List of monastic houses in County Kildare

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The smaller establishments such as monastic cells and notable monastic granges (particularly those with resident monks) and camerae of the military orders of monks (Knights Templars and Knights Hospitallers) are included. The numerous monastic hospitals per se are not included here unless at some time the foundation had, or was purported to have, the status or function of an abbey, priory, or preceptory/commandery.


Communities/provenance: shows the status and communities existing at each establishment, together with such dates as have been established as well as the fate of the establishment after dissolution, and the current status of the site.

Formal name or dedication: shows the formal name of the establishment or the person in whose name the church is dedicated, where known.

Alternative names: some of the establishments have had alternative names over the course of time. In order to assist in text-searching such alternatives in name or spelling have been provided.

Abbreviations and Key[edit]

The sites listed are ruins or fragmentary remains unless indicated thus:
* current monastic function
+ current non-monastic ecclesiastic function
^ current non-ecclesiastic function
= remains incorporated into later structure
# no identifiable trace of the monastic foundation remains
~ exact site of monastic foundation unknown
ø possibly no such monastic foundation at location
¤ no such monastic foundation
identification ambiguous or confused

Locations with names in italics indicate probable duplication (misidentification with another location) or non-existent foundations (either erroneous reference or proposed foundation never implemented).

Trusteeship denoted as follows:
NIEA Scheduled Monument (NI)
NM National Monument (ROI)
C.I. Church of Ireland
R.C. Roman Catholic Church
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List of monastic houses in County Kildare is located in County Kildare
ATHY (see right)
(see right)
CASTLEDERMOT (see right)
CASTLEDERMOT (see right)
Celbridge Abbey
Celbridge Abbey
Clane Friary
Clane Friary
Cloncurry, supposed Friary (approx.)
Cloncurry, supposed Friary (approx.)
Cloncurry Friary (possible)
Cloncurry Friary (possible)
Donaghmore Monastery
Donaghmore Monastery
Dunmanoge Monastery
Dunmanoge Monastery
Dunmanoge Monastery (site?)
Dunmanoge Monastery (site?)
Graney Priory
Graney Priory
Great Connell Priory
Great Connell Priory
Inchaquire, supposed Friary (approx.)
Inchaquire, supposed Friary (approx.)
Kilberry 'Abbey'
Kilberry 'Abbey'
Kilcock Monastery (supposed)?
Kilcock Monastery (supposed)?
Kilcork Camera(?)
Kilcork Camera(?)
Kilcullen Abbey
Kilcullen Abbey
KILDARE (see right)
KILDARE (see right)
Killelan 'Abbey'
Killelan 'Abbey'
Killybegs Preceptory
Killybegs Preceptory
Kilrush Cell(?)
Kilrush Cell(?)
Kilteel Preceptory (approx.)
Kilteel Preceptory (approx.)
Knocknacree Monastery (approx.)
Knocknacree Monastery (approx.)
Lully Monastery
Lully Monastery
Maganey Monastery (approx.)
Maganey Monastery
Monasterevin Monastery
Monasterevin Monastery
Moone Abbey
Moone Abbey
Moore Abbey
Moore Abbey
Naas Priory
Naas Priory
Old Kilcullen Monastery
Old Kilcullen Monastery
Oughterard Monastery
Oughterard Monastery
St Wolstan's Priory
St Wolstan's Priory
Taghadoe Monastery
Taghadoe Monastery
Timolin Priory
Timolin Priory
Tully Abbey
Tully Abbey
Locations of monastic houses in County Kildare
List of monastic houses in County Kildare is located in Kildare
Kildare Abbey
Kildare Abbey
Grey Abbey
Grey Abbey
White Abbey
White Abbey
Locations of monastic houses in Kildare
List of monastic houses in County Kildare is located in Castledermot
Castledermot Friary
Castledermot Friary
Castledermot Monastery
Castledermot Monastery
Castledermot Priory
Castledermot Priory
Locations of monastic houses in Castledermot
List of monastic houses in County Kildare is located in Athy
Athy Priory
Athy Priory
Athy Priory Hospital
Athy Priory Hospital
Locations of monastic houses in Athy
Foundation Image Communities & Provenance Formal Name or Dedication
& Alternative Names
OnLine References & Location
Athy Priory * Dominican Friars
founded 1253-7;
dissolved 30 April 1539; rented to Martin Pelles 26 April 1540;
refounded c.1622 by Fr Ross Mageoghegan;
chapel enlarged 1864-7;
dissolved mid-19th century;
new church built and opened 17 March 1965; extant;
old church demolished 1973
St Peter, Martyr
St Dominic

