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This is a list of notable military diving units and may contain combat units, salvage units, training units and diving research units which are present or past commands of any branch of the armed forces of any country.

  • Argentina: Tactical Divers Group (Buzos Tácticos) is the special operations unit of the Argentine navy. The operatives are combat divers, EOD/demolition technicians, and parachutists.
  • Austria: The Jagdkommando (German for Hunter force) is the Austrian Armed Forces' Special Operations group.
  • Australia:
    • Clearance Diving Branch is the Navy diving unit whose role covers all spheres of military diving,including Maritime counter terrorism-explosive ordnance disposal (MCT-EOD)
    • Army SAS is a dedicated special forces unit that undertakes water operations (emphasis of insertion onto land)
  • Bangladesh: 1st Para-commando Battalion of Bangladesh Army has frogman commando unit specialized for underwater demolition trained under supervision on Bangladeshi Naval special forces SWADS
  • Belgium: Special Forces Group (Belgium) has a specialized diving company for education and training of combat swimmers.
  • Brazil: Brazilian commando frogmen (GRUMEC) is a combat diver group
  • Canada: Canadian armed forces divers
  • Croatia: Croatian Special Operations Battalion (Croatia) (BSD)'s 3rd Company is specialized for seaborne operations and is responsible for training of combat swimmers and divers.
  • Denmark: Danish Frogman Corps (Danish: Frømandskorpset) is an elite special forces frogman corps in the Royal Danish Navy
  • Egypt: Combat frogmen: they played a major role on the War of attrition and the Crossing of the Suez Canal on 6 October 1973, by obstructing the oil pipes that would pump burning oil from Bar Lev Line to the canal.
  • Eritrea: During Eritrea's war of independence against Ethiopia, the rebel forces had a combat frogman force. After the war, some of those frogmen were retrained as dive guides for the sport scuba diving tourism trade.
Finnish diver insignia
  • Finland: The Finnish Navy has trained Finnish combat divers since 1954. Conscripts and career military are eligible to apply for the training. Annually, about 20 conscripts are trained for diving duties. Applying for combat diver training is voluntary, and the selection criteria are stringent.[1] The conscript divers are trained either for anti-mine or for commando operations, while career personnel may also be trained for deep-sea diving duty.[2] All conscript divers receive at least NCO training during their 12-month service period.
  • France: French commando frogmen
  • Germany:
  • Greece:
    • 1953: first Amphibious Reconnaissance Squad is founded.
    • 1957–1968: Underwater Demolition Training School operates in Kannelopoulos training center.
    • 1968: UDT Division established in Skaramanga.
    • 1969: UDT Division renamed to Underwater Demolition Unit.
    • 2002: Underwater Demolition Unit renamed to Underwater Demolition Command.[3]
  • India: MARCOS (India): The MCU is the elite naval special operations unit of the Indian Navy that undertakes underwater combat.
  • Indonesia: The TNI-AL/Indonesian Navy Underwater Combat Unit is called Kopaska.
  • Ireland:
Israeli frogmen transfer equipment using lifting-bags

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