List of mines in India

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This lists of mines in India is subsidiary to the list of mines article and lists working, and future mines in the country and is organised by the primary mineral output. For practical purposes stone, marbles and other quarries may be included in this list. In India, the underground mine to surface mine ratio is 20:80[citation needed].


Mine State Coordinates Associated town Owner Period of operation Note
Bunder Project Madhya Pradesh 24°21′N 79°20′E / 24.35°N 79.34°E / 24.35; 79.34
Kollur Mine Andhra Pradesh 16°18′N 80°26′E / 16.3°N 80.43°E / 16.3; 80.43 Guntur Koh-i-noor, Daria-i-Noor
Panna Madhya Pradesh 24°16′N 80°10′E / 24.27°N 80.17°E / 24.27; 80.17 National Mineral Development Corporation

Iron ore[edit]

Mine State Coordinates Associated town Owner Period of Operation Notes
Vyasanakere Mines Karnataka Hospet MSPL
Pathikonda Iron Ore Mines Karnataka Ballari MSPL
Alampara Iron Ore Mines Kerala Koyilandy MSPL
Barbil Odisha 22°07′N 85°24′E / 22.12°N 85.40°E / 22.12; 85.40
Mayurbhanj Odisha 22°11′N 86°10′E / 22.19°N 86.16°E / 22.19; 86.16 Mayurbhanj
Joda Odisha
Keonjhar Odisha KCCL Odisha
Jajpur Odisha 20°51′N 86°20′E / 20.85°N 86.33°E / 20.85; 86.33 KCCL Odisha
Sundergarh Odisha 22°01′N 84°30′E / 22.02°N 84.50°E / 22.02; 84.50 KCCL Odisha
Cuttack Odisha 20°31′N 82°30′E / 20.52°N 82.50°E / 20.52; 82.50
West Singhbhum Jharkhand west singhbhum SAIL
Bailadila iron ore Chhattisgarh 21°11′N 81°17′E / 21.19°N 81.28°E / 21.19; 81.28 Dantewada National Mineral Development Corporation, Ltd. (NMDC)
Dalli-Rajhara Chhattisgarh Bhilai Steel Plant
Ratnagiri Maharashtra 16°59′N 73°18′E / 16.98°N 73.3°E / 16.98; 73.3 Ratnagiri bellary going to sale
Gua Jharkhand west singhbhum
Kudremukh Karnataka Chikkamangaluru KIOCL


Mine State Coordinates Associated town Owner Period of Operation Notes
Sambalpur Odisha Joda, Barbil
Rayagada Odisha
Sundergarh Odisha 22°07′N 84°02′E / 22.12°N 84.03°E / 22.12; 84.03
Balaghat Madhya Pradesh 21°48′N 80°11′E / 21.8°N 80.18°E / 21.8; 80.18 Balaghat Manganese Ore India Ltd Deepest underground manganese mine in Asia
Nagpur and Bhandara Maharashtra 21°32′N 79°41′E / 21.54°N 79.68°E / 21.54; 79.68 Manganese Ore India Ltd


Mine State Coordinates Associated town Owner Period of Operation Notes
Hazaribagh Jharkhand 23°59′N 85°21′E / 23.98°N 85.35°E / 23.98; 85.35 Hazaribagh
Singhbhum Jharkhand 22°30′N 85°30′E / 22.5°N 85.5°E / 22.5; 85.5 Ghatshila
Khetri Rajasthan 27°59′N 75°48′E / 27.98°N 75.8°E / 27.98; 75.8 Khetri Hindustan Copper
Udaipur Rajasthan 24°35′N 73°41′E / 24.58°N 73.68°E / 24.58; 73.68 Udaipur
Malanjkhand Madhya Pradesh 22°01′N 80°43′E / 22.02°N 80.71°E / 22.02; 80.71 Balaghat Hindustan Copper Largest copper mine in asia.


Mine State Coordinates Associated town Owner Period of Operation Notes
Balangir Odisha 20°53′N 82°51′E / 20.88°N 82.85°E / 20.88; 82.85
Bargarh Odisha 21°12′N 83°22′E / 21.20°N 83.37°E / 21.20; 83.37
Koraput Odisha 18°51′N 83°01′E / 18.85°N 83.02°E / 18.85; 83.02 Damanjodi NALCO
Kalahandi Odisha 19°35′N 83°22′E / 19.58°N 83.37°E / 19.58; 83.37 Lanjigarh Vedanta
Sambalpur Odisha
Sundergarh Odisha 21°55′N 85°18′E / 21.92°N 85.3°E / 21.92; 85.3
Katni, Amarkantak Madhya Pradesh 23°29′N 80°07′E / 23.48°N 80.12°E / 23.48; 80.12
Bilaspur & Maikal Hills Chhattisgarh 22°23′N 82°08′E / 22.38°N 82.13°E / 22.38; 82.13
Lohardaga Jharkhand
Singhbhum Jharkhand
Jamnagar Gujarat


