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List of monastic houses in County Kerry

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The smaller establishments such as monastic cells and notable monastic granges (particularly those with resident monks) and camerae of the military orders of monks (Knights Templars and Knights Hospitallers) are included. The numerous monastic hospitals per se are not included here unless at some time the foundation had, or was purported to have, the status or function of an abbey, priory, or preceptory/commandery.


Communities/provenance: shows the status and communities existing at each establishment, together with such dates as have been established as well as the fate of the establishment after dissolution, and the current status of the site.

Formal name or dedication: shows the formal name of the establishment or the person in whose name the church is dedicated, where known.

Alternative names: some of the establishments have had alternative names over the course of time. In order to assist in text-searching such alternatives in name or spelling have been provided.

Abbreviations and Key[edit]

The sites listed are ruins or fragmentary remains unless indicated thus:
* current monastic function
+ current non-monastic ecclesiastic function
^ current non-ecclesiastic function
= remains incorporated into later structure
# no identifiable trace of the monastic foundation remains
~ exact site of monastic foundation unknown
ø possibly no such monastic foundation at location
¤ no such monastic foundation
identification ambiguous or confused

Locations with names in italics indicate probable duplication (misidentification with another location) or non-existent foundations (either erroneous reference or proposed foundation never implemented).

Trusteeship denoted as follows:
NIEA Scheduled Monument (NI)
NM National Monument (ROI)
C.I. Church of Ireland
R.C. Roman Catholic Church

