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In this article, smaller establishments such as monastic cells and notable monastic granges (particularly those with resident monks) and camerae of the military orders of monks (Knights Templars and Knights Hospitallers) are included. The numerous monastic hospitals per se are not included here unless at some time the foundation had, or was purported to have, the status or function of an abbey, priory, friary or preceptory/commandery.

Article layout[edit]

Communities/provenance: shows the status and communities existing at each establishment, together with such dates as have been established as well as the fate of the establishment after dissolution, and the current status of the site.

Formal name or dedication: shows the formal name of the establishment or the person in whose name the church is dedicated, where known.

Alternative names: some of the establishments have had alternative names over the course of time. In order to assist in text-searching such alternatives in name or spelling have been provided.

Abbreviations and Key[edit]

Alphabetical listing of establishments[edit]

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Foundation Image Communities & Provenance Formal Name or Dedication
& Alternative Names
OnLine References & Location
Balally Monastery ~ supposed Early Christian monastic site (Irish: Baile Amhlaoibh, meaning "the town of Olaf") may commemorate a Viking saint
Baldongan Monastery The Church & Castle of Baldongan 1820.jpg supposed monastic site of friary & nunnery within the walls of the 13th-century Baldongan Castle - order and period unknown;
traditionally Knights Templar preceptory
Baldungan 53°33′48″N 6°06′47″W / 53.5633301°N 6.1130762°W / 53.5633301; -6.1130762 (Baldong, supposed monastic site (approx.)) (approx)
Ballyboghill Monastery early monastic site, Gaelic monks prior to the arrival of the Anglo-Normans Ballyboughal 53°31′06″N 6°15′59″W / 53.5184714°N 6.2663269°W / 53.5184714; -6.2663269 (Ballyboghill Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Ballymadun Monastery ø supposed monastic site — order and period doubtful;
purported Augustinian Canons Regular cell
Ballymad with Balrothery 53°32′22″N 6°24′13″W / 53.5394913°N 6.403656°W / 53.5394913; -6.403656 (Ballymadun, supposed monastic site (approx.)) (approx)
Ballyman Monastery ø supposed Knights Templar site Glanmonder;
53°12′09″N 6°10′21″W / 53.2025881°N 6.1725783°W / 53.2025881; -6.1725783 (Ballyman, supposed monastic site (approx.)) (approx)
Castleknock Priory Benedictine monks
dependent on Little Malvern;
founded c.1185 by Hugh Tyrrell, Lord of Castleknock;
erronously also given as Augustinian[notes 1]
dissolved before 1485
St Brigid
53°22′19″N 6°21′33″W / 53.3720641°N 6.3591957°W / 53.3720641; -6.3591957 (Castleknock Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Clondalkin Abbey Round Tower - Clondalkin - - 108911.jpg early monastic site, Gaelic monks, traditionally founded by St Cronan (Mo-Chua);
plundered by the Danes, 833;
burned 1071;
granted to the Culdees in perpetuity;
possibly continuing after 1111
Dun Awley
53°19′19″N 6°23′43″W / 53.322081°N 6.395352°W / 53.322081; -6.395352 (Clondalkin Abbey)
Clontarf Monastery early monastic site, Gaelic monks
church founded 550 by St Comgall of Bangor;
site now occupied by the remains of St John the Baptist's C.I. parish church
Cluain-tarbh 53°21′58″N 6°12′27″W / 53.3659955°N 6.2075758°W / 53.3659955; -6.2075758 (Clontarf Monastery)
Clontarf Preceptory #^ ClontarfCastleHotel.JPG Knights Templar
founded before 1180, granted by Henry II;
dissolved 1308-10;
Knights Hospitaller
refounded 1313 (after 1314);
dissolved after 1400; granted to Prior Rawson of Kilmainham;
Clontarf Castle built on site, now the Clontarf Castle Hotel
St Congal 53°21′53″N 6°12′26″W / 53.3647919°N 6.2071037°W / 53.3647919; -6.2071037 (Clontarf Preceptory)
Cruagh Monastery early monastic site, Gaelic monks
founded 5th century by D. Daluan of Croibige in the time of St Patrick
53°14′37″N 6°18′47″W / 53.243749°N 6.3130188°W / 53.243749; -6.3130188 (Cruagh Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Dalkey Island Benedictine monks
St Begnet
Dublin — All Saints' Priory Regent House from Parliament Square - - 1741395.jpg Augustinian Canons RegularArroasian
founded c.1166, Canons installed by Dermot Mac Murrough, King of Leinster;
dissolved 1539;
granted to Lord Devlin 1565;
College of the Holy Trinity built on site by Queen Elizabeth I
53°20′40″N 6°15′28″W / 53.344459°N 6.2577°W / 53.344459; -6.2577 (Dublin — All Saints' Priory (site))
Dublin — Holy Trinity Cathedral and Priory + Christchurch Cathedral - Dublin.jpg traditional early monastic site, founded 7th century?;
founded c.1030;
apparently Benedictine monks
before 1085 to 1096;
episcopal diocesan cathedral 1152;
Augustinian Canons RegularArroasian
founded c.1163;
dissolved 1541; continuing as secular cathedral by Queen Mary
53°20′36″N 6°16′16″W / 53.343434°N 6.271187°W / 53.343434; -6.271187 (Dublin — Holy Trinity Cathedral Priory)
Dublin — St George's Monastery purported monastery of St George mentioned 1199,[notes 2] doubtless a reference to St Mary de Hogges, which is located in the parish of St George St George
Dublin — St Mary's Abbey St Mary's Abbey Dublin, ChapterHouse.jpg Savignac monks — from Chester
founded c.1139;
Cistercian monks
orders merged 1147-8;
apparently dependent on Combermere 1147;
apparently dependent on Buildwas 1156-7;
attempt to break with Buildwas failed 1307;
dissolved 28 October 1539, surrendered by the last abbot, William Laundie;
occupied for munitions by John Travers by 1540;
granted to James, Earl of Desmond 20 December 1543; (NM)
St Mary
53°20′52″N 6°16′10″W / 53.3476949°N 6.2695456°W / 53.3476949; -6.2695456 (Dublin, St Mary's Abbey)
Dublin — St Mary de Hogges Abbey Augustinian nunsArroaisian
dependent on Clonard;
founded c.1146 by Dermot Mac Murrough, King of Leinster;
independent from before 1195;
dissolved 1536, apparently suppressed early 1536; demolished by William Brabazon, under-treasurer of Ireland, materials used in repair of the King's castle in Dublin; granted to Francis Gosby 26 December 1537;
granted to James Sedgrave c.1542
St Mary de Hogges [1]