Mine State Coordinates Associated town Owner
Birbhum Coalfield West Bengal 23°50′N 87°37′E / 23.84°N 87.61°E / 23.84; 87.61
Bokaro Jharkhand 23°48′N 85°45′E / 23.8°N 85.75°E / 23.8; 85.75
Deucha Pachami coal block West Bengal 23°35′N 87°19′E / 23.59°N 87.31°E / 23.59; 87.31
Jharia Jharkhand 23°45′N 86°25′E / 23.75°N 86.42°E / 23.75; 86.42 BCCL
Jharsuguda Odisha 22°03′N 83°43′E / 22.05°N 83.72°E / 22.05; 83.72 Belpahar, Brajrajnagar
Kalakote Jammu and Kashmir 33°13′N 74°24′E / 33.21°N 74.40°E / 33.21; 74.40 Kalakote Jammu and Kashmir Minerals Ltd.
Ledo Assam 27°11′N 95°26′E / 27.18°N 95.44°E / 27.18; 95.44
Nagpur Maharashtra 21°54′N 79°30′E / 21.90°N 79.50°E / 21.90; 79.50 Western Coalfields Limited
Neyveli Tamil Nadu 11°32′N 79°29′E / 11.53°N 79.48°E / 11.53; 79.48 Neyveli Neyveli Lignite Corporation
Rajmahal Jharkhand 25°14′N 87°12′E / 25.23°N 87.20°E / 25.23; 87.20
Raniganj Coalfield West Bengal 23°22′N 87°04′E / 23.37°N 87.06°E / 23.37; 87.06
South Eastern Coalfields Chhattisgarh 22°21′N 82°41′E / 22.35°N 82.68°E / 22.35; 82.68
Talcher Odisha 20°57′N 85°13′E / 20.95°N 85.22°E / 20.95; 85.22


Mines name of State Coordinates Associated town Owner Period of Operation Notes
Digboi Assam 27°23′N 95°38′E / 27.38°N 95.63°E / 27.38; 95.63 Oil India Limited First mine of India.
Kalol Gujarat 22°36′N 73°27′E / 22.6°N 73.45°E / 22.6; 73.45 ONGC
NaharkatiyaDuliajan Assam Duliajan oil India


Sibsagar, Geleki Assam Sibsagar ONGC
Ankleshwar Gujarat 21°36′N 73°00′E / 21.6°N 73.0°E / 21.6; 73.0
Godavari districts Andhra Pradesh Kakinada Reliance Petroleum 2003–present
Bassein Maharashtra
Bombay High Maharashtra 19°25′N 71°20′E / 19.41°N 71.33°E / 19.41; 71.33 Largest offshore mine of India.
Ashoknagar Oilfield West Bengal 22°50′09″N 88°35′49″E / 22.83589°N 88.59694°E / 22.83589; 88.59694 Ashoknagar , North 24 Parganas Around 375 barrels of crude oil, whose quality is said to be even better than India's most prolific oil asset Bombay High Have been extracted from a well on the outskirts Ashoknagar since September 2020 Making it the most potent hydrocarbon discovery ever made in the state



State Coordinates Associated town Owner Period of Operation Notes
Hatti gold Mines Karnataka 16°11′N 76°40′E / 16.19°N 76.66°E / 16.19; 76.66 Hatti, Raichur Government of Karnataka
Kolar Gold Fields Karnataka 12°58′N 78°16′E / 12.96°N 78.27°E / 12.96; 78.27 Robertsonpet, Kolar Bharat Gold Mines Limited 1900–2001 (closed)
Lava Gold Mines Jharkhand Chandil Manmohan Mineral Industries
Sonbhadra Mine Uttar Pradesh
Parasi Jharkhand
Pahadia Jharkhand
Kunderkocha Jharkhand
Bhitar Dari Jharkhand
Dadam Haryana

Lead ore[edit]

Mine State Coordinates Associated town Owner Period of operation Notes
Odisha 21°36′N 73°00′E / 21.6°N 73.0°E / 21.6; 73.0


Mine State Coordinates Associated town Owner Period of Operation Notes
Jaduguda Jharkhand 22°23′N 86°13′E / 22.38°N 86.22°E / 22.38; 86.22 Jaduguda, East Singhbhum Uranium Corporation of India 1967–Present Discovered in 1951, Jaduguda Mine has the distinction of being the first uranium mine of the country. The mine is accessed through two 5-metre (16 ft) diameter vertical shafts of depth of 640 m (2,100 ft), attaining a total depth of 905 m (2,969 ft).
Narwapahar Mine Jharkhand Jadugora, East Singhbhum Uranium Corporation of India
Turamdih Uranium mine Jharkhand East Singhbhum Uranium Corporation of India
Bagjata Jharkhand East Singhbhum Uranium Corporation of India
Tummalapalle uranium mine Andhra Pradesh 14°19′N 78°16′E / 14.32°N 78.27°E / 14.32; 78.27 Kadapa Uranium Corporation of India 2012–Present Discovered in 2007, It is believed to be the largest uranium reserve in the world.
Bhatin Jharkhand Jaduguda Uranium Corporation of India