List of monastic houses in County Kerry is located in County Kerry
Abbeydorney Abbey
Abbeydorney Abbey
Aghadoe Monastery
Aghadoe Monastery
Ardfert Friary
Ardfert Friary
Ardfert Cathedral Monastery
Ardfert Cathedral Monastery
Ballinskelligs Priory
Ballinskelligs Priory
Bentee Mount Monastery (approx.)
Bentee Mount Monastery (approx.)
Brandon Mount Monastery (approx.)
Brandon Mount Monastery (approx.)
Caherbarbagh Monastery (approx.)
Caherbarbagh Monastery (approx.)
Carrig Island Monastery
Carrig Island Monastery
Church Island Monastery, Valencia Harbour
Church Island Monastery, Valencia Harbour
Church Island Monastery, Lough Curra
Church Island Monastery, Lough Curra
Derrynane Abbey
Derrynane Abbey
Feaghman West Monastery
Feaghman West Monastery
Gallarus Monastery (site)
Gallarus Monastery (site)
Illaunloughan Monastery
Illaunloughan Monastery
Illauntannig Island Monastery
Illauntannig Island Monastery
Innisfallen Abbey
Innisfallen Abbey
Inishtooskert Monastery
Inishtooskert Monastery
Inishvickillane Monastery
Inishvickillane Monastery
Keeldarragh Monastery
Keeldarragh Monastery
Kilcolman Abbey
Kilcolman Abbey
Kildreelig Monastery
Kildreelig Monastery
Kildreenagh Monastery (approx.)
Kildreenagh Monastery (approx.)
Kildrenagh Monastery (approx.)
Kildrenagh Monastery (approx.)
Killabuonia Priory
Killabuonia Priory
Killagha Abbey
Killagha Abbey
Killiney Monastery
Killiney Monastery
Killemlagh Monastery
Killemlagh Monastery
Killoe Monastery (approx.)
Killoe Monastery (approx.)
Kilogrone Monastery
Kilogrone Monastery
Kilmalkedar Monastery
Kilmalkedar Monastery
Kilrellig Monastery
Kilrellig Monastery
Kilpeacon Monastery (approx.)
Kilpeacon Monastery (approx.)
Lislaughtin Abbey
Lislaughtin Abbey
Muckross Abbey
Muckross Abbey
Oriel Monastery
Oriel Monastery
Ratass Cathedral Monastery
Ratass Cathedral Monastery
Rattoo Monastery
Rattoo Monastery
Rattoo Abbey
Rattoo Abbey
Riasc Monastery
Riasc Monastery
St Manchan's Monastery
St Manchan's Monastery
Scarriff Monastery (approx.)
Scarriff Monastery (approx.)
Skellig Michael Monastery
Skellig Michael Monastery
Temple Cashel Monastery
Temple Cashel Monastery
Termons Monastery
Termons Monastery
Tralee Holy Cross Priory
Tralee Holy Cross Priory
Locations of monastic houses in County Kerry
Foundation Image Communities & Provenance Formal Name or Dedication
& Alternative Names
OnLine References & Location
Abbeydorney Abbey Cistercian monks — from Monasteranenagh
daughter house of Monasteranenagh;
founded 1154 founder unknown - erroneously given as a Fitzmaurice;
daughter house of Mellifont;
daughter house of Monasteranenagh
dissolved 1537 (though last abbot active until 1577)
site now in use as a graveyard
Kyrie Eleison;
52°21′12″N 9°41′15″W / 52.353413°N 9.687544°W / 52.353413; -9.687544 (Abbeydorney Abbey)
Aghadoe Monastery ?Augustinian Canons Regular
purportedly founded 7th century by St Finan Lobhar;
extant 992;
non-monastic church of the Holy Trinity and St Mary built on site 1158;
damaged by gales 1282;
erenaghs up to 1450 (NM)
52°04′36″N 9°33′16″W / 52.076801°N 9.554488°W / 52.076801; -9.554488 (Aghadoe Monastery)
Alltraige-caille Monastery ~ early monastic site, founded 6th century location unknown - possibly nr Tralee
Ardfert Friary Franciscan Friars Minor, Conventual
founded c.1253 by Thomas Fitzmaurice Fitzraymond, Lord of Kerry, purportedly buried here;
Observant Franciscan Friars
refounded 1517;
dissolved 1584, friars expelled, some remained in the area;(NM)
52°19′48″N 9°46′26″W / 52.330135°N 9.773870°W / 52.330135; -9.773870 (Ardfert Friary)
Ardfert Dominican Friary Dominican Friars — erroneous reference to the Franciscan Friary (see immediately above)
Ardfert Cathedral Monastery early monastic site, founded 6th century by St Brendan of Clonfert;
episcopal diocesan cathedral
founded after 1111, translated from Ratass
52°19′44″N 9°46′54″W / 52.328803°N 9.781668°W / 52.328803; -9.781668 (Ardfert Cathedral Monastery)
Ballinskelligs Priory early monastic site founded 11th century?;
Augustinian Canons RegularArroasian
founded c.1210?;
dissolved after 1555; granted to John Blake 1585; (NM)
St Michael de Rupe;
St Michael's Mount
51°48′56″N 10°16′19″W / 51.815471°N 10.271821°W / 51.815471; -10.271821 (Ballinskelligs Priory)
Bentee Mount Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites 51°56′00″N 10°12′58″W / 51.933259°N 10.216084°W / 51.933259; -10.216084 (Bentee Mount Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Brandon Mountain Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites, purportedly founded by St Brendan of Clonfert;
possibly continuing after 1111