53°20′36″N 6°15′41″W / 53.343372°N 6.261258°W / 53.343372; -6.261258 (Dublin St Mary's de Hogges Abbey)
Dublin — St Mary les Dames purported nunnery;[notes 3] parish church occupied by a woman recluse 1276-7[notes 4]
Dublin — St Saviour's Priory * Dublin Saint Saviour's Dominican Priory Church W 2012 09 26.jpg Dominican Friars;
church opened 15 January 1861;

53°21′10″N 6°16′02″W / 53.352754°N 6.267185°W / 53.352754; -6.267185 (Dublin St Saviour's Priory)
Dublin — St Thomas's Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular
priory founded March 1177 by King Henry II;
Augustinian Canons RegularVictorine
raised to abbey status c.1192;
dissolved 1539; granted to William Brabazon 1545
The Abbey Church of Saint Thomas the Martyr, Dublin
Thomas Court

53°20′29″N 6°16′49″W / 53.341511°N 6.280387°W / 53.341511; -6.280387 (Dublin St Thomas's Abbey)
Dublin Augustinian Friary of the Holy Trinity Augustinian Friars
founded c. 1259;
adopted 1517;
dissolved 1540; granted to Robert Casey 6 May 1541
Holy Trinity
Dublin Augustinian Priory (at the (East) Gate of Dublin) purported Augustinian Canons Regular[notes 5]
Dublin Augustinian Priory, St Olave Augustinian Canons Regular
church belonging to Bristol
Dublin Carmelite Friary * Carmelite Friars
founded 1274 by Sir Robert Bagot, Chief Justice;
dissolved 3 August 1539, surrendered by the last prior William Kelly; granted to Nicholas Stanyhurst;
demolished before 18 August 1541;
granted to Francis Aungier by Elizabeth I
modern Carmelite priory built on site, extant
St Mary 53°20′23″N 6°16′00″W / 53.339807°N 6.266702°W / 53.339807; -6.266702 (Dublin Carmelite Friary)
Dublin Priory Hospital Fratres Cruciferi and nuns
founded before 15 November 1588 (1185-8) by Ailred the Palmer;
dissolved 1539;
granted to Maurice, Earl of Thomond, 1544
St John Baptist
Palmer's Hospital
Dublin Dominican Friary Dominican Friars
founded 1224;
destroyed by fire in Dublin 1304;
rebuilt before 1308 by Eustace le Poer;
dissolved 1539; granted to Sir Thomas Cusack 1542;
granted to the Earl of Ormond 1578;
The King's Inns established on site c.1582;
St Saviour 53°20′46″N 6°16′30″W / 53.345991°N 6.275007°W / 53.345991; -6.275007 (Dublin Dominican Friary)
Dublin Dominican Friary, later site Dominican Friars
founded c.1622
53°20′39″N 6°16′27″W / 53.344294°N 6.27422°W / 53.344294; -6.27422 (Dublin Dominican Friary, later site (approx.)) (approx)
Dublin Franciscan Friary * Franciscan Friars Minor, Conventual
founded before 13 January 1233 (possibly on an earlier site);
possibly transferred here c.1236;
Observant Franciscan Friars
adopted 1521;
dissolved 1540; granted to Thomas Stephens 1541
53°20′27″N 6°16′26″W / 53.340957°N 6.273762°W / 53.340957; -6.273762 (Dublin Franciscan Friary)
Dublin Franciscan Friary * Franciscan Friars Minor, Conventual
Adam and Eve's [6][7]

53°20′42″N 6°16′21″W / 53.344877°N 6.272614°W / 53.344877; -6.272614 (Dublin Franciscan Friary)
