List of members of the National Academy of Sciences (Biophysics and computational biology)

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This list is a subsection of the List of members of the National Academy of Sciences, which includes approximately 2,000 members and 350 foreign associates of the United States National Academy of Sciences, each of whom is affiliated with one of 31 disciplinary sections. Each person's name, primary institution, and election year are given.

Name Institution Year
David Agard University of California, San Francisco 2007
David Baker University of Washington 2006
Robert L. Baldwin Stanford University 1980
Adriaan Bax National Institutes of Health 2002
Helmut Beinert (d) University of Wisconsin–Madison 1980
Howard Berg Harvard University 1984
Steven Block Stanford University 2007
Daniel Branton Harvard University 1981
Axel Brunger Stanford University 2005
Carlos Bustamante University of California, Berkeley 2002
Charles Cantor Sequenom 1988
Donald Caspar Florida State University 1994
G. Marius Clore National Institutes of Health 2014
Wah Chiu Stanford University 2012
Carolyn Cohen Brandeis University 1996
Esther Conwell University of Rochester 1990
Donald Crothers Yale University 1987
David R. Davies National Institutes of Health 1978
William DeGrado University of California, San Francisco 1999
Johann Deisenhofer University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas 1997
David J. DeRosier Brandeis University 2003
Richard Dickerson University of California, Los Angeles 1985
Ken A. Dill Stony Brook University 2008
Floyd Dunn University of Illinois 1990
William Eaton National Institutes of Health 2006
David Eisenberg University of California, Los Angeles 1989
Donald Engelman Yale University 1997
S. Walter Englander University of Pennsylvania 1997
George Feher University of California, San Diego 1975
Juli Feigon University of California, Los Angeles 2009
Alan Fersht University of Cambridge 1993
Robert Fletterick University of California, San Francisco 2010
Joachim Frank Columbia University 2006
Carl Frieden Washington University 1988
Walter Gilbert Harvard University 1976
Eric Gouaux Oregon Health & Science University 2010
Philip Green University of Washington 2001
Angela Gronenborn University of Pittsburgh 2007
Gordon Hammes Duke University 1973
Stephen C. Harrison Harvard University 1991
Terrell Hill University of California, Santa Cruz 1965
Keith Hodgson Stanford University 2011
Barry Honig Columbia University 2004
Wayne L. Hubbell University of California, Los Angeles 2005
Hugh Huxley Brandeis University 1978
Ephraim Katzir Weizmann Institute of Science 1966
Louise Johnson University of Oxford 2011
Sung-Hou Kim University of California, Berkeley 1994
Alexander Klibanov Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1995
John Kuriyan University of California, Berkeley 2001
Robert S. Langer Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1992
Michael Levitt Stanford University 2002
William Lipscomb Harvard University 1961
Roderick MacKinnon Rockefeller University 2000
Brian Matthews University of Oregon 1986
Stephen Mayo California Institute of Technology 2004
J. Andrew McCammon University of California, San Diego 2011
Ann McDermott Columbia University 2006
Hartmut Michel Max Planck Institute for Biophysics 1996
Peter Moore Yale University 1997
Manuel Morales University of the Pacific 1975
George Oster University of California, Berkeley 2004
Carl Pabo Sangamo BioSciences 1998
Gregory Petsko Brandeis University 1995
Thomas D. Pollard Yale University 1992
Joseph Puglisi Stanford University 2014
Stephen Quake Stanford University 2013
Alfred Redfield Brandeis University 1979
Douglas Rees California Institute of Technology 2000
Jane Richardson Duke University 1991
Timothy Richmond ETH Zurich 2007
Michael Rossmann Purdue University 1984
John Schellman University of Oregon 1982
John Sedat University of California, San Francisco 2009
David E. Shaw D. E. Shaw Research 2014
Robert G. Shulman Yale University 1974
Timothy Springer Harvard University 1996
Walther Stoeckenius University of California, San Francisco 1978
Robert Stroud University of California, San Francisco 2003
Lubert Stryer Stanford University 1984
Attila Szabo National Institutes of Health 2010
Charles Tanford (d) Duke University 1972
Janet Thornton European Bioinformatics Institute 2003
Ignacio Tinoco University of California, Berkeley 1985
Chikashi Toyoshima (d) University of Tokyo 2005
K. E. van Holde Oregon State University 1989
Gerhard Wagner Harvard University 2013
John E. Walker Medical Research Council 2004
Arieh Warshel University of Southern California 2009
Watt W. Webb Cornell University 1995
Peter Wright The Scripps Research Institute 2008
Ada Yonath Weizmann Institute of Science 2003
Xiaowei Zhuang Harvard University 2012
Bruno H. Zimm (d) University of California, San Diego 1958
Robert Zwanzig National Institutes of Health 1972