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This is a complete and up to date list of every creative team that has competed in Zuda, DC Comic's web comic imprint, thus far.

Instant Winners[edit]

2007 Competitions[edit]

November 2007[edit]

The first set of contestants was announced on Newsarama:[4]

December 2007[edit]

2008 Competitions[edit]

January 2008[edit]

As announced on Newsarama[5]

  • A Spelunker’s Guide to the City by Gary Epting[6]
  • Untrue Tales by Sam Little
  • Urbis Faerie by Robert Burke Richardson, Martin Morazzo, Carolina Cesare, Robt Snyder
  • Supertron by Sheldon Vella (winner)
  • Thomas: Agent of Chaos by L. Jamal Walton (writer/letterer), Mike Imboden (writer) and Steve Musgrave (artist)
  • Pieces of Eden by Seth Sherwood (writer/colorist) and Diego Tripodi (artist)
  • The Legend of the Fool King by Alexander Kanaris-Sotiriou
  • Demons in the Closet by John Zakour (writer) and Amy Watson (artist)
  • Danetropolis by David Daneman
  • Absurdity At Its Best by Victor Bonilla

February 2008[edit]

As announced on Newsarama[7]

  • Everyone Laughs at the Crocodile Man by Steve Steiner
  • Joe Comics by Chachi & Gabe Hernandez
  • Mountains of Dusk by Mani Magalhaes
  • The Passenger by Alexandre Vidal
  • Reno by Dan Thompson
  • Road by Eddie Sharam (winner)
  • Starfish by Miguel Angel Sanchez
  • Strangle/Switch by Kevin Colden
  • Teachers by Gabe Ostley
  • Will Wrestle: For Science by Jim Dedieu, Geoff Beaulieu, & Alex Donnard

March 2008[edit]

As announced on Newsarama[8]

  • Among the Silver Stars by Chris Wichtendahl & Ariel Iacci
  • The Black Cherry Bombshells by Johnny Zito, Tony Trov, Sacha Borisich & Alex Bruno (winner)
  • Day of Prey by Ramon Cavalcante
  • Laura’s Bazaar by Axel Medellin
  • The Litterbox Chronicles by Wes Molebash
  • Little Inventor' by Igor Noronha
  • Rojo Fernandez: Son of Wind by Gabriel Bautista
  • Sam & Lilah by Jim Dougan & Hyeondo Park
  • Tiempo by Mario Espinoza
  • Yuletide by Tony Tobin

April 2008[edit]

  • Agent Happydeath by Spencer Platt
  • Suckerpunch by Russel Paul Daff
  • Feuerkind by Steven Michael Robert Wilbur
  • Streetpunx by Leon Govender
  • Punchboys by Ahmad Rashad Doucet
  • Super Seed by Tyler James Vogel
  • Melody by Ilias Kyriazis (winner)
  • The Erebus Effect by Henry Espiritu, Ravuth Vann

May 2008[edit]

June 2008[edit]

  • Dual by Michael Walton (winner)
  • Cursed Planet by R.G. Llarena
  • Sam P.I. by John Zakour
  • Mister Crimson by Seth M. Sherwood and Diego Tripodi
  • Love, Lust, and a Giant Turtle by Neil Holan
  • Psychopath: A Love Story by Matthew Petz
  • Mime by Manny Trembly
  • S. Type by Alexander Diochon
  • Red Ice by Scott O. Brown
  • Sharks+Shrinks by Gary Epting

July 2008: Zuda Invitational[edit]

  • Joe Comics by Gabe Hernandez and Chachi Hernandez
  • Dead in the Now by Corey Lewis
  • The Mundane Overrated Misadventures of Spudman by Rory McConville
  • Re-Evolution by Gustavo Higuera (winner)
  • The Crooked Man by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Sara Bechko
  • Teachers by Gabriel Mark Ostley
  • Araknid Kid by Josh Alves
  • Brave Ulysses' by Adam C. Moore
  • Untrue Tales by Sam Little
  • Reno by Daniel J. Thompson

August 2008[edit]

  • Gulch by Matt White and Gabe White (winner)
  • Furiku Buredu by Jim Dedieu
  • Vic Boone by Shawn Aldridge and Jeff Winstead
  • The Harvest War by Kevin Manklow and Andrew Egan
  • Junk by Justin Jordan and Sami Makkonen
  • Shock Effect by John Lang and Ian Daffern
  • To The Red Country by Philip Willey
  • The Adventures of Rocki Gilbraltar by Brendon Fraim and Brian Fraim
  • Rhandom Escape by Matthew Daniel Loux
  • The Stuffed Animal Sagas by Tom Kelley

September 2008[edit]

  • Unconscious Life by Anthony Peruzzo
  • Blood Hunter by Loren Meyer (winner)
  • Problems by Alexander Diochon
  • Middle-Aged Monster by Steve Steiner
  • My Daddy's a Super-Villain by Scott O. Brown and Jamie Roberts
  • Dash Steel: Freelance Adventurer by William Orr
  • My Pet Human by Harry Pujols
  • The Fighting Stranger by Adam J. Monetta
  • Janggar: Son of the Steppe by Steve Bialik
  • Hopeless Youth by Jesse Hanna

October 2008[edit]

Guest judges: Bobby Timony and Peter Timony

  • Mathema by Amy Pearson
  • Hammer Sound by Evan Bryce and Doug Wagner
  • Azure by Daniel Govar (winner)
  • Alone by Daniel Furman
  • Terrestrial by BW Swartz
  • World of Chi: Chronicles by Lewis Walker
  • Path Nine by Dan Pevar
  • Azurius Pluma by Gabriel Bautista Jr.
  • Skullgoyle by Dan Taylor
  • Ladybug Murders by Paul Salvi

November 2008[edit]

  • Daily Comic by Chuck Harrison
  • Extracuricular Activities by Rory McConville (winner)
  • Screaming Eagles by Michael San Giacomo
  • Baby