List of members of the National Academy of Sciences (Evolutionary biology)

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This list is a subsection of the List of members of the National Academy of Sciences, which includes approximately 2,000 members and 350 foreign associates of the United States National Academy of Sciences, each of whom is affiliated with one of 31 disciplinary sections. Each person's name, primary institution, and election year are given.

Evolutionary biology[edit]

Name Institution Year
Richard D. Alexander University of Michigan 1974
Wyatt Anderson University of Georgia 1987
Douglas Futuyma State University of New York at Stony Brook 2005
John Avise University of California, Irvine 1991
Francisco J. Ayala University of California, Irvine 1980
George A. Bartholomew University of California, Los Angeles 1985
May Berenbaum University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1994
John Tyler Bonner Princeton University 1973
Michael T. Clegg University of California, Irvine 1990
Rita Colwell University of Maryland, College Park 2000
Peter Crane Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 2001
Jody Deming University of Washington 2003
W. Ford Doolittle Dalhousie University 2002
Thomas Eisner Cornell University 1969
Joseph Felsenstein University of Washington 1999
Walter Fitch University of California, Irvine 1989
Madhav Gadgil Indian Institute of Science 1991
John Harper University of Wales, Aberystwyth 1984
David Hillis University of Texas 2008
Hopi Hoekstra Harvard University 2016
Bert Hölldobler University of Würzburg 1998
David Jablonski University of Chicago 2010
Warwick Estevam Kerr Federal University of Uberlândia 1990
Margaret Kidwell University of Arizona 1996
Richard Lenski Michigan State University 2006
Wen-Hsiung Li University of Chicago 2003
Michael Lynch Indiana University 2009
Charles Michener University of Kansas 1965
Nancy Moran University of Arizona 2004
G. Balakrish Nair 2002
Masatoshi Nei Pennsylvania State University 1997
Eviatar Nevo University of Haifa 2000
Tomoko Ohta National Institute of Genetics 2002
Gordon Orians University of Washington 1989
Svante Pääbo Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology 2004
Gene E. Robinson University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2005
Jose Sarukhan National Autonomous University of Mexico 1993
Barbara Schaal Washington University 1999
J. William Schopf University of California, Los Angeles 1998
Robert Selander Pennsylvania State University 1982
Robert Sokal State University of New York at Stony Brook 1987
James Valentine University of California, Berkeley 1984
David B. Wake University of California, Berkeley 1998
Bruce Wallace Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1970
Mary Jane West-Eberhard Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute 1988