List of metropolitan areas in New Mexico

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Metropolitan areas of New Mexico.
  Albuquerque MSA
  Farmington MSA
  Las Cruces MSA
  Santa Fe MSA

The State of New Mexico has a total of four metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) that are fully or partially located in the state. 7 of the state's 33 counties are classified by the United States Census Bureau as metropolitan. As of the 2000 census, these counties had a combined population 1,147,424 (63.1% of the state's total population). Based on a July 1, 2009 population estimate, that figure rose to 1,335,985 (66.5% of the state's total population).[1]

Metropolitan areas[edit]

Population statistics[edit]

Metropolitan Statistical Area 2010
Albuquerque MSA 887,077 729,649 21.58%
Farmington MSA 130,004 113,801 14.24%
Las Cruces MSA 209,233 174,682 19.78%
Santa Fe MSA 144,170 129,292 11.51%

Combined Statistical Areas[edit]

Combined statistical areas of New Mexico.
  Albuquerque-Santa Fe-Las Vegas CSA
  Clovis-Portales CSA
  El Paso-Las Cruces CSA

The United States Census Bureau defines a Combined Statistical Area (CSA) as an aggregate of adjacent Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs)[2] that are linked by commuting ties. There are three combined statistical areas in New Mexico, with one crossing into Texas.

Population statistics[edit]

Combined Statistical Area 2010
Albuquerque-Santa Fe-Las Vegas CSA 1,146,049
Clovis-Portales CSA 63,224
El Paso-Las Cruces CSA 1,013,356

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