List of minesweeper classes

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This is a list of minesweeper and minehunter classes

Argentine Navy[edit]

Royal Australian Navy[edit]

Belgian Navy[edit]

Brazilian Navy[edit]

Bulgarian Navy[edit]

Canadian Navy[edit]

People's Liberation Army Navy[edit]

Danish Navy[edit]

  • Flyvefisken-class patrol vessels (fitted for MCM operations)
  • Holm-class multirole boats (fitted for remote controlled minesweeping)
  • MSF-class drone minehunters
  • MRD-class drone minehunters

Egyptian Navy[edit]

Estonian Navy[edit]

Finnish Navy[edit]

French Navy[edit]

German Navy[edit]



Greek Navy[edit]

Indian Navy[edit]

Italian Navy[edit]

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force[edit]

Latvian Navy[edit]

Malaysian Navy[edit]

Netherlands Navy[edit]

Nigerian Navy[edit]

Norwegian Navy[edit]

Pakistan Navy[edit]

Polish Navy[edit]

Russian Navy / Soviet Navy[edit]

Royal Saudi Navy[edit]

South African Navy[edit]

Spanish Navy[edit]

Singapore Navy[edit]

Swedish Navy[edit]

Turkish Navy[edit]

Royal Navy (United Kingdom)[edit]

United States Navy[edit]

In alphabetical order.

Vietnam People's Navy[edit]