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This is a list of works in the military science fiction subgenre of science fiction, sorted by the creator's surname or, in case of film and television, the title.

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Allen, Roger MacBride[edit]

  • Torch of Honor (1985)[1]:5
  • Rogue Powers (1986)[1]:5

Anderson, Poul[edit]

  • The Star Fox (1965)[2]
  • The Corridors of Time
  • Technic Civilisation Books

Anvil, Christopher[edit]

  • The Steel, the Mist and the Blazing Sun (1983)[2]

Asprin, Robert Lynn[edit]


Baldwin, Bill[edit]

  • The Helmsman Saga
  • Canby's Legion (1995)

Buettner, Robert[edit]

  • Jason Wander series[3]
  • Orphan's Legacy Series

Bujold, Lois McMaster[edit]

Bunch, Chris[edit]


Campbell, Jack[edit]

Real name: Hemry, John G.

  • The Lost Fleet series (2006)[4][5]
  • "Dead End" (written as John G. Hemry) appearing in Breach the Hull, edited by Mike McPhail and published by Dark Quest Books[6]
  • "Grendel" a Lost Fleet story appearing in So It Begins, edited by Mike McPhail and published by Dark Quest Books[7]
  • "Dawn's Last Light" (written as John G. Hemry) appearing in By Other Means, edited by Mike McPhail and published by Dark Quest Books[8]
  • Stark's War (2000-2002) series (written as John G. Hemry), a trilogy covering a conflict between US Army soldiers and their leadership during a campaign that takes place on the Moon.

Card, Orson Scott[edit]

Cherryh, C. J.[edit]

  • Faded Sun series[1]:136

Chesney, George[edit]

Cook, Glen[edit]

  • Passage at Arms (1985)

Cragg, Dan[edit]


Dalmas, John[edit]

  • The Lizard War series[12]
  • The Regiment series[12]

Dickson, Gordon R.[edit]

  • Dorsai! (The Genetic General 1960; exp vt Dorsai! 1976)[1]:116, 121[13][14]
  • The Genetic General (1960)

Dietz, William C.[edit]

  • Legion series[1]:118
  • The Flood

Douglas, Ian[edit]

Real name: Keith, William H., Jr.

Galactic Marines Series:

Heritage Trilogy

  • Semper Mars (1998) ISBN 978-0-380-78828-6[15]
  • Luna Marine (1999) ISBN 978-0-380-78829-3
  • Europa Strike (2000) ISBN 978-0-380-78830-9

Legacy Trilogy

Inheritance Trilogy

Star Carrier Series:

Doyle, Debra[edit]

  • The Mageworlds Series[17]

Drake, David[edit]


Forsberg, John[edit]

Frankowski, Leo[edit]

  • The War with Earth (2003)[1]:155 with Dave Grossman
  • Kren of the Mitchegai (2004)[1]:155 with Dave Grossman
  • The Two-Space War (2004)[1]:155


Garfinkle, Richard[edit]

Gerrold, David[edit]

  • Starhunt (1987)[1]:158

Green, Roland J.[edit]

  • Peace Company series
  • Starcruiser Shenandoah series
  • Voyage to Eneh (2000)

Gunn, David[edit]


Haldeman, Joe[edit]

Hamilton, Peter F.[edit]

Harrison, Harry[edit]

Heinlein, Robert A.[edit]

Hemry, John G.[edit]

Alias: Jack Campbell

Huff, Tanya[edit]

Valor Confederation - Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr's aim is to keep both her superiors and her company of space marines alive as they deal with lethal missions throughout the galaxy.

  • Valor's Choice (2000)
  • The Better Part of Valor (2002)
  • A Confederation of Valor (2006 (Omnibus edition of Valor's Choice and The Better Part of Valor)
  • The Heart of Valor (2007)
  • Valor's Trial (2008)
  • The Truth of Valor (2010)



Keith, William H., Jr.[edit]

Alias: Ian Douglas

  • Semper Mars: Book One of the Heritage Trilogy (1998)[15]

Kent, Steven L.[edit]

Kornbluth, Cyril M.[edit]

  • "The Only Thing We Learn" (1949)[26]

Kratman, Tom[edit]

  • A Desert Called Peace (2007)
  • Carnifex (2008)
  • The Lotus Eaters (April 2010)
  • The Amazon Legion (April 2011)


Lang, Hermann[edit]

  • The Air Battle (1859)[2]

Lang, Simon[edit]

  • All the Gods of Eisernon (1973)
  • The Elluvon Gift (1975)
  • The Trumpets of Tagan (1992)
  • Timeslide (1993)
  • Hopeship (1994)

Laumer, Keith[edit]

  • Bolo series of books

Lee, Sharon[edit]

  • Liaden Universe series of books
  • Crystal Soldier
  • Crystal Dragon
  • Balance of Trade
  • Trade Secret
  • Local Custom
  • Scout's Progress
  • Mouse and Dragon
  • Conflict of Honors
  • Agent of Change
  • Carpe Diem
  • Plan B
  • Fledgling
  • I Dare
  • Saltation
  • Ghost Ship
  • Necessity's Child
  • Dragon Ship


McDonald, Sandra[edit]

  • The Outback Stars[19]

McLaughlin, Dean[edit]

  • Hawk Among the Sparrows (1968)[1]:180

Moon, Elizabeth[edit]

Morgan, Richard K.[edit]


Nagata, Linda[edit]

  • The Red: First Light

Niven, Larry[edit]

  • The Man-Kzin Wars (Known Space future History, Shared World; 3 vols 1988-90)[2]

Norton, Andre[edit]

  • Star Guard (1955)[1]:274

Nylund, Eric[edit]

  • Halo: The Fall of Reach
  • Halo: First Strike
  • Halo: Ghosts of Onyx


Pournelle, Jerry E.[edit]

  • A Spaceship for the King (1973)[1]:291[2]
  • The Mercenary (1977)[1]:291[2]


Reynolds, Mack[edit]

  • Mercenary from Tomorrow (1962 "Mercenary"; exp 1968)[1]:306[2]

Ringo, John[edit]

Also known as the "Prince Roger Series", Co-written with David Weber
    • March Upcountry
    • March to the Sea
    • March to the Stars
    • We Few (2005)
  • The Council Wars Series
    • There will be Dragons
    • Emerald Sea
    • Against the Tide
    • East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Rosenberg, Joel[edit]

  • Not for Glory (1988)[2]


Saberhagen, Fred[edit]

  • Berserker series (1963)[2]

Scalzi, John[edit]

Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann[edit]

  • The Healer's War (1988)[2]

Shepherd, Mike[edit]

  • Kris Longknife series (2004)[29]

Sherman, David[edit]

Spinrad, Norman[edit]

  • The Men in the Jungle (1967)[2]
  • The Big Flash (1969)[1]:38

Steakley, John[edit]

Stirling, S M[edit]

Sweeney, Stephen J[edit]


Karen Traviss[edit]

Tanaka Yoshiki[edit]

Taylor, Travis S.[edit]

  • Tau Ceti series
  • Von Neumann's War


Weber, David[edit]

Wells, H. G.[edit]

  • War of the Worlds (1898)[1]:402[2]

White, Steve[edit]

  • Insurrection (1990)[1]:413 with David Weber.
  • Crusade (1992)[1]:413 with David Weber.
  • Death Ground (1997)[1]:413 with David Weber.

Williams, Walter Jon[edit]

Television, film, and video games[edit]


Television and video games[edit]


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