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$10 Nortonian banknote, 1879.

Micronational currency systems describe the self-declared official currencies of micronations. These currencies are usually created to legitimize the micronations that produce them,[citation needed] and few such currencies are recognized outside these micronations.[citation needed] However, some are prized by collectors, being minted in precious metals or in limited numbers.[citation needed] In the 19th century, Emperor Norton I issued his own money, which was accepted by local San Franciscans.

List of currencies[edit]

Micronation Flag Name Symbol Value Type
Aerica Solari and Mu ƺ / ᶆ Pegged to the value of hydrogen Coins and banknotes
Atlantium Imperial Solidus IS Pegged to the United States dollar Coins and banknotes
Avram Avram (banknotes), Ducals (coins) Coins and banknotes
Bir Tawil Empire Bir Tawil Credit Č Pegged to the Australian Dollar Digital
Christiania LØN 1 LØN equals fifty Danish kroner Coins
Conch Republic Conch Dollar Pegged to the United Arab Emirates dollar Coins
Elleore Leo d'or Coins
Freedonia Freedonian dollar Coins
Global Country of World Peace Raam 1 RAAM=US$10 or €10 Banknotes
Hutt River Hutt River Dollar $ Pegged to the Australian dollar Coins and banknotes
Jason Islands Pound Pounds and Pence Banknotes and stamps [1]
Lagoan Isles EdneyDollar €D Banknotes
Liberland Merit Cryptocurrency?
Lundy Puffin 1 Puffin = 1 British penny (pre-decimal) Coins
Molossia Valora VL 1 VL equals 1/3 tube of Pillsbury cookie dough Coins and banknotes
Nova Roma Sestertius HS 1 HS equals US$0.50 Coins
Other World Kingdom DOM Pegged to the United States dollar Banknotes
Pontinha Bitcoin Ƀ BTC Cryptocurrency
Saugeais Saugeais Sol Banknotes
Sealand Sealand Dollar SX$ Pegged to the United States dollar Coins
Seborga Seborga luigino US$6 Coins
Empire of the United States Dollar $ Banknotes
Viejšnoryja[2] Taler ŧ / TLR[3] 1 TLR = 0.000007 BTC Coins[4] / Cryptocurrency[5]
Westarctica Westarctica Dollar WA$ / WAD[3] Coins / Cryptocurrency[6]
Wirtland International Currency Unit ICU Pegged to the price of gold Coins


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