52°59′26″N 6°59′00″W / 52.990678°N 6.983370°W / 52.990678; -6.983370 (Athy Priory)
Athy Priory Hospital Fratres Cruciferi
founded after 1199 (1253?) by Richard de St Michael, Lord of Rhebane (during the reign of King John);
dissolved 1540
The Priory of Saint John;
The Priory of Saint John and Saint Thomas of Cruciferi
St Thomas the Martyr (from 13th century)

52°59′33″N 6°59′13″W / 52.992529°N 6.986918°W / 52.992529; -6.986918 (Athy Priory Hospital)
Castledermot Friary CastledermotFriary.JPG Franciscan Friars
founded before 1247;
dissolved 1540
52°54′37″N 6°50′06″W / 52.910345°N 6.835009°W / 52.910345; -6.835009 (Castledermot Friary)
Castledermot Monastery CastledermotMonastery.JPG early monastic site, Gaelic monks
founded 842 by the son of Aed Roin, King of Corcu Bascind;
plundered by the Danes 842;
burned 1106;
probably continuing after 1111
52°54′31″N 6°50′14″W / 52.908517°N 6.837289°W / 52.908517; -6.837289 (Castledermot Monastery)
Castledermot Priory Knights Templar? (according to tradition)
Fratres Cruciferi
(re)founded before 1216 by Lord Walter de Ridlesford (during the reign of King John);
dissolved 1540
St John's Tower is the only surviving remnant
Priory and Hospital of Saint John the Baptist 52°54′51″N 6°50′17″W / 52.914162°N 6.838045°W / 52.914162; -6.838045 (Castledermot Priory)
Celbridge Abbey * built 1697 by Bartholomew Van Homrigh, Lord Mayor of Dublin;
St John of God Hospitallers
operated as a care home

53°20′12″N 6°32′33″W / 53.336684°N 6.542487°W / 53.336684; -6.542487 (Celbridge Abbey)
Clane Friary IMG Clane1272w.jpg Franciscan Friars Minor, Conventual
founded 1258 by Gerald FitzMaurice FitzGerald, Lord of Offaly, purportedly buried here 1287;
dissolved 1540; granted to a number of people 1541-2 for the use of Sir Thomas Luttrell;
friars remained until monastery destroyed c.1606;
restored 1647;
dissolved c.1650