52°14′55″N 10°12′04″W / 52.248508°N 10.200977°W / 52.248508; -10.200977 (Brandon Mount Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Caherbarbagh Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites 51°51′25″N 10°07′46″W / 51.856987°N 10.129395°W / 51.856987; -10.129395 (Caherbarbagh Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Carrig Island Monastery, ø
Arghavallen parish
possible early monastic site, "Abbey (in ruins)"[notes 1] 52°34′33″N 9°30′02″W / 52.575885°N 9.500492°W / 52.575885; -9.500492 (Carrig Island Monastery)
Church Island Monastery, Valentia Harbour
Lough Kay
Lough Kay
51°56′15″N 10°17′00″W / 51.937559°N 10.283338°W / 51.937559; -10.283338 (Church Island Monastery, Valencia Harbour)
Church Island Monastery, Lough Currane early monastic site, Anchorites;
founded by Finan Cam
Lough Curane 51°50′05″N 10°07′45″W / 51.834855°N 10.129166°W / 51.834855; -10.129166 (Church Island Monastery, Lough Curra)
Derrynane Abbey early monastic site, Gaelic monks
founded 7th century by the monks of St Bairre or by St Finan Cam
Abbey Island;
51°45′27″N 10°08′34″W / 51.757501°N 10.142720°W / 51.757501; -10.142720 (Derrynane Abbey)
Dingle Cell Augustinian Canons Regular
cell, dependent on Killagha — probably not conventual, possibly a vicarage;
founded after 1216;
dissolved before 1428
Dingle Friary Dominican Friars
possible vicarage and land owned by the Black Friars
Feaghman West Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites 51°54′54″N 10°20′53″W / 51.915116°N 10.348155°W / 51.915116; -10.348155 (Feaghman West Monastery)
Gallarus Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites Gall-ros 52°10′22″N 10°20′58″W / 52.172761°N 10.349443°W / 52.172761; -10.349443 (Gallarus Monastery (site))
Illaunloughan early monastic site, stone oratories 51°53′12″N 10°22′24″W / 51.886589°N 10.373427°W / 51.886589; -10.373427 (Illaunloughan Monastery)
Illauntannig Island Monastery,
Maghree Islands
early monastic site, Gaelic monks;
founded 6th century by St Seanach
52°19′34″N 10°01′12″W / 52.3261287°N 10.0199382°W / 52.3261287; -10.0199382 (Illauntannig Island Monastery)
Innisfallen Abbey, Innisfallen Island early monastic site, founded 7th century by Faithlann, son of Aedh damhan, King of Iar-muman (or Finan Lobhair, or Finan Camm;
Augustinian Canons Regular
founded after 1197?;
dissolved 1589? — probably abandoned by 1589; granted to Robert Collam;
granted to Valentine Brown;
Augustinian Friars
St Mary
52°02′48″N 9°33′15″W / 52.046679°N 9.554274°W / 52.046679; -9.554274 (Innisfallen Abbey)
Inishtooskert Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites St Brendan 52°07′39″N 10°34′48″W / 52.127454°N 10.580124°W / 52.127454; -10.580124 (Inishtooskert Monastery)
Inishvickillane Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites St Brendan
52°02′37″N 10°36′27″W / 52.043675°N 10.607386°W / 52.043675; -10.607386 (Inishvickillane Monastery)
Keeldarragh Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites 51°52′38″N 10°09′31″W / 51.877127°N 10.158577°W / 51.877127; -10.158577 (Keeldarragh Monastery)
Kerry Preceptory, ~ Tralee? Knights Hospitaller
founded before 1212;
dissolution unknown
Kilcolman Abbey,
early monastic site Killagh;
52°08′59″N 9°43′50″W / 52.1496916°N 9.7304601°W / 52.1496916; -9.7304601 (Kilcolman Abbey)
Kildreelig Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites 51°47′48″N 10°18′39″W / 51.796570°N 10.310744°W / 51.796570; -10.310744 (Kildreelig Monastery)
Kildreenagh Monastery
in Loher
early monastic site, Anchorites 51°46′55″N 10°09′56″W / 51.781860°N 10.165615°W / 51.781860; -10.165615 (Kildreenagh Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Kildrenagh Monastery
in Valencia
early monastic site, Anchorites 51°54′27″N 10°22′34″W / 51.907531°N 10.376244°W / 51.907531; -10.376244 (Kildrenagh Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Killabuonia Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites
founded 6th century by Buonia (Beoanigh)
51°50′53″N 10°19′55″W / 51.848176°N 10.332003°W / 51.848176; -10.332003 (Killabuonia Priory)
Killagha Abbey,
early monastic site, Gaelic monks
founded 6th century by Abban (Alban);
probably dissolved for some time prior to the Augustinian foundation;
Augustinian Canons Regular
founded c.1216 by Geoffrey de Marusci (during the reign of King John);
dissolved 1576; granted to Thomas Clinton and subsequently to Thomas Spring
St Mary de Bello Loco
Killahensis in Munster (under Augustinian Friars)
52°08′58″N 9°43′49″W / 52.1494499°N 9.7303922°W / 52.1494499; -9.7303922 (Killagha Abbey)
Killarney Franciscan Friary * Franciscan Friars
transferred from Gorey 1860;
church opened 1867;
friary opened 1879;
became the Novitiate House of the Irish Province for a time;
Killemlagh Monastery ~ early monastic site, founded by St Finan the Leper, or chapel by St Finan Cam
Killiney Monastery possible early monastic site;
St Saviour's C.I. parish church built on site

