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Classroom display of the stages in processing cotton.

Preston in Lancashire, England has been associated with cotton since John Horrocks built his first spinning mill, the Yellow factory, in 1791. This was powered by a Bateman & Sherratt engine. Preston mills tended to have their own reservoirs. They spun cotton using hand mules and self-actors but normally also operated power looms in weaving sheds. Local firms such as Ainscow & Tomlinson and Grundy made mules for the mills. There were 60 mills operating in Preston in 1927.[1]

The mills[edit]

Standing mills[edit]

Name Architect Location Built Demolished Served
Arkwright Mill  SD532302 53°45′58″N 2°42′40″W / 53.766°N 2.711°W / 53.766; -2.711 ("Arkwright Mill ")[2]
Aqueduct Street Mill  SD529304 53°46′05″N 2°42′58″W / 53.768°N 2.716°W / 53.768; -2.716 ("Aqueduct Street Mill ")
Preston Aqueduct Mill - - 530001.jpg Notes: [2]
Brookfield Mill  SD538305 53°46′08″N 2°42′07″W / 53.769°N 2.702°W / 53.769; -2.702 ("Brookfield Mill ")[2]
Centenary Mill  SD551297 53°45′43″N 2°40′59″W / 53.762°N 2.683°W / 53.762; -2.683 ("Centenary Mill ") 1895 Standing 120
Horrockses Cotton Mill, Preston.jpg Notes: Known as Horrockses, it was powered by a four-cylindered horizontal triple-expansion engine by John Musgrave & Sons that delivered 2000 ihp.. The mill had rolled steel beams and concrete floors.[2][3]
Cliff Mill  SD557297 53°45′43″N 2°40′23″W / 53.762°N 2.673°W / 53.762; -2.673 ("Cliff Mill ")[2]
Embroidery Mill  
Fylde Road Mill  SD530300 53°45′50″N 2°42′50″W / 53.764°N 2.714°W / 53.764; -2.714 ("Fylde Road Mill ")[2]
Hartford Mill  SD551298 53°45′47″N 2°40′59″W / 53.763°N 2.683°W / 53.763; -2.683 ("Hartford Mill ")[2]
Hanover Mill  SD533299 53°45′47″N 2°42′36″W / 53.763°N 2.710°W / 53.763; -2.710 ("Hanover Mill ")
Preston Hanover Street Mill - - 529981.jpg Notes: [2]
Pitt Street Mill  SD534294 53°45′32″N 2°42′29″W / 53.759°N 2.708°W / 53.759; -2.708 ("Pitt Street Mill ")[2]
Red Scar Mill  SD525306 53°46′12″N 2°43′19″W / 53.770°N 2.722°W / 53.770; -2.722 ("Red Scar Mill") 1939
Notes: Then produced rayon until 1980[2]
Stocksbridge Mill  SD525306 53°46′12″N 2°43′19″W / 53.770°N 2.722°W / 53.770; -2.722 ("Stocksbridge Mill ")[2]
St Georges Road Mill  SD539306 53°46′12″N 2°42′04″W / 53.770°N 2.701°W / 53.770; -2.701 ("St Georges Road Mill ")[2]
Shelley Road Mill  SD525303 53°46′01″N 2°43′19″W / 53.767°N 2.722°W / 53.767; -2.722 ("Shelley Road Mill ")
Preston - Shelley Road Mill - - 530011.jpg Notes: [2]
Tulketh Road Mill FW Dixon  SD524309 53°46′19″N 2°43′26″W / 53.772°N 2.724°W / 53.772; -2.724 ("Tulketh Road Mill ") 1905 Standing 110
Tulketh Mill, Ashton, Preston - - 23282 cropped.jpg Notes: Powered by a J&E Wood, 2000 ihp, horizontal cross compound, Corliss valves with superheated steam. Initially 4 Lancashire boilers fifth Yorkshire boiler added in 1918. The 24ft flywheel was geared for 44 ropes.The chimney was 77 yds tall, later reduced to 60, when the mill was lengthened to 427 ft in 1918 it housed 127,400 mule and 12,600 ring spindles[2][4]

