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A meteorite mineral is a mineral found chiefly or exclusively within meteorites or meteorite derived material. This is a list of those minerals, excluding minerals also commonly found in terrestrial rocks. As of 1997 there were approximately 295 mineral species which have been identified in meteorites.[1]

List of meteorite minerals[edit]

Names Composition Occurrence
Akimotoite (Mg,Fe)SiO3
Alabandite MnS
Allabogdanite (Fe,Ni)2P
Augite (Ca,Na)(Mg,Fe,Al,Ti)(Si,Al)2O6
Brezinaite Cr3S4
Brianite Na2CaMg(PO4)2
Calcium-aluminium-rich inclusion
Carlsbergite CrN
Chladniite {Ca}{Na8}{Ca4Na4}{(Mg,Fe2+)43}(PO4)36
Cohenite (Fe,Ni,Co)3C
Daubréelite Fe2+Cr3+2S4 ALH 84001 meteorite, Hoba meteorite, and the Canyon Diablo meteorite.
Dmitryivanovite CaAl2O4
Grossite CaAl4O7
Hapkeite Fe2Si
Haxonite (Fe,Ni)23C6
Heazlewoodite Ni3S2
Hibonite (Ca,Ce)(Al,Ti,Mg)12O19
Iridium Ir
Kamacite α-(Fe,Ni); Fe0+0.9Ni0.1
Keilite (Fe,Mg)S)
Krotite CaAl2O4
Lonsdaleite C Canyon Diablo, Kenna, and Allan Hills 77283
Melilite (Ca,Na)2(Al,Mg,Fe2+)[(Al,Si)SiO7]
Merrillite Ca9NaMg(PO4)7 lunar rocks, martian meteorite
Meteoric iron Fe and Ni in different ratios
Mackinawite (Fe,Ni)1 + xS (where x = 0 to 0.11)
Majorite Mg3(MgSi)(SiO4)3
Moissanite SiC
Nierite Si3N4
Niningerite MgS
Oldhamite (Ca, Mg)S
Olivine (Mg, Fe)2SiO4
Panethite (Na,Ca)2(Mg,Fe)2(PO4)2
Panguite (Ti4+,Sc,Al,Mg,Zr,Ca)1.8O3
Pentlandite iron nickel sulfide:(Fe,Ni)9S8
Presolar grains
Ringwoodite (discovered in the Tenham meteorite) Mg2SiO4
Roaldite (Fe,Ni)4N
Schreibersite (Fe,Ni)3P
Sinoite Si2N2O
Taenite γ-(Ni,Fe)
Troilite FeS
Wadsleyite Mg2SiO4
Xifengite Fe5Si3

[] indicates repeating units

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