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This is a list of notable military diving units and may contain combat units, salvage units, training units and diving research units which are present or past commands of any branch of the armed forces of any country.

Finnish diver insignia
  • Finland: The Finnish Navy has trained Finnish combat divers since 1954. Conscripts and career military are eligible to apply for the training. Annually, about 20 conscripts are trained for diving duties. Applying for combat diver training is voluntary, and the selection criteria are stringent.[1] The conscript divers are trained either for anti-mine or for commando operations, while career personnel may also be trained for deep-sea diving duty.[2] All conscript divers receive at least NCO training during their 12-month service period.
  • France: French commando frogmen
  • Germany:
  • Greece:
  • 1953: first Amphibious Reconnaissance Squad is founded.
  • 1957-1968: Underwater Demolition Training School operates in Kannelopoulos training center.
  • 1968: UDT Division established in Skaramanga.
  • 1969: UDT Division renamed to Underwater Demolition Unit.
  • 2002: Underwater Demolition Unit renamed to Underwater Demolition Command.[3]
  • India: MARCOS (India): The MCU is the elite naval special operations unit of the Indian Navy that undertakes underwater combat.
  • Indonesia: The TNI-AL/Indonesian Navy Underwater Combat Unit is called Kopaska.
  • Ireland:
Israeli frogmen transfer equipment using lifting-bags
  • Israel:
  • Shayetet 13 is the elite naval commando frogmen unit of the Israeli Navy. The unit is considered one of the primary Special Forces units of the Israel Defense Forces and is one of the most secretive. The details of many missions and identities of active operatives are highly classified.
  • YALTAM 707, the salvage and underwater works unit. Formed as the damage control branch of the Navy Shipyards, the unit later incorporated experienced Shayetet-13 divers
  • UOE (Special Operations Unit) - All aspects of maritime special operations at sea, on land, and by air.
  • UEBC (Specialist Combat Diver Unit) - Mainly hydrographic surveys and underwater demolitions.
  • There are working plans to fuse the two units into a single "Naval Special Warfare Unit" (UGNE), while maintaining their functional distinctiveness.
  • The Reconnaissance Platoon, also referred to colloquially as the Attack Divers (A-dyk). They conduct long-range reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines, sabotage, clearing beach obstacles, hydrographic surveys, and although combat is not their priority, they have a limited ability to conduct direct action missions such as ambushes. Between 6 and 10 are trained each year. The Reconnaissance Platoon is a commando unit, belonging to the amphibious battalion of the Swedish Amphibious Corps. They offer one of the hardest and most demanding training regimens in the Swedish armed forces.
  • Navy EOD-divers (Röjdyk)
  • Army divers (FArb-dykare) Underwater welding, obstacle clearance, underwater demolition and repairs. Belongs to the engineer troops.
  • Pioneer divers (Pionjärdyk) of the amphibious battalion. Underwater obstacle clearance, repairs and EOD on land.
  • Navy attack divers. (Flottan A-dyk) Underwater sabotage on enemy ships and harbours.
  • Taiwan:
  • Amphibious Reconnaissance and Patrol Group
  • Underwater Demolition Team (U.D.T) was withdraw from the R.O.C Navy in 2005 and was adapted to the ROC Marines Corps Amphibious Reconnaissance and Patrol Group
  • Aviation and Special Forces Command
  • 101st Reconnaissance Battalion (better known as Sea Dragon Frogman, has a company station in Kinmen, Matsu, 3 in Penghu, and other frontline islands)

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