53°17′21″N 6°40′59″W / 53.289239°N 6.682935°W / 53.289239; -6.682935 (Clane Friary)
Clane Monastery early monastic site, Gaelic monks
founded c.800 by St Ailbe;
probably continuing after 1111
Clonagh Monastery ø possible monastic site — order and period unknown
land obtained by priests 1396 without the King's consent, and concealed from the King
53°23′58″N 6°54′33″W / 53.399452°N 6.909199°W / 53.399452; -6.909199 (Cloncurry, supposed Friary (approx.)) (approx)
Cloncurry Friary Carmelite Friars
founded 1347 by John Roch (Roche), license granted by Edward III;
dissolved 1539, church seized 30 April 1539; granted to William Dickson 1543; passed to Richard Slayne;
passed to the Foster family;
William Foster had purportedly been seized of the monastery by the time of his death 1602;
convent restored by c.1737
53°14′18″N 6°57′12″W / 53.238442°N 6.953242°W / 53.238442; -6.953242 (Cloncurry Friary (possible)) (possible)
Cloncurry Monastery early monastic site, reputedly founded by St Ninian (Mo-nenn)
Donaghmore Monastery Patrician monks/Columban monks
founded 6th century
Domnach-mor-maige-laudat 53°22′37″N 6°33′11″W / 53.37688°N 6.553139°W / 53.37688; -6.553139 (Donaghmore Monastery)
Dunmanoge Monastery early monastic site, Gaelic monks
church founded by Finnian of Clonard, land granted by Carbreus, King of Leinster;
probably not continuing after 10th century
52°53′43″N 6°55′04″W / 52.895183°N 6.917782°W / 52.895183; -6.917782 (Dunmanoge Monastery)
Dunmurraghill Monastery early monastic site, Gaelic monks
church founded by St Patrick;
probably not continuing after 10th century
53°20′36″N 6°45′49″W / 53.343397°N 6.763566°W / 53.343397; -6.763566 (Dunmanoge Monastery (site?)) (?)
Graney Abbey Augustinian nunsArroasian
priory founded c.1200 by Walter de Riddlesford;
raised to abbey status before 1276;
dissolved 7 February 1539; granted to Leonard, Lord Grey;
granted to Anthony St Leger 1542
St Mary
52°54′05″N 6°46′59″W / 52.901334°N 6.782981°W / 52.901334; -6.782981 (Graney Priory)
Grangerosnolvan Monastery nuns according to tradition;
Cistercian monks
grange of Baltinglass
Grange Nolven
Great Connell Priory Greatconnell Priory East Window 2013 09 05.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular
dependent on Llanthony;
founded 1202 by Meyler fitz Henry, Justiciar, buried here;
dissolved 1540, before 24 November; granted to Edward Randolfe;
granted to Sir Edward Butler;
granted to Sir Nicholas White 1560;
granted to Edmond Butler 1566
St Mary and St David
53°10′19″N 6°46′41″W / 53.171829°N 6.777972°W / 53.171829; -6.777972 (Great Connell Priory)
Inchaquire ?Friary Dominican Friars
license granted 1488;
possibly a vicarage of Athy between 1488 and 1627
Intyma Kudir;
53°01′41″N 6°47′34″W / 53.028103°N 6.792812°W / 53.028103; -6.792812 (Inchaquire, supposed Friary (approx.)) (approx)
Kilberry 'Abbey' ø supposed monastic site - order and period unknown; "abbey",[notes 1] traditionally a nunnery;
possible Knights Hospitaller with sisters attached
Cel-berra 53°02′04″N 7°01′33″W / 53.034553°N 7.025833°W / 53.034553; -7.025833 (Kilberry 'Abbey')
Kilcock Monastery ø supposed nunsorder and period unknown Cell-cocha;
53°24′05″N 6°40′02″W / 53.401387°N 6.667285°W / 53.401387; -6.667285 (Kilcock Monastery (supposed)?)?
Kilcork Camera Knights Templar
founded 13th century;
dissolved 1308;
manor exchanged with Thomas Fitz John, Earl of Kildare 1318, rectory retained for the Knights Hospitaller
53°03′09″N 6°53′29″W / 53.052377°N 6.891423°W / 53.052377; -6.891423 (Kilcork Camera(?))(?)
Kilcullen Abbey Observant Franciscan Friars
founded 1486 (1470[notes 2]) by Roland FitzEustace, Baron of Portlester, buried here;
dissolved before 30 April 1539, appurtenances seized, occupied by Thomas (Eustace), Lord of Kilcullen;
expelled 1547; granted to Edmund Spenser 1582; 1640s
New Abbey;
53°07′40″N 6°44′07″W / 53.127767°N 6.735411°W / 53.127767; -6.735411 (Kilcullen Abbey)
Kildare Abbey early monastic site, nuns;
founded 5th century (c.430) by St Brigid;
monks and nuns
double monastery before 528;
plundered a number of times;
Augustinian nunsArroasian?
founded after 1171?;
episcopal diocesan cathedral built in the abbey grounds between 1223 and 1230, extant;
dissolved 1540-1; farmed by Francis Cosby and Raymond Oge (FizGerald) 1448;
granted to Anthony Deering 1585
St Brigid [5]

53°09′29″N 6°54′44″W / 53.158076°N 6.912178°W / 53.158076; -6.912178 (Kildare Abbey)
Kildare — Grey Abbey KildareGreyFriary.JPG Franciscan Friars Minor, Conventual
founded c.1254 by the ancestors of the Earls of Kildare or 1260 by Gerald Fitz Maurice, Lord Offaly or William de Vescy;
Observant Franciscan Friars
refounded 1520;
surrendered 30 April 1539; occupied by Philip FytzMores (Fitzmaurice);
granted to Daniel Sutton 1543;
destroyed 1547 and abandoned;
reestablished 1621
dissolved c.1770
53°09′11″N 6°54′51″W / 53.153079°N 6.914188°W / 53.153079; -6.914188 (Kildare Grey Abbey)
Kildare — White Abbey Kildare White Abbey as seen from the Round Tower 2013 09 04.jpg Carmelite Friars
founded 1290 by William de Vescy;
dissolved April 1539, surrendered by the prior;
granted to William Dickson;
new church built 1884
St Mary [6]