Other mills[edit]

Name Architect Location Built Demolished Served
Albert  Preston[5]
Alexandra  Preston[5]
Alliance Works  Preston[5]
Arthur Street  Preston[5]
Ashton Shed  Preston[5]
Astley Field  Preston[5]
Avenham  Preston[5]
Back Lane  Preston[5]
Bamber Bridge Spinning & Weaving Co Ltd  Preston
Bamber Bridge Spinning and weaving.jpg Notes: Horizontal 4-cylinder triple by J&E Wood with 26 ft flywheel, housed 127,500 mule spindles [6]
Bank Top  Preston[5]
Broomfield  Preston[5]
Bold Street  Preston[5]
Bow Lane  Preston[5]
Bndge Street  Preston[5]
Brookhouse  Preston[5]
Brunswick Place  Preston[5]
Bushell Street  Preston[5]
Bute  Preston[5]
Cable Street  Preston[5]
Castle Street  Preston[5]
Caledonian Go  Preston[5]
Canal Street  Preston[5]
Cottage Street  Preston[5]
Croft Street  Preston[5]
Dale Street  Preston[5]
Deepdale  Preston[5]
Edward Street  Preston[5]
Eldon Street
aka Stocks Bridge
P.Pickup  Preston 1903 112
Notes: Powered by a Yates & Thom, 800ihp cross compound [7]
Emerson Road  Preston[5]
Fishwick  Preston[5]
Fitzroy Street  Preston[5]
Flats  Preston[5]
Frenchwood  Preston[5]
Fylde Road Shed  Preston[5]
Grimshaw Street  Preston[5]
Greenbank  Preston[5]
Heatley Street  Preston[5]
Higher Walton  Preston[5]
Hopwood Street  Preston[5]
Hunt Street  Preston[5]
India  Preston[5]
Kay Street  Preston[5]
Kent Street  Preston[5]
Lawson  Preston[5]
Lord Street  Preston[5]
Lutwidge  Preston[5]
Manchester  Preston[5]
Markland Street  Preston[5]
Meadow Street  Preston[5]
Moor Brook  Preston[5]
Moor Hall  Preston[5]
Moor Park  Preston[5]
Moor Lane  Preston[5]
Moss Shed  Preston[5]
Murray Street  Preston[5]
New Hall Lane  Preston[5]
New Hall Lane (Rigby Street)  Preston[5]
New Preston  Preston[5]
Orr & Co. (Bamber Bridge)  Preston[5]
Oxheys (Ripon Street)  Preston[5]
Parker Street  Preston[5]
Park Lane  Preston[5]
Peel  Preston[5]
Pole Street  Preston[5]
Primrose  Preston[5]
Progress  Preston[5]
Queens  Preston[5]
Raglan  Preston[5]
Ribble Street  Preston[5]
Ribbleton  Preston[5]
Ribble Bank  Preston[5]
Ribbleton Lane  Preston[5]
Sedgewick Street  Preston[5]
aka Fylde Road
Southgate  Preston[5]
Sovereign  Preston[5]
Spa  Preston[5]
Springfield  Preston[5]
Steam  Preston[5]
Stourton  Preston[5]
St Pauls Road  Preston[5]
Swillbrook  Preston[5]
Tennyson Road  Preston[5]
Tulketh Factory  Preston[5]
Turk's Head  Preston[5]
Walker Street  Preston[5]
Waverley Park  Preston[5]
Wellfield  Preston[5]
Wellington  Preston[5]
Wharton  Preston[5]
Willow Street  Preston[5]
Victoria (Peel Hall Street)  Preston[5]
Victoria (nr New Quay)  Preston[5]
Yard Works
aka Horrockses

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