Dublin Knights Hospitallers Knights Hospitaller
frankhouse of Kilmainham, founded before 1290;
continued until the suppression
53°20′38″N 6°16′18″W / 53.343820°N 6.271648°W / 53.343820; -6.271648 (Dublin Knights Hospitallers (approx.)) (approx)
Dublin Sack Friars Friars of the Sack
probably founded 1268;
dissolved after 1309-10
Finglas Monastery early monastic site, Gaelic monks
founded 560 by St Canice; possibly not continuing after 10th century (last recorded abbot died in Rome 1038);
site occupied by remains of a medieval church

53°23′16″N 6°17′59″W / 53.387676°N 6.299704°W / 53.387676; -6.299704 (Finglas Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Firhouse Carmelite Monastery * Carmelite nuns

53°16′49″N 6°20′26″W / 53.280350°N 6.340432°W / 53.280350; -6.340432 (Firhosue Carmelite Monastery)
Glasmore Monastery early monastic site, Gaelic monks
founded by St Cronan (Mochua)
53°29′11″N 6°18′49″W / 53.4864624°N 6.3135338°W / 53.4864624; -6.3135338 (Glasmore Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Glasnevin Monastery early monastic site, Gaelic monks
founded before 545 by St Mobi;
possibly not continuing after 10th century
53°23′34″N 6°14′15″W / 53.3926447°N 6.2375736°W / 53.3926447; -6.2375736 (Glasnevin Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Grace Dieu Abbey,
nr. Donabate
Augustinian nunsArroaisian — from Lusk;
(community founded at Lusk after 1144)
transferred here c.1195;
founded after 1195? by John Cumin, Archbishop of Dublin;
dissolved 1539;
Turvey House was built from the remains of the abbey
St Mary
de Gratia Dei;
Turvey House
53°30′02″N 6°11′23″W / 53.5005555°N 6.1895943°W / 53.5005555; -6.1895943 (Grace Dieu Abbey (approx.)) (approx)
Grange Abbey chapel of All Saints' Priory; disused since 17th century; ruined; (NM) 53°23′57″N 6°09′38″W / 53.399075°N 6.160429°W / 53.399075; -6.160429 (Grange Abbey)
Holmpatrick Priory,
Augustinian Canons Regular — from St Patrick's Island
founded 1220;
dissolved 1557; granted to Thomas FitzWilliams 1578;
site now occupied by C.I. church
Holm Patric;
53°34′25″N 6°06′20″W / 53.573620°N 6.105518°W / 53.573620; -6.105518 (Holmpatrick Priory)
Howth 'Abbey' ø Howth (8082719343) (2).jpg non-monastic collegiate church The Collegiate Church of St. Mary Howth 53°23′15″N 6°03′57″W / 53.3875005°N 6.0659337°W / 53.3875005; -6.0659337 (Howth 'Abbey')
Ireland's Eye Monastery early monastic site;
besieged 897;
plundered 960
53°24′18″N 6°03′50″W / 53.4051316°N 6.0639381°W / 53.4051316; -6.0639381 (Ireland's Eye Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Killester Monastery purported remains of a monastery in Killester House[notes 6] 53°22′20″N 6°12′28″W / 53.372296°N 6.207788°W / 53.372296; -6.207788 (Killester Monastery (?)) (?)
Killiney Monastery early monastic site, Gaelic nuns 53°15′17″N 6°06′59″W / 53.254726°N 6.116311°W / 53.254726; -6.116311 (Killiney Monastery (?)) (?)
Killiney Friary * Franciscan Friars
founded 1945;
Dun Mhuire [10]