52°14′56″N 10°02′20″W / 52.248758°N 10.038972°W / 52.248758; -10.038972 (Killiney Monastery)
Killobarnaun Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites Killavarnaun 51°57′12″N 10°13′33″W / 51.953387°N 10.225852°W / 51.953387; -10.225852 (Killemlagh Monastery)
Killoe Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites 51°54′16″N 10°10′17″W / 51.904460°N 10.171280°W / 51.904460; -10.171280 (Killoe Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Killogrone Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites 51°55′07″N 10°10′45″W / 51.918586°N 10.179173°W / 51.918586; -10.179173 (Kilogrone Monastery)
Kilmalkedar Monastery early monastic site, probably continuing after 1111 Cell-maeilchetair 52°11′05″N 10°20′11″W / 52.184767°N 10.336289°W / 52.184767; -10.336289 (Kilmalkedar Monastery)
Kilrellig Monastery,
Bolus Head
51°47′48″N 10°18′39″W / 51.7965952°N 10.3107476°W / 51.7965952; -10.3107476 (Kilrellig Monastery)
Kilpeacon Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites Kilpeacan 51°53′44″N 10°13′17″W / 51.895642°N 10.221276°W / 51.895642; -10.221276 (Kilpeacon Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Lislaughtin Abbey Observant Franciscan Friars
founded 1470-7 by John O'Connor, Lord of Iraghticonnor, who had requested permission from the Pope in 1477;
dissolved 1580, destroyed by the Protestants;
rebuilt 1629;
granted to James Scrolls;
granted to Sir Edward Denny (NM)
52°33′26″N 9°28′12″W / 52.557173°N 9.470004°W / 52.557173; -9.470004 (Lislaughtin Abbey)
Lisselton Friary erroneous reference to Franciscan Friars — mistaken identification of Lislaughtin
Muckross Abbey Observant Franciscan Friars
founded 1440-8 by Donal, son of Thady MacCarthy, possibly on the site of an earlier monastery;
restored by Donal, son of Thady MacCarthy 1468;
dissolved 1586-9, purportedly leased out 1587;
granted to Robert Collan 1595;
reoccupied 1612;
old buildings restored after 1617
The Holy Trinity
52°01′34″N 9°29′41″W / 52.026099°N 9.494714°W / 52.026099; -9.494714 (Muckross Abbey)
Oriel Monastery early monastic site Monaster-ni-Oriel;
Abbey Oriel
51°53′59″N 9°28′26″W / 51.899585°N 9.473948°W / 51.899585; -9.473948 (Oriel Monastery)
Rathmore Cistercian monks
founded 1861;
temporary refuge for monks evicted from Melleray, France
Ratass Cathedral Monastery early monastic site, founded 6th century;
probably continuing after 1111;
episcopal diocesan cathedral
founded 1111, church elevated to cathedral status by the Synod of Rathbreasail;
translated to Ardfert before 1117
52°16′01″N 9°40′55″W / 52.267041°N 9.681863°W / 52.267041; -9.681863 (Ratass Cathedral Monastery)
Rattoo Monastery,
nr Ballyduff
early monastic site - founded 6th century by Bishop Lugaid/Lugach Rath-muighe-tuaiscirt - "fort/rath of the northern plain". [4]
52°26′33″N 9°38′59″W / 52.442411°N 9.649852°W / 52.442411; -9.649852 (Rattoo Monastery)
Rattoo Abbey,
nr Ballyduff
possibly Fratres Cruciferi or Knights Hospitaller
hospital founded c.1200 by Brother William;
?Augustinian Canons RegularArroasian
founded before 1207;
dissolved 1542, officially suppressed, convent possibly continued until c.1581;
fortified by the Irish, who destroyed it to prevent it falling to the forces of Sir Charles Willmott; (NM)
The Hospital of Saint John the Baptist
The Priory Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
Ballyduff Abbey
br />52°26′35″N 9°38′46″W / 52.443046°N 9.646198°W / 52.443046; -9.646198 (Rattoo Abbey)
Riasc Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites
founded 6th century;
probably continuing after 1111
Reask 52°10′03″N 10°23′16″W / 52.167536°N 10.387659°W / 52.167536; -10.387659 (Riasc Monastery)
St Manchan's Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites
founded by St Manchan
Teampall Geal 52°08′38″N 10°21′31″W / 52.143853°N 10.358675°W / 52.143853; -10.358675 (St Manchan's Monastery)
Scarriff Monastery early monastic site, Anchorites Sgairbh 51°43′38″N 10°15′21″W / 51.727241°N 10.255737°W / 51.727241; -10.255737 (Scarriff Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Skellig Michael Monastery,
Great Skellig Island
early monastic site, purportedly founded by a St Finan;
plundered by the Danes 824;
rebuilt 860;
most of the community transferred to Ballinaskellig probably before mid-11th century, hermits probably remaining into the medieval period
Great Skellig;
51°46′20″N 10°32′19″W / 51.772133°N 10.538514°W / 51.772133; -10.538514 (Skellig Michael Monastery)
Temple Cashel Monastery early monastic site, Gaelic nuns 51°50′52″N 10°22′03″W / 51.847845°N 10.367502°W / 51.847845; -10.367502 (Temple Cashel Monastery)
Termons Monastery early monastic site 51°50′59″N 10°10′13″W / 51.849648°N 10.170196°W / 51.849648; -10.170196 (Termons Monastery)
Tralee Holy Cross Priory Dominican Friars
founded 1243 by Lord John FitzThomas FitzGerald (John of Callan), buried here;
dissolved 1580
The Dominican Church of Holy Cross Abbey;
The Priory of the Holy Cross, Tralee

52°16′05″N 9°42′35″W / 52.2680983°N 9.7095859°W / 52.2680983; -9.7095859 (Tralee Holy Cross Priory)

The following location in County Kerry lacks monastic connection:

  • Ardfert Abbey: Georgian mansion, home of the Crosbie family, destroyed by IRA bomb 1922

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