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This is a list of minesweeper and minehunter classes

Argentine Navy[edit]

Royal Australian Navy[edit]

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Greek Navy[edit]

Indian Navy[edit]

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Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force[edit]

Latvian Navy[edit]

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United Kingdom[edit]

  • Flower-class (112 ships in 4 sub-classes, launched 1914—1918) convoy sloops intended originally for minesweeping
  • Hunt-class, Belvoir group (20 ships, launched 1916—1917) Ailsa twin-screw coastal minesweeping sloops
  • Hunt-class, Aberdare group (87 ships, launched 1917—1919) Admiralty twin-screw coastal minesweeping sloops
  • Dance-class (14 ships, launched 1917-1919) tunnel-screw coastal minesweeping sloops
  • Racecourse-class (32 ships in 2 sub-classes, launched 1916—1918) paddlewheel coastal minesweeping sloops
  • Halcyon-class (7 reciprocating and 14 turbine ships, launched 1933—1939) twin-screw minesweeping sloops
  • Bangor-class (14 ships, launched 1940—1942) diesel twin-screw single-role minesweeping sloops
  • Blyth-class (Bangor-class II) (19 ships, launched 1940—1943) reciprocating Bangor variant
  • Ardrossan-class (Bangor-class III) (26 ships, launched 1940—1942) turbine Bangor variant
  • Bathurst-class (47 ships, launched 1940—1943 only served with the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Indian Navy) Australian Bangor variant
  • MMS-class (403 ships, launched 1940—1945) inshore acoustic / magnetic motor minesweepers
  • Algerine-class (98 ships, launched 1941—1945) twin-screw multi-role minesweeping sloops
  • Catherine-class (22 ships, transferred from the US Navy in 1941 under the Lend-Lease program) twin-screw multi-role minesweeping sloops
  • BYMS-class (150 ships, launched 1941—1943) British Yard acoustic / magnetic motor minesweepers
  • Ton-class (116 ships, launched 1952—1959) open-water minesweepers, minehunters and mine countermeasures vessels
  • Ham-class (93 ships, launched 1954—1959) inshore minesweepers
  • Ley-class (10 ships, launched 1952—1955) inshore minehunters
  • Wilton class (1 ship, launched 18 January 1972) open-water minesweeper and minehunter. Prototype ship built in Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) to same hull design as Ton Class and forerunner of Hunt and Sandown Classes also constructed in GRP.
  • Hunt-class (13 ships, launched 1978—1988) mine countermeasures vessels
  • Venturer-class (2 ships, purchased 1979) deep-water single-role minesweepers
  • River-class (12 ships, launched 1982—1985) deep-water single-role minesweepers
  • Sandown-class (12 ships, launched 1990—2001) single-role minehunters

United States Navy[edit]

Vietnam People's Navy[edit]