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This is a list of Mobile Network Codes (MNC)s in the United States, used by GSM and other wireless networks using the IMSI format to uniquely identify wireless subscribers indifferent of device or phone number. The MNC is the series of digits immediately following the mobile country code, or MCC. For a full list of MCC/MNC combinations worldwide, see the Mobile Network Code page.


Whereas the rest of the world uses two-digit MNCs, the United States nominally uses three-digit MNCs. However, due to this uniqueness, and a lack of support in international networks, carriers which are only uniquely identified via a three-digit MNC are not compatible with international roaming. As a result, in practice, most major US carriers have MNCs ending in 0, so that they are uniquely identified by the first two digits, thereby providing their subscribers with compatibility on international networks.

Also, due to expectations in competition and regulation, plus the potential for IMSI use outside of GSM networks (such as in some satellite telephone systems), the US is allocated 7 different MCCs (310-316). As a result, it is theoretically possible for up to 7 different carriers in the U.S. to have the same MNC. However, since not all international networks honor more than one MCC per country, most major providers are within MCC 310 to ensure international compatibility. Furthermore, the GSMNA, which allocates MNCs, has attempted to ensure that MNCs do not overlap anywhere within North America (telephone country code 1) -- see Global Title.

MNCs by code[edit]

Below is a list of known mobile network codes in use within the United States (MCC 310-316), divided by mobile country code (MCC) and ordered by MNC. Note that "discontinued" simply means that the carrier is not currently assigning IMSIs with that code; discontinued MNCs still in use by legacy subscribers can be found in the wild, and even old SIMs with such MNCs can be activated.

MCC 310[edit]