53°09′34″N 6°55′00″W / 53.159394°N 6.916780°W / 53.159394; -6.916780 (Kildare White Abbey)
Killashee Monastery # early monastic site, founded 5th century by St Patrick;
plundered in raids by the Danes 1035;
remains of non-monastic 15th-century round tower on site

53°11′20″N 6°40′20″W / 53.188977°N 6.672123°W / 53.188977; -6.672123 (Killashee Monastery)
Killelan 'Abbey' Knights Hospitaller
hospital confirmed by Innocent III 1212
52°57′49″N 6°48′10″W / 52.963732°N 6.802769°W / 52.963732; -6.802769 (Killelan 'Abbey')
Killybegs Preceptory Knights Hospitaller
founded before 1212, confirmed by Innocent III
dissolved before 1400
53°17′06″N 6°44′38″W / 53.284990°N 6.743986°W / 53.284990; -6.743986 (Killybegs Preceptory)
Kilrush Cell Augustinian Canons Regular
cell dependent on Cartmel;
founded c.1201;
leased by Prior Rawson to Thomas Alen and Mary his wife 1527;
dissolved before 1540; granted to Thomas, Earl of Ormond 1558
53°04′16″N 6°52′06″W / 53.071016°N 6.868351°W / 53.071016; -6.868351 (Kilrush Cell(?))(?)
Kilteel Preceptory supposed early monastic site
Knights Hospitaller
founded before 1212 by Maurice FitzGerald, confirmed by Innocent III;
dissolved before 1527
53°13′58″N 6°31′33″W / 53.232808°N 6.525826°W / 53.232808; -6.525826 (Kilteel Preceptory (approx.)) (approx)
Knocknacree Monastery order, period and foundation unknown; formerly traces of a religious foundation[notes 3] Knocknacroith 52°52′01″N 6°49′04″W / 52.866964°N 6.817837°W / 52.866964; -6.817837 (Knocknacree Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Leixlip Abbey ø≈ land granted to St Catherine's, Dublin before 1224; reference to 'monastery' probably error for a chantry;
rectory held by St Thomas's Abbey 1540
The Blessed Virgin Mary;
The Abbey Church of Saint Wolstan, Leixlip
Lully Monastery early monastic site, founded before 584;
Anchorites before 784
53°16′47″N 6°56′34″W / 53.279687°N 6.942844°W / 53.279687; -6.942844 (Lully Monastery)
Maganey Monastery ø purported early monastic site, founded 6th century? by St Abban, son of Cormac, King of Laigin Mag-arnaide;
52°54′22″N 6°55′32″W / 52.906210°N 6.925678°W / 52.906210; -6.925678 (Maganey Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Monasterevin Monastery # early monastic site, founded by St Emin, buried here;
Cistercian monks Consecrated 27 October 1189 (1178?) dedicated to St Mary and St Benedict,[8] site granted and confirmed by Dermot O'Dempsey, King of Offaly;
dissolved 1540?; granted to George, Lordd Audley; assigned to Adam Loftus;
later to the family of the Earl of Drogheda;
site now (thought to be) occupied by a stately home named 'Moore Abbey', in use as a hospice 1945–present (below)
Rosea Vallis
53°08′08″N 7°03′45″W / 53.135585°N 7.062535°W / 53.135585; -7.062535 (Monasterevin Monastery)
Moone Abbey MooneAbbey.JPG early monastic site, founded 6th century, probably by St Colmcille, patron;
purported medieval religious house — order unknown
52°58′46″N 6°49′31″W / 52.979377°N 6.825208°W / 52.979377; -6.825208 (Moone Abbey)
Moone Friary ø suggested Franciscan Friars
founded 1258 by Sir Gerald Fitzmaurice — contemporary evidence lacking — possible confusion with Clane
Moore Abbey *, Monasterevin Moore Abbey Residential Home 2007 08 27.jpg Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary
founded 1945; extant;
stately home (thought to be) built on the site of Monasterevin Monastery (above), in use as a hospice
53°08′10″N 7°03′46″W / 53.136068°N 7.062868°W / 53.136068; -7.062868 (Moore Abbey)
Naas Priory Augustinian Canons Regular
founded before 1200? by a baron of Naas;
hospital added;
dissolved 1539, surrendered by Prior Thomas Poswyk 26 July 1539; granted to Thomas Alen of Dublin 20 April 1540;
granted to Richard Mannering 1553;
leased to Roger Finglas 1568

