Norwegian Constituent Assembly election, February–August 1814

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Constituent Assembly elections were held in Norway in 1814.[1] The elections were held in Christiania and the surrounding area in February, and in the rest of the country as news of the need for elections arrived.[1] However, in Finnmark in the far north of the country, the elections were not held until July and August, by which time the Assembly had finished its work.[1] As political parties were not officially established until 1884,[2] the 112 elected members were independents.[3]

The Constituent Assembly convened in Eidsvoll to draw up the Constitution of Norway. The delegates were popularly dubbed the "Eidsvoll men" (Eidsvollsmennene). The new constitution was agreed on 16 May 1814, and signed and dated the following day. Elections to a second Constituent Assembly were held on 14 August.[1]


List of members meeting at Eidsvoll on 17 May 1814[edit]

Akershus county [4][edit]

Aggershuske Ridende Jæg. Corps,[6] Akershusiske skarpskytter Regiment [7][edit]

Arendal [8] Deputation[edit]

Artillerie-Corpset [9][edit]

Bergen City[10] Deputation[edit]

Søndre Bergenhuus County [11][edit]

Nordre Bergenhuus County [12][edit]

Bergenhus Regiment [13][edit]

Buskeruds Amt [14][edit]

Bratsberg Amt [17][edit]

Christiania [18][edit]

Christiansand [19][edit]

Christians Amt [20][edit]


Dramen [21][edit]

Friderichshald [22][edit]

Friedrichsstad [23][edit]

Hedemarkens Amt [24][edit]

Holmestrand [26][edit]

Jarlsberg Grevskab [27][edit]

Ingenieur Brigaden [28][edit]

Kongsberg [29][edit]

Kragerø [30][edit]

Laurvig [31][edit]

Laurvigs Grevskab [32][edit]

Lister Amt [34][edit]

Mandals [35][edit]

Molde [36][edit]

Moss [37][edit]

Nedenæs Amt [38][edit]

Nordenfjelske Infanteri Regiment [39][edit]

Norske Jeger Corps [40][edit]

Oplandske Infanterie Regement [41][edit]

Porsgrund [42][edit]

Raabøigelaugets Amt [43][edit]

Romsdals Amt [44][edit]

Røraas Bergkorps [45][edit]

Smaalehnenes Amt [46][edit]

Schien Skien[edit]

Stavanger Bye Stavanger[edit]

Stavanger Amt Rogaland[edit]

Søe-Deffensionen [47][edit]

Søndenfieldske Infanterie-Regiment [48][edit]

Søndenfieldske Dragon-Regiment [49][edit]

Tellemarkske Infanterie Regiment [51][edit]

Trondhjems Bye [52][edit]

Søndre Trondhjems Amt [54][edit]

Nordre Trondhiems Amt [56][edit]

Første Trondhjemske Regiment [57][edit]

Andet Trondhjemske Regiment [58][edit]

Trondhiemske Dragon Corps [59][edit]

Tønsberg [60][edit]

Westerlenske Inf. Regiment [61][edit]

Øster Risør [62][edit]

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