List of members of the United States House of Representatives who served a single term

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One-term congressmen are members of the United States House of Representatives that spent only one two-year term (or less) in office usually either due to death, resignation, or defeat. In some rare cases freshmen members have decided to run for another office or not run for reelection. A good many members that serve in the House for only one term are viewed as accidental congressmen due to having been elected in a fluke election or by riding in on the coattails of a popular presidential candidate. Among the most famous one-term congressmen were Abraham Lincoln, who served as a Whig in the 30th Congress of 1847-1849 and was later the 16th President of the United States; John Marshall, who was elected as a Federalist to the 6th Congress and was later the 4th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; William Pennington, who served as a Republican in the 36th Congress and was the first sitting Speaker of the House to be defeated in a bid for re-election; Joseph Pulitzer, the famed newspaper man that resigned from office during his first term; George Sutherland, who served as a Republican in the 57th Congress and was later an associate U.S. Supreme Court justice; and William M. "Boss" Tweed, who served as a Democrat to the 33rd Congress and later went on to become infamous for his leadership of Tammany Hall, the dominant political machine in New York City throughout the nineteenth century; and Isidor Straus, the co-owner of Macy's department store who died in the sinking of the Titanic.


1st-10th Congresses (1789–1809)[edit]

1st Congress (1789–1791)[edit]

2nd Congress (1791–1793)[edit]

3rd Congress (1793–1795)[edit]

4th Congress (1795–1797)[edit]

5th Congress (1797–1799)[edit]

6th Congress (1799–1801)[edit]

7th Congress (1801–1803)[edit]

8th Congress (1803–1805)[edit]

9th Congress (1805–1807)[edit]

11th-20th Congresses (1809–1829)[edit]

10th Congress (1807–1809)[edit]

11th Congress (1809–1811)[edit]

12th Congress (1811–1813)[edit]

13th Congress (1813–1815)[edit]

14th Congress (1815–1817)[edit]

15th Congress (1817–1819)[edit]

16th Congress (1819–1821)[edit]

17th Congress (1821–1823)[edit]

18th Congress (1823–1825)[edit]

19th Congress (1825–1827)[edit]

21st-30th Congresses (1829–1849)[edit]

20th Congress (1827–1829)[edit]

21st Congress (1829–1831)[edit]

22nd Congress (1831–1833)[edit]

23rd Congress (1833–1835)[edit]

24th Congress (1835–1837)[edit]

25th Congress (1837–1839)[edit]

26th Congress (1839–1841)[edit]

27th Congress (1841–1843)[edit]

28th Congress (1843–1845)[edit]

29th Congress (1845–1847)[edit]

31st-40th Congresses (1849–1869)[edit]

30th Congress (1847–1849)[edit]

31st Congress (1849–1851)[edit]

32nd Congress (1851–1853)[edit]

33rd Congress (1853–1855)[edit]

34th Congress (1855–1857)[edit]

35th Congress (1857–1859)[edit]

36th Congress (1859–1861)[edit]

37th Congress (1861–1863)[edit]

38th Congress (1863–1865)[edit]

39th Congress (1865–1867)[edit]

41st-50th Congresses (1869–1889)[edit]

40th Congress (1867–1869)[edit]

41st Congress (1869–1871)[edit]

42nd Congress (1871–1873)[edit]

43rd Congress (1873–1875)[edit]

44th Congress (1875–1877)[edit]

45th Congress (1877–1879)[edit]

46th Congress (1879–1881)[edit]

47th Congress (1881–1883)[edit]

48th Congress (1883–1885)[edit]

49th Congress (1885–1887)[edit]

51st-60th Congresses (1889–1909)[edit]

50th Congress (1887–1889)[edit]

51st Congress (1889–1891)[edit]

52nd Congress (1891–1893)[edit]

53rd Congress (1893–1895)[edit]

54th Congress (1895–1897)[edit]

55th Congress (1897–1899)[edit]

56th Congress (1899–1901)[edit]

57th Congress (1901–1903)[edit]

58th Congress (1903–1905)[edit]

59th Congress (1905–1907)[edit]

61st-70th Congresses (1909–1929)[edit]

60th Congress (1907–1909)[edit]

61st Congress (1909–1911)[edit]

62nd Congress (1911–1913)[edit]

63rd Congress (1913–1915)[edit]

64th Congress (1915–1917)[edit]

65th Congress (1917–1919)[edit]

66th Congress (1919–1921)[edit]

67th Congress (1921–1923)[edit]

68th Congress (1923–1925)[edit]

69th Congress (1925–1927)[edit]

71st-80th Congresses (1929–1949)[edit]

70th Congress (1927–1929)[edit]

71st Congress (1929–1931)[edit]

72nd Congress (1931–1933)[edit]

73rd Congress (1933–1935)[edit]

74th Congress (1935–1937)[edit]

75th Congress (1937–1939)[edit]

76th Congress (1939–1941)[edit]

77th Congress (1941–1943)[edit]

78th Congress (1943–1945)[edit]

79th Congress (1945–1947)[edit]

81st-90th Congresses (1949–1969)[edit]

80th Congress (1947–1949)[edit]

81st Congress (1949–1951)[edit]

82nd Congress (1951–1953)[edit]

83rd Congress (1953–1955)[edit]

84th Congress (1955–1957)[edit]

85th Congress (1957–1959)[edit]

86th Congress (1959–1961)[edit]

87th Congress (1961–1963)[edit]

88th Congress (1963–1965)[edit]

89th Congress (1965–1967)[edit]

91st-100th Congresses (1969–1989)[edit]

90th Congress (1967–1969)[edit]

91st Congress (1969–1971)[edit]

92nd Congress (1971–1973)[edit]

93rd Congress (1973–1975)[edit]

94th Congress (1975–1977)[edit]

95th Congress (1977–1979)[edit]

96th Congress (1979–1981)[edit]

97th Congress (1981–1983)[edit]

98th Congress (1983–1985)[edit]

99th Congress (1985–1987)[edit]

101st-110th Congresses (1989–2009)[edit]

100th Congress (1987–1989)[edit]

101st Congress (1989–1991)[edit]

102nd Congress (1991–1993)[edit]

103rd Congress (1993–1995)[edit]

104th Congress (1995–1997)[edit]

105th Congress (1997–1999)[edit]

106th Congress (1999–2001)[edit]

107th Congress (2001–2003)[edit]

108th Congress (2003–2005)[edit]

109th Congress (2005–2007)[edit]

111th-120th Congresses (2009–2029)[edit]

110th Congress (2007–2009)[edit]

111th Congress (2009–2011)[edit]

112th Congress (2011–2013)[edit]

113th Congress (2013–2015)[edit]

114th Congress (2015-2017)[edit]

115th Congress (2017-2019)[edit]


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