St John the Baptist
Le Nas;
53°13′12″N 6°39′39″W / 53.219930°N 6.660832°W / 53.219930; -6.660832 (Naas Priory)
Naas Austin Friary Augustinian Friars
founded 14th century? purportedly by a White, or a Cullen of Dublin;
dissolved 1539-40; rented by John Sutton after 1540;
owned by Hugh Molton 1580-1;
leased to Nicholas Aylmer, for fifty years, in 1584

'The Monastery of the Moat'
Naas Priory Dominican Friars
founded 1355-6, licensed by Edward III c.1356;
dissolved 1540; granted to Robert Eustace and others 15 June 1542, for the use of Sir Thomas Luttrell;
later assigned to John Travers;
now at Newbridge
St Eustace
Naas Hospitallers Knights Hospitaller
held by James Tyrrell 1540;
held by Walter Hope of Mullingar 1578, under lease granted by Prior Massingberd of Kilmainham
Old Kilcullen Friary ø purported Observant Franciscan Friars[notes 4] p.38 — erroneous reference[notes 5]
Old Kilcullen Monastery Old Kilcullen Church and Round Tower 2013 09 05.jpg early monastic site, chapel and cloister founded 5th century by St Patrick;
plundered by Amlaibh from Dublin 938, 939, 944
burned 1114
Cill-Cuillind [9]

53°06′28″N 6°45′38″W / 53.107881°N 6.760639°W / 53.107881; -6.760639 (Old Kilcullen Monastery)
Naas — Millbrook Monastery early monastic site, founded by St Fechin of Fore, land granted by the King of Leinster Tulachfobhair
Naas Nunnery early monastic site, nuns, founded by St Patrick
Oughterard Monastery early monastic site, nuns, founded 6th-7th century by St Brigid (not Brigid of Kildare);
church and round tower largely destroyed by Vikings in 995; northwest of Kill
Uachtar-aird [10]

53°16′40″N 6°33′56″W / 53.277809°N 6.565500°W / 53.277809; -6.565500 (Oughterard Monastery)
Rathbride Camera Knights Templar
founded 13th century;
dissolved 1308;
passed to Knights Hospitallers, but exchanged with Thomas Fitx John, Earl of Kildare 1318, rectory retained by Hospitallers
St Simon's Friary near Naas Carmelite Friarspossibly Cloncurry
St Wolstan's Priory Augustinian Canons RegularVictorine
founded c.1205 by Richard, first prior, and Adam de Hereford;
dissolved 1536, suppressed 15 September; granted to John Alen, Lord Chancellor, 1 December 1536, last prior allowed to remain in residence for life
Scala Caeli 53°20′40″N 6°31′06″W / 53.344525°N 6.518412°W / 53.344525; -6.518412 (St Wolstan's Priory)
Taghadoe Monastery 09. Taghadoe Church and Round Tower.jpg early monastic site, founded by St Tua (Ulstan the Silent) Teach-tua;

53°21′12″N 6°36′47″W / 53.353289°N 6.612986°W / 53.353289; -6.612986 (Taghadoe Monastery)
Timolin Monastery# early monastic site Tomolin;
Timolin Priory TimolinChurch.JPG Augustinian nunsArroasian
founded c.1199 by Robert, son of Richard, Lord of Norrach;
church and chapels granted by William de Piro, Bishop of Glendalough, confirmed by Henry, Archbishop of Dublin 1220;
dissolved 1538; held by Edmund Eustas from 14 January 1538;
granted to Henry Harrington 1581;
part granted to Terence (Tirlaughe) O'Brien 1594
St Mary 52°59′03″N 6°48′30″W / 52.984294°N 6.808369°W / 52.984294; -6.808369 (Timolin Priory)
Tully Abbey Black Abbey, Tully.JPG Knights Hospitaller
founded before 1212, confirmed by Innocent III 1212;
dissolved before 1527; granted to David Sutton 1538
Black Abbey 53°08′43″N 6°54′15″W / 53.145284°N 6.904115°W / 53.145284; -6.904115 (Tully Abbey)
Yeomanstown Friary Dominican Friars — from Naas
founded after 1666, transferred from Naas;
transferred to Newbridge 1756

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