděkLuděk Bukač  Czech Republic Builder 2007
Bure, PavelPavel Bure  Russia Player 2012
Bush Jr, WalterWalter Bush Jr  United States Builder 2009
Bye, KarynKaryn Bye  United States Player 2011
Bykov, VyacheslavVyacheslav Bykov  Russia Player 2014
Calcaterra, EnricoEnrico Calcaterra  Italy Builder 1999
Cattini, FerdinandFerdinand Cattini   Switzerland Player 1998
Cattini, HansHans Cattini   Switzerland Player 1998
Cerny, JosefJosef Černý  Czech Republic Player 2007
Chernyshev, ArkadyArkady Chernyshev  Russia Builder 1999
Christian, BillBill Christian  United States Player 1998
Cleary , BillBill Cleary  United States Player 1997
Cosby, GerryGerry Cosby  United States Player 1997
Costello, MurrayMurray Costello  Canada Builder 2014
Craig, JimJim Craig  United States Player 1999
Curran, MikeMike Curran  United States Player 1999
Dahlberg, OveOve Dahlberg  Sweden Referee 2004
Davydov, VitalyVitaly Davydov  Russia Player 2004
Dimitriev, IgorIgor Dimitriev  Russia Builder 2007
Dobida, HansHans Dobida  Austria Builder 2007
Drobný, JaroslavJaroslav Drobný  Czech Republic Player 1997
Dzurilla, VladimírVladimír Dzurilla  Slovakia Player 1998
Edvinsson, Jan-ÅkeJan-Åke Edvinsson  Sweden Builder 2013
Eklow, RudolfRudolf Eklow  Sweden Builder 1999
Erhardt, CarlCarl Erhardt  Great Britain Player 1998
Fagerlund, RickardRickard Fagerlund  Sweden Builder 2010
Fetisov, VyacheslavVyacheslav Fetisov  Russia Player 2005
Firsov, AnatoliAnatoli Firsov  Russia Player 1998
Forsberg, PeterPeter Forsberg  Sweden Player 2013
Fyodorov, SergeiSergei Fyodorov  Russia Player 2016
Golonka, JozefJozef Golonka  Slovakia Player 1998
Goyette, DanielleDanielle Goyette  Canada Player 2013
Granato, CammiCammi Granato  United States Player 2008
Gretzky, WayneWayne Gretzky  Canada Player 2000
Grunander, ArneArne Grunander  Sweden Builder 1997
Gruth, HenrykHenryk Gruth  Poland Player 2006
Gustafsson, Bengt-ÅkeBengt-Åke Gustafsson  Sweden Player 2003
Gut, KarelKarel Gut  Czech Republic Player 1998
Hašek, DominikDominik Hašek  Czech Republic Player 2015
Heaney, GeraldineGeraldine Heaney  Canada Player 2008
Hedberg, AndersAnders Hedberg  Sweden Player 1997
Hegen, DieterDieter Hegen  Germany Player 2010
Helminen, RaimoRaimo Helminen  Finland Player 2012
Henderson, PaulPaul Henderson  Canada Player 2013
Henschel, HeinzHeinz Henschel  Germany Builder 2003
Hewitt, WilliamWilliam Hewitt  Canada Builder 1998
Hiti, RudiRudi Hiti  Slovenia Player 2009
Hlinka, IvanIvan Hlinka  Czech Republic Player 2002
Holeček, JiříJiří Holeček  Czech Republic Player 1998
Holík, JiříJiří Holík  Czech Republic Player 1999
Holmes, DerekDerek Holmes  Canada Builder 1999
Holmqvist, LeifLeif Holmqvist  Sweden Player 1999
Horský, LadislavLadislav Horský  Slovakia Builder 2004
Housley, PhilPhil Housley  United States Player 2012
Huck, FranFran Huck  Canada Player 1999
Hviid, JørgenJørgen Hviid  Denmark Builder 2005
Irbe, ArtūrsArtūrs Irbe  Latvia Player 2010
Jaenecke, GustavGustav Jaenecke  Germany Player 1998
James, AngelaAngela James  Canada Player 2008
Johannessen, ToreTore Johannessen  Norway Builder 1999
Johnson , MarkMark Johnson  United States Player 1999
Johnston, MarshallMarshall Johnston  Canada Player 1998
Jonsson, TomasTomas Jonsson  Sweden Player 2000
Juckes, GordonGordon Juckes  Canada Builder 1997
Jutila, TimoTimo Jutila  Finland Player 2003
Kalt, DieterDieter Kalt  Austria Builder 2017
Kamenski, ValeriValeri Kamenski  Russia Player 2016
Karandin, YuriYuri Karandin  Russia Referee 2004