53°15′02″N 6°06′55″W / 53.250687°N 6.115184°W / 53.250687; -6.115184 (Killiney Friary)
Killininny Monastery early monastic site, Gaelic nuns Cell-na-n-ingen;

53°16′22″N 6°21′03″W / 53.272842°N 6.350800°W / 53.272842; -6.350800 (Killininny Monastery (?)) (?)
Kilmacud Carmelite Monastery * Carmelite nuns
founded 1881;
St Joseph [12]

53°17′06″N 6°12′30″W / 53.284953°N 6.208273°W / 53.284953; -6.208273 (Kilmacud Carmelite Monastery)
Kilmainham Monastery early monastic site, founded 7th century by St Magnenn (Maignenn/Maighnenn) (in the time of St Fursey);
later Knights Hospitaller site (see immediately below)

53°21′03″N 6°20′19″W / 53.350910°N 6.338596°W / 53.350910; -6.338596 (Kilmainham Monastery (?)) (?)
Kilmainham Preceptory Knights Hospitaller
founded c.1174 by Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare, Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke and Striguil, on the site of earlier monastery (see immediately above);
erroneously given as Knights Templar[notes 7];
dissolved 1540;
restored 1557;
dissolved November 1558
Priory of St John the Baptist
Kilnamanagh Monastery early monastic site Cell-na-managh 53°17′53″N 6°21′51″W / 53.298007°N 6.364056°W / 53.298007; -6.364056 (Kilnamanagh Monastery (?)) (?)
Kilsallaghan Monastery purported monastic site, order, foundation and period unknown Kilsaghlan 53°28′29″N 6°19′09″W / 53.474715°N 6.319199°W / 53.474715; -6.319199 (Kilsallaghan Monastery, purported (approx.)) (approx)
Kinsaley Monastery =? St Doulaghs Church Dublin Geograph Image.jpg early monastic site, founded by St Garban (Gobban) or St Doulagh;
St Doulagh C.I. parish church built on site
53°24′55″N 6°10′45″W / 53.415150°N 6.179080°W / 53.415150; -6.179080 (Kinsaley Monastery)
Lambay Island Monastery # Lambay Island - Reachrainn - - 1350641.jpg early monastic site, founded by St Colmcille Reachrainn;
53°29′18″N 6°01′25″W / 53.4882498°N 6.0235977°W / 53.4882498; -6.0235977 (Lambay Island Monastery)
Loreto Abbey ^ Rathfarnham House, Loretto Abbey.jpg Sisters of Loreto
founded 1821 by Frances Ball at Rathfarnham House

53°17′32″N 6°16′48″W / 53.292092°N 6.279963°W / 53.292092; -6.279963 (Loreto Abbey)
Loreto Abbey,
Sisters of Loreto
founded 1843 by Frances Ball;
boarding school for girls opened 17 August 1843;
boarding school closed 1982, continuing as a day school

53°16′47″N 6°06′00″W / 53.279739°N 6.099976°W / 53.279739; -6.099976 (Loreto Abbey, Dalkey)
Lusk Abbey =+ LuskRoundTower.JPG early monastic site, founded before 496/8, possibly c.450, by Cuinnidh mac Cathmugh (St MacCullin), who died 496/8;
burned and plundered by the Danes 827 and 856;
burned and plundered by Munstermen 1053;
burned by men of Meath 1133;
St MacCullin's C.I. parish church built on site, incorporating round tower into tower
Lusca 53°31′34″N 6°10′03″W / 53.5261351°N 6.1673802°W / 53.5261351; -6.1673802 (Lusk Abbey)
'The Abbey', Malahide Malahide Abbey 1820.jpg ruins of a chapel Alahid;
53°26′42″N 6°09′49″W / 53.444922°N 6.163747°W / 53.444922; -6.163747 ('The Abbey', Malahide)
Malahide Carmelite Monastery * Carmelite nuns
Star of the Sea Carmelite Monastery [15]

