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The following companies manufacture, or have manufactured, model aircraft.

Flying models[edit]

Ready-to-fly models[edit]

A ready-to-fly model has the airframe assembled but may or may not have an engine or other equipment fitted.

Almost Ready-to-fly models[edit]

Flying model kits[edit]

A flying model kit requires a good deal of work to construct the airframe before it can fly.

Static models[edit]

Static scale models[edit]

Static scale models are used for collection or display.

Static models (not to scale)[edit]

These models are not scale replicas of any full-size design.

Scale model kits[edit]

A scale model is a replica of some full-size design (which may or may not be a real aircraft).

Papercraft model (commonly printed on cardboard)[edit]

  • Halinski
  • Hooton AirCraft (UK)
  • Modelik
  • Schreiber-Bogen Kartonmodellbau (Germany)

Plastic model (injection moulded)[edit]

Resin-cast/Vacuum-formed/Metal/Multi-material model[edit]

Unknown model format[edit]

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