MNC Carrier Note
012 Verizon Wireless No longer a GSM provider. Former entity Airtouch Cellular was planning on using GSM before the creation of Verizon. Verizon is also looking at the LTE technology for their 4G network, which is in the GSM family. May also be used in "International" phones with additional GSM equipment. The LTE network uses the 311-480 MCC-MNC below for the SIM cards while the network uses 310-012. (See 311 section).
013 MobileTel Defunct
015 SouthernLINC iDEN, (non-GSM)
016 Cricket Communications Pre-paid CDMA provider [1]
020 Union Telephone [2]
026 T-Mobile USA
030 Centennial Communications [3]
032 IT&E [4]
034 Airpeak Formerly Nevada Wireless [5] iDEN (non-GSM)
040 Concho Wireless/ Commnet [6]
050 Cingular Wireless discontinued
060 Consolidated Telecom
070 AT&T Formerly Highland Cellular, acquired by AT&T Mobility as part of Dobson acquisition
080 Corr Wireless
090 Cricket Communications Pre-paid CDMA provider [7]
100 Plateau Wireless [8]
110 IT&E
120 Sprint LTE network
130 Cellular One
140 Pulse Mobile (GTA) [9]
150 Aio Wireless Formerly Cingular Wireless; previously BellSouth Mobility DCS [1]
160 T-Mobile USA Formerly Omnipoint, discontinued
170 AT&T Mobility Formerly Cingular Wireless CA/NV known as "Cingular Orange"; previously Pacific Bell Wireless
180 West Central Wireless
190 Alaska Telecom [10]
200 T-Mobile USA Formerly Smith Bagley, discontinued
210 T-Mobile USA Discontinued
220 T-Mobile USA Discontinued
230 T-Mobile USA Discontinued
240 T-Mobile USA Discontinued
250 T-Mobile USA Discontinued
260 T-Mobile USA Standard
270 T-Mobile USA Formerly Powertel, discontinued
280 T-Mobile USA Discontinued
290 T-Mobile USA Discontinued
300 T-Mobile USA Discontinued
310 T-Mobile USA Formerly Aerial Communications, discontinued
311 AT&T Mobility Formerly Farmers Wireless [11]
320 Smith Bagley d/b/a Cellular One of Northeast Arizona
330 T-Mobile USA Discontinued
340 WestLink Communications [12]
350 Carolina Phone Defunct
370 Docomo Pacific formerly Guamcell/HafaTEL [13]
380 AT&T Mobility Formerly Cingular Wireless known as "Cingular Blue"; previously AT&T Wireless standard, discontinued
390 Yorkville
400 Minnesota Southern Never used, see Hickory
410 AT&T Mobility Standard; formerly Cingular Wireless standard
420 Cincinnati Bell [14]
430 Alaska DigiTel [15]
440 Cellular One (non-Dobson)
450 Viaero Wireless [16]
460 Conecto formerly Simmetry / OneLink PCS [17]
470 nTelos Communications, Inc. (Virginia PCS Alliance LC)
480 Choice Wireless a.k.a. Amerilink Wireless
490 SunCom T-Mobile Knoxville, TN
500 Alltel Formerly PSC Wireless GA/AL network. Alltel is currently non-GSM.
510 Airtel
520 VeriSign
530 CellularOne Formerly West Virginia Wireless, acquired by AT&T
540 Oklahoma Western
560 AT&T Mobility Standard; formerly Cellular One DCS, Dobson
570 Cellular One Montana formerly Chinook Wireless [18]
580 T-Mobile USA Formerly PCS One, discontinued
590 Alltel Formerly Western Wireless, GSM roamer network only
610 Epic Touch
620 Coleman County Telecom
630 Choice Wireless a.k.a. Amerilink Wireless
640 Airadigm a.k.a. Airfire Mobile
650 Jasper Systems
660 T-Mobile USA Formerly DigiPhone PCS / DigiPH, discontinued
670 Northstar Formerly Wireless 2000 PCS, defunct
680 AT&T Mobility Standard; formerly Cellular One DCS, NPI Wireless (Noverr Publishing Inc.)
690 Keystone Wireless a.k.a. Limitless Mobile [19]
710 ASTAC a.k.a. Cellular One North Slope
740 Telemetrix
760 Panhandle Telecomm
770 Iowa Wireless dba i wireless [20]
780 AirLink PCS Defunct
790 PinPoint Wireless
800 T-Mobile USA Formerly SOL Communications, discontinued
830 Caprock Cellular
840 Telecom North America Mobile Inc Subsidiary of Telecom North America Inc, sold under the brand telna Mobile
850 Aeris
870 Kaplan
880 Advantage Cellular
890 Rural Cellular / Unicel Former Unicel GSM markets split between AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless
900 C&CC dba Mid-Rivers Wireless assigned 3/1/2010
910 First Cellular
930 Copper Valley Wireless
940 Iris Wireless LLC As of 10/28/2008
950 XIT Wireless
960 Plateau Wireless
970 Globalstar Satellite non-GSM
980 Texas RSA 7B3, L.P. D/B/A Peoples Wireless Services
990 AT&T Mobility Not in commercial use
999 TracFone reportedly ([21])

MCC 311[edit]

MNC Carrier Note
000 Mid-Tex Cellular
010 Chariton Valley Wireless Services
020 Chariton Valley Wireless Services
030 Indigo Wireless
040 Commnet Wireless
050 Farmers Wireless
070 AT&T Mobility formerly Easterbrooke Cellular
080 Pine Cellular
090 Long Lines Wireless formerly Siouxland PCS
960 Lycamobile
110 High Plains Wireless
120 Choice Phone
130 Alltel formerly Cell One Amarillo
140 Sprocket aka MBO Wireless
150 Wilkes Cellular
160 Cellular One DCS Dobson; formerly EMW
170 PetroCom / Broadpoint Inc
180 Cingular Wireless Not in commercial use
190 Cellular Properties Inc. aka CellOne East Central IL
210 Farmers Wireless
220 US_Cellular
250 USA i CAN
260 Cellular One of San Luis Obispo
270 Lamar County Cellular
290 NEP Wireless
330 Bug Tussel Wireless
370 General Communication Inc. GCI Wireless in Alaska
440 Bluegrass Cellular
480-489 Verizon Wireless. 311-480 is used as the 4G LTE network in the USA.
490 Sprint Corporation TDD-LTE (Band 41)
530 NewCore Wireless, LLC. Minnesota
580 US_Cellular
590 Golden State Cellular
660 Metro PCS LTE network, shared between T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS customers
870 Sprint Corporation TDD-LTE (Band 41)

MCC 316[edit]

MNC Carrier Note
010 Nextel iDEN (non-GSM)
011 Southern Communications Svcs

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