List of members of the National Academy of Sciences (Psychology)

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This list is a subsection of the List of members of the National Academy of Sciences, which includes approximately 2,000 members and 350 foreign associates of the United States National Academy of Sciences, each of whom is affiliated with one of 31 disciplinary sections. Each person's name, primary institution, and election year are given.


Name Institution Year
Abram Amsel University of Texas at Austin 1992
Wilson Geisler University of Texas at Austin 2008
Mahzarin Banaji Harvard University 2018
Peter Hagoort Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics 2018
Barbara Landau Johns Hopkins University 2018
John R. Anderson Carnegie Mellon University 1999
Richard C. Atkinson University of California, San Diego 1974
Linda Bartoshuk Yale University 2003
Jennifer Richeson Yale University 2015
Marlene Behrmann Carnegie Mellon University 2015
Gordon Bower Stanford University 1973
Robert Boynton University of California, San Diego 1981
Jan Bures Czech Academy of Sciences 1995
Gergely Csibra Central European University 2017
Marcia Johnson Yale University 2014
Susan Carey Harvard University 2002
Daniel Schacter Harvard University 2013
Steven Pinker Harvard University 2016
Noam Chomsky Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1972
Edward Adelson Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2006
Stanislas Dehaene College de France 2010
Carol Dweck Stanford University 2012
Jennifer Eberhardt Stanford University 2016
William Estes Indiana University 1963
Gary Dell University of Illinois 2015
Susan Fiske Princeton University 2013
John Flavell Stanford University 1994
Marianne Frankenhaeuser University of Stockholm 1989
Robert Galambos University of California, San Diego 1960
C. Randy Gallistel Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick 2002
David Heeger New York University 2013
John Garcia University of California, Los Angeles 1983
Michael Gazzaniga University of California, Santa Barbara 2011
Helen Neville University of Oregon 2014
Rochel Gelman Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick 2006
Susan Gelman University of Michigan 2012
Lila Gleitman University of Pennsylvania 2000
William Labov University of Pennsylvania 1993
Frances Graham University of Delaware 1988
Norma Graham Columbia University 1998
David Green University of Florida 1978
Charles Gross Princeton University 1998
Nancy Kanwisher Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2005
Morris Halle Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1988
Richard Held Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1973
Robert Hinde University of Cambridge 1978
Ira Hirsh Washington University 1979
Patricia Kuhl University of Washington 2010
Henry Roediger Washington University 2017
Julian Hochberg Columbia University 1980
Leo Hurvich University of Pennsylvania 1975
Philip Johnson-Laird Princeton University 2007
Jon Kaas Vanderbilt University 2000
Randolph Blake Vanderbilt University 2012
Daniel Kahneman Princeton University 2001
Willem Levelt Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics 2000
Barbara Dosher University of California, Irvine 2011
Elizabeth Loftus University of California, Irvine 2004
R. Duncan Luce University of California, Irvine 1972
Eleanor Maccoby Stanford University 1993
Ellen Markman Stanford University 2011
Hazel Markus Stanford University 2016
James McClelland Stanford University 2001
James McGaugh University of California, Irvine 1989
George A. Miller Princeton University 1962
Douglas Medin Northwestern University 2005
David E. Meyer University of Michigan 2009
Renee Baillargeon University of Illinois 2015
Brenda Milner McGill University 1976
Walter Mischel Columbia University 2004
Mortimer Mishkin National Institutes of Health 1984
Jacob Nachmias University of Pennsylvania 1984
Ulric Neisser Cornell University 1989
Elissa Newport University of Rochester 2004
David Williams University of Rochester 2014
Richard Aslin University of Rochester 2013
Richard Nisbett University of Michigan 2002
Barbara Partee University of Massachusetts Amherst 1989
Michael Posner University of Oregon 1981
Paul Slovic University of Oregon 2016
Dale Purves Duke University 1989
Michael Tomasello Duke University 2017
Robert Rescorla University of Pennsylvania 1985
Lee Ross Stanford University 2010
David Rumelhart Stanford University 1991
Roger Shepard Stanford University 1977
Uta Frith University of London 2012
Richard Shiffrin Indiana University 1995
Edward Smith Columbia University 1996
Elizabeth Spelke Harvard University 1999
George Sperling University of California, Irvine 1985
Claude Steele Stanford University 2003
Saul Sternberg University of Pennsylvania 1982
Patrick Suppes Stanford University 1978
John Swets BBN Corporation 1990
Shelley Taylor University of California, Los Angeles 2009
Philip Teitelbaum University of Florida 1974
Anne Treisman Princeton University 1994
Endel Tulving Rotman Research Institute of Baycrest Centre 1988
Leslie Ungerleider National Institutes of Health 2000
Allan R. Wagner Yale University 1992
Brian Wandell Stanford University 2003
Anne E. Cutler University of Western Sydney 2008
Lawrence Weiskrantz University of Oxford 1987
Jozef Zwislocki Syracuse University 1990