Kasatonov, AlexeiAlexei Kasatonov  Russia Player 2009
Kawabuchi, TsutomuTsutomu Kawabuchi  Japan Builder 2004
Keinonen, MattiMatti Keinonen  Finland Player 2002
Kharlamov, ValeriValeri Kharlamov  Russia Player 1998
Khomutov, AndreiAndrei Khomutov  Russia Player 2014
Khorozov, AnatoliAnatoli Khorozov  Ukraine Builder 2006
Kiessling, UdoUdo Kiessling  Germany Player 2000
King , DaveDave King  Canada Builder 2001
Koivu, SakuSaku Koivu  Finland Builder 2017
Kolliker, JakobJakob Kölliker   Switzerland Player 2007
Kompalla, JosefJosef Kompalla  Germany Referee 2003
Konovalenko, ViktorViktor Konovalenko  Russia Player 2007
Kostka, VladimírVladimír Kostka  Czech Republic Builder 1997
Krupp, UweUwe Krupp  Germany Player 2017
Krutov, VladimirVladimir Krutov  Russia Player 2010
Kuhnhackl, ErichErich Kühnhackl  Germany Player 1997
Kurri, JariJari Kurri  Finland Player 2000
Kuzkin, ViktorViktor Kuzkin  Russia Player 2005
Lacarrière , JacquesJacques Lacarrière  France Player 1998
Larionov, IgorIgor Larionov  Russia Player 2008
LeBel, BobBob LeBel  Canada Builder 1997
Lemieux, MarioMario Lemieux  Canada Player 2008
Lidström, NicklasNicklas Lidström  Sweden Player 2014
Lindblad, HarryHarry Lindblad  Finland Builder 1999
Lindquist, VicVic Lindquist  Canada Player 1997
Loicq, PaulPaul Loicq  Belgium Builder 1997
Loktev, KonstantinKonstantin Loktev  Russia Player 2007
Loob, HåkanHåkan Loob  Sweden Player 1998
Lundström, TordTord Lundström  Sweden Player 2011
Luthi, CesarCesar Luthi   Switzerland Builder 1998
Machač, OldřichOldřich Machač  Czech Republic Player 1999
MacKenzie, BarryBarry MacKenzie  Canada Player 1999
Magnus, LouisLouis Magnus  France Builder 1997
Makarov, SergeiSergei Makarov  Russia Player 2001
Maleček, JosefJosef Maleček  Czech Republic Player 2003
Marjamäki, PekkaPekka Marjamäki  Finland Player 1998
Martin, SethSeth Martin  Canada Player 1997
Martinec, VladimírVladimír Martinec  Czech Republic Player 2001
Maltsev, AlexanderAlexander Maltsev  Russia Player 1999
Mayasich, JohnJohn Mayasich  United States Player 1997
Mayorov, BorisBoris Mayorov  Russia Player 1999
McCartan, JackJack McCartan  United States Player 1998
McLeod, JackieJackie McLeod  Canada Player 1999
Mikhailov , BorisBoris Mikhailov  Russia Player 2000
Modrý, BohumilBohumil Modrý  Czech Republic Player 2011
Murray , AndyAndy Murray  Canada Builder 2012
Nanne, LouLou Nanne  United States Player 2004
Näslund, MatsMats Näslund  Sweden Player 2005
Nedomanský, VáclavVáclav Nedomanský  Czech Republic Player 1997
Niedermayer, ScottScott Niedermayer  Canada Player 2015
Nieminen-Välilä , RiikkaRiikka Nieminen-Välilä  Finland Player 2010
Nilsson, KentKent Nilsson  Sweden Player 2006
Nilsson, NisseNisse Nilsson  Sweden Player 2002
Nový, MilanMilan Nový  Czech Republic Player 2012
Numminen, KaleviKalevi Numminen  Finland Builder 2011
Numminen, TeppoTeppo Numminen  Finland Player 2013
Oksanen, LasseLasse Oksanen  Finland Player 1999
OMalley, TerryTerry O'Malley  Canada Player 1998
Pană, EduardEduard Pană  Romania Player 1998
Pasztor, GyőrgyGyőrgy Pasztor  Hungary Builder 2001
Patton, PeterPeter Patton  Great Britain Builder 2002
Peltonen, EsaEsa Peltonen  Finland Player 2007
Peltonen, VilleVille Peltonen  Finland Player 2016
Petrov, VladimirVladimir Petrov  Russia Player 2006
Pettersson, RonaldRonald Pettersson  Sweden Player 2004
Pospíšil, FrantišekFrantišek Pospíšil  Czech Republic Player 1999
Puschnig , JosefJosef Puschnig  Austria Player 1999