53°26′39″N 6°08′26″W / 53.444280°N 6.140533°W / 53.444280; -6.140533 (Malahide Carmelite Monastery)
Newcastle Monastery early monastic site, founded by a St Finnian Caislean-nua-liamhain
Portrane Priory Augustinian nunsArroasian — from Grace Dieu
founded 1539;
dissolved after 1577
Rathmichael Monastery,
Carrickgolligan Hill
Round Tower at Old Rathmichael Church.jpg early monastic site, enclosure with slight remains of church and round tower 53°13′58″N 6°08′47″W / 53.232799°N 6.146271°W / 53.232799; -6.146271 (Rathmichael Monastery)
Red Island Monastery,
Roebuck Carmelite Monastery * Carmelite nuns The Immaculate Conception [16]

53°18′14″N 6°13′52″W / 53.303864°N 6.231231°W / 53.303864; -6.231231 (Roebuck Carmelite Monastery)
Saggart Monastery early monastic site Tech-sacra;
53°35′04″N 6°04′34″W / 53.584309°N 6.076201°W / 53.584309; -6.076201 (Saggart Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
St Anne's Monastery early monastic site, possibly founded by Bishop Sanctain (possibly St Sanctain) St Anne
St Anne's Chapel
St Catherine's Priory Augustinian Canons RegularVictorine
founded 1219 by Warisius dePech;
cell dependent on St Thomas's, Dublin, 1323;
dissolved 1539, surrendered 25 June 1539
St Katherine;
Salmon Leap
53°22′06″N 6°28′11″W / 53.368275°N 6.469746°W / 53.368275; -6.469746 (St Patrick's Island Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
St Doolagh's Monastery early monastic site, founded by St Doolagh?
chapel and cell 1200 possibly built for a hermit or small community
St Doolagh
St Doilough;
53°24′25″N 6°09′42″W / 53.407076°N 6.161613°W / 53.407076; -6.161613 (St Doolagh's Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
St Patrick's Island Monastery early monastic site, founded by St Patrick
burned by the Danes 798;
Augustinian Canons Regular
founded after 1140;
dissolved 1220, transferred to a new site at Holmpatrick
Inis Patraic 53°35′04″N 6°04′34″W / 53.584309°N 6.076201°W / 53.584309; -6.076201 (St Patrick's Island Monastery)
Santry Monastery early monastic site, founded by 6th century Sentrebh 53°23′23″N 6°15′08″W / 53.389647°N 6.252240°W / 53.389647; -6.252240 (Santry Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Sruthair Monastery early monastic site, possibly in County Dublin Sruther
Swords Monastery = SwordsRoundTower.JPG early monastic site, founded c.560 by St Columbkill[notes 8] Sord-coluim-cille;

53°27′27″N 6°13′28″W / 53.457633°N 6.224458°W / 53.457633; -6.224458 (Swords Monastery)
Swords Priory nuns
1474 mention of a prioress here probably refer to Grace Dieu[notes 9]
Tallaght Monastery #+ early monastic site, founded 769 by Saint Maelruan;
burned and plundered 811 by the Danes;
possibly not continuing after 1125;
site now occupied by St Maelruain's C.I. parish church
53°17′21″N 6°21′57″W / 53.28912°N 6.365748°W / 53.28912; -6.365748 (Tallaght Monastery)
Tallaght Priory * Dominican Friars;
St Mary [18]

53°17′19″N 6°21′38″W / 53.288539°N 6.360671°W / 53.288539; -6.360671 (Tallaght Priory)

Taney Monastery early monastic site 53°17′01″N 6°13′33″W / 53.283690°N 6.225815°W / 53.283690; -6.225815 (Taney Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Tullow/Tully Monastery? Tully Church 2.jpg early monastic site, founded by St Brigid (possibly Brigid, daughter of Leinin);
ruined 13th-century church may occupy site of an Early Christian monastic site
Irish: tulach na n-Epscop, meaning "the hill of the bishops"
53°16′44″N 6°11′05″W / 53.278764°N 6.184616°W / 53.278764; -6.184616 (Tully Monastery)

The following location in County Dublin lacks monastic connection:

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