List of members of the National Academy of Sciences (Geology)

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This list is a subsection of the List of members of the National Academy of Sciences, which includes approximately 2,000 members and 350 foreign associates of the United States National Academy of Sciences, each of whom is affiliated with one of 31 disciplinary sections. Each person's name, primary institution, and election year are given.


Name Institution Year
Claude Allègre Universite de Paris 1985
Clarence Allen California Institute of Technology 1976
Walter Alvarez University of California, Berkeley 1991
Tanya Atwater University of California, Santa Barbara 1997
Jillian F. Banfield University of California, Berkeley 2006
Paul B. Barton U.S. Geological Survey 1978
W. A. Berggren Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 1989
Robert Berner Yale University 1987
W. F. Brace Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1971
B. Clark Burchfiel Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1985
Doug Burbank University of California, Santa Barbara 2010
Thure E. Cerling University of Utah 2001
Robert Coleman Stanford University 1980
Douglas Coombs University of Otago 1977
John Crowell University of California, Santa Barbara 1981
G. Brent Dalrymple Oregon State University 1993
George H. Denton University of Maine 2002
Donald J. DePaolo University of California, Berkeley 1993
John Dewey University of California, Davis 1997
William Dickinson University of Arizona 1992
James H. Dieterich University of California, Riverside 2003
William E. Dietrich University of California, Berkeley 2003
Richard Doell U.S. Geological Survey 1969
Thomas Dunne University of California, Santa Barbara 1988
W. G. Ernst Stanford University 1975
Alfred G. Fischer University of Southern California 1994
Augusto Gansser Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 1971
John Grotzinger California Institute of Technology 2002
Warren B. Hamilton Colorado School of Mines 1989
Stanley Hart Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 1983
John Hayes Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 1998
C. Vance Haynes University of Arizona 1990
Russell Hemley Carnegie Institution of Washington 2001
Paul F. Hoffman Harvard University 1992
Albrecht Hofmann Max Planck Institute for Chemistry 1999
Heinrich Holland Harvard University 1979
Kenneth Hsu Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 1986
John Imbrie Brown University 1978
Edward Irving Geological Survey of Canada 1998
Raymond Jeanloz University of California, Berkeley 2004
Thomas Jordan University of Southern California 1998
Barclay Kamb California Institute of Technology 1990
James Kennett University of California, Santa Barbara 2000
Dennis Kent Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick 2004
Susan Kieffer University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1986
Andrew Knoll Harvard University 1991
Ikuo Kushiro University of Tokyo 1983
Arthur Lachenbruch U.S. Geological Survey 1975
Luna Leopold University of California, Berkeley 1967
Ho-kwang Mao Carnegie Institution of Washington 1993
Alexandra Navrotsky University of California, Davis 1993
Jack Oliver Cornell University 1984
Neil Opdyke University of Florida 1996
E. Ronald Oxburgh University of Cambridge 2001
Walter C. Pitman Columbia University 2000
Frank Press Washington Advisory Group, LLC 1958
Raymond A. Price Queen's University 1988
John Ramsay University of Zurich 1985
David M. Raup University of Chicago 1979
James R. Rice Harvard University 1981
Frank M. Richter University of Chicago 2001
Edwin Roedder Harvard University 1988
A. M. Celal Sengor Istanbul Technical University 2000
Kerry Sieh California Institute of Technology 1999
Leon Silver California Institute of Technology 1974
Norman Sleep Stanford University 1999
Joseph Smith University of Chicago 1986
Nikolai Sobolev Russian Academy of Sciences 1993
Steven M. Stanley Johns Hopkins University 1994
Edward Stolper California Institute of Technology 1994
John Suppe Princeton University 1995
Lynn Sykes Columbia University 1978
Hugh Taylor California Institute of Technology 1981
Paul Tapponnier Nanyang Technological University 2005
S. Ross Taylor Australian National University 1994
George Thompson Stanford University 1992
James B. Thompson, Jr. Harvard University 1967
Lonnie Thompson Ohio State University 2005
George Tilton University of California, Santa Barbara 1977
D. Rudolf Trümpy Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 1978
David Walker Columbia University 1999
E. Bruce Watson Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1997
Peter J Wyllie California Institute of Technology 1981
E-An Zen University of Maryland, College Park 1976
Mary Lou Zoback U.S. Geological Survey 1995