Quinn, PatPat Quinn  Canada Builder 2016
Ragulin, AlexanderAlexander Ragulin  Russia Player 1997
Rampf, HansHans Rampf  Germany Player 2001
Reichel, RobertRobert Reichel  Czech Republic Player 2015
Renwick, GordonGordon Renwick  Canada Builder 2002
Ridder, BobBob Ridder  United States Builder 1998
Rider, FranFran Rider  Canada Builder 2015
Riley , JackJack Riley  United States Builder 1998
Rooth, MariaMaria Rooth  Sweden Player 2015
Ruggiero, AngelaAngela Ruggiero  United States Player 2017
Rundqvist, ThomasThomas Rundqvist  Sweden Player 2007
Sabetzki, Dr. GüntherDr. Günther Sabetzki  Germany Builder 1997
Sakic, JoeJoe Sakic  Canada Player 2017
Salei, RuslanRuslan Salei  Belarus Player 2014
Salming, BörjeBörje Salming  Sweden Player 1998
Schell, LaszloLaszlo Schell  Hungary Referee 2009
Schloder, AloisAlois Schloder  Germany Player 2005
Selänne, TeemuTeemu Selänne  Finland Player 2017
Sinden, HarryHarry Sinden  Canada Player 1997
Smith, BenBen Smith  United States Builder 2016
Sologubov, NikolaiNikolai Sologubov  Russia Player 2004
Starovoitov, AndreiAndrei Starovoitov  Russia Builder 1997
Starshinov, VyacheslavVyacheslav Starshinov  Russia Player 2007
Starší, JánJán Starší  Slovakia Builder 1999
Stastny, PeterPeter Šťastný  Slovakia Player 2000
Sterner, UlfUlf Sterner  Sweden Player 2001
Stoltz , RolandRoland Stoltz  Sweden Player 1999
Stubb, GöranGöran Stubb  Finland Builder 2000
Strömberg, ArneArne Strömberg  Sweden Builder 1998
Šubrt, MiroslavMiroslav Šubrt  Czech Republic Builder 2004
Suchý, JanJan Suchý  Czech Republic Player 2009
Sundin, MatsMats Sundin  Sweden Player 2013
Tarasov, AnatoliAnatoli Tarasov  Russia Builder 1997
Tikal, FrantišekFrantišek Tikal  Czech Republic Player 2004
Tikhonov , ViktorViktor Tikhonov  Russia Builder 1998
Tomita, ShoichiShoichi Tomita  Japan Builder 2006
Torriani, BibiBibi Torriani   Switzerland Player 1997
Tretiak, VladislavVladislav Tretiak  Russia Player 1997
Troják, LadislavLadislav Troják  Slovakia Player 2011
Tsutsumi, YoshiakiYoshiaki Tsutsumi  Japan Builder 1999
Tumba, SvenSven "Tumba" Johansson  Sweden Player 1997
Tureanu, DoruDoru Tureanu  Romania Player 2011
Trumble, HalHal Trumble  United States Builder 1999
Tutt, ThayerThayer Tutt  United States Builder 2002
Unsinn, XaverXaver Unsinn  Germany Builder 1998
Valtonen, JormaJorma Valtonen  Finland Player 1999
Vasiliev, ValeriValeri Vasiliev  Russia Player 1998
Wahlsten, JuhaniJuhani Wahlsten  Finland Player 2006
Wasservogel, WalterWalter Wasservogel  Austria Builder 1997
Watson, HarryHarry Watson  Canada Player 1998
Wiitala, UntoUnto Wiitala  Finland Referee 2003
Yakushev, AlexanderAlexander Yakushev  Russia Player 2003
Ylönen, UrpoUrpo Ylönen  Finland Player 1997
Yurzinov, VladimirVladimir Yurzinov  Russia Builder 2002
Yzerman, SteveSteve Yzerman  Canada Player 2014
Zabrodsky, VladimirVladimír Zábrodský  Czech Republic Player 1997
Ziesche, JoachimJoachim Ziesche  Germany Player 1999

Members by country[edit]

Country Members
 Russia 35
 Canada 30
 Sweden 28
 Czech Republic 23
 United States 21
 Finland 17
 Germany 12
 Slovakia 7
  Switzerland 5
 Austria 3
 France 3
 Great Britain 3
 Japan 3
 Hungary 2
 Latvia 2
 Romania 2
 Slovenia 2
 Belarus 1
 Belgium 1
 Italy 1
 Denmark 1
 Norway 1
 Poland 1
 Ukraine 1

See also[edit]

  • Paul Loicq Award, presented by the IIHF to a person who has made "outstanding contributions to the IIHF and international ice hockey".[4]


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