List of members of the National Academy of Sciences (Anthropology)

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This list is a subsection of the List of members of the National Academy of Sciences, which includes approximately 2,000 members and 350 foreign associates of the United States National Academy of Sciences, each of whom is affiliated with one of 31 disciplinary sections. Each person's name, primary institution, and election year are given.


Name Institution Year
Robert McCormick Adams University of California, San Diego 1970
Jeanne Altmann Princeton University 2003
Juan Luis Arsuaga Universidad Complutense de Madrid 2002
Paul T. Baker Pennsylvania State University 1980
Ofer Bar-Yosef Harvard University 2001
Cynthia Beall Case Western Reserve University 1996
Brent Berlin University of Georgia 1980
Russ Bernard University of Florida 2010
Victoria Bricker Tulane University 1991
Jane Buikstra Arizona State University 1987
Robert Carneiro American Museum of Natural History 1999
Michael Coe Yale University 1986
Elizabeth Colson University of California, Berkeley 1977
Harold Conklin Yale University 1976
Linda S. Cordell University of Colorado 2006
Roy D'Andrade University of Connecticut 1998
Frans de Waal Emory University 2004
Robert Drennan University of Pittsburgh 2004
Kent Flannery University of Michigan 1978
George M. Foster University of California, Berkeley 1976
Catherine S. Fowler University of Nevada, Reno 2011
Charles Frake University at Buffalo 1986
George Frison University of Wyoming 1997
Stanley Garn University of Michigan 1976
Ralph Garruto Binghamton University 1997
Melvyn Goldstein Case Western Reserve University 2009
Ward Goodenough University of Pennsylvania 1971
Morris Goodman Wayne State University 2002
Jack Goody University of Cambridge 2004
R. C. Green University of Auckland 1984
Donald K. Grayson University of Washington 2011
Jane Guyer Johns Hopkins University 2008
Eugene A. Hammel University of California, Berkeley 1983
Henry Harpending University of Utah 1996
Kristen Hawkes University of Utah 2002
Frank Hole Yale University 1981
F. Clark Howell University of California, Berkeley 1972
William W. Howells Harvard University 1967
Sarah Hrdy University of California, Davis 1990
Paul Kay University of California, Berkeley 1997
Raymond Kelly University of Michigan 2004
Patrick Kirch University of California, Berkeley 1990
Richard G. Klein Stanford University 2003
Conrad Kottak University of Michigan 2008
Miguel Leon-Portilla National Autonomous University of Mexico 1995
Claude Lévi-Strauss Collège de France 1967
Olga Linares Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute 1992
Owen Lovejoy Kent State University 2007
Linda Manzanilla National Autonomous University of Mexico 2003
Joyce Marcus University of Michigan 1997
David J. Meltzer Southern Methodist University 2009
Rene Millon University of Rochester 2001
Craig Morris American Museum of Natural History 1998
Michael E. Moseley University of Florida 2000
Douglas Oliver Harvard University 1979
David Pilbeam Harvard University 1992
Leopold Pospisil Yale University 1984
Colin Renfrew University of Cambridge 1996
A. Kimball Romney University of California, Irvine 1995
Irving Rouse Yale University 1962
Jeremy Sabloff University of Pennsylvania 1994
Marshall Sahlins University of Chicago 1991
Francisco Mauro Salzano Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul 1999
William Sanders Pennsylvania State University 1985
Romuald Schild Polish Academy of Sciences 1998
Elwyn Simons Duke University 1981
G. William Skinner University of California, Davis 1980
Bruce D. Smith Smithsonian Institution 2003
Melford Spiro University of California, San Diego 1982
Charles Stanish University of California, Los Angeles 2010
Stanley Tambiah Harvard University 1994
David Hurst Thomas American Museum of Natural History 1989
Erik Trinkaus Washington University 1996
Alan Walker Pennsylvania State University 2003
Anthony Wallace University of Pennsylvania 1973
Patty Jo Watson Washington University 1988
Fred Wendorf Southern Methodist University 1987
Tim White University of California, Berkeley 2000
Henry Wright University of Michigan 1994
Douglas Yen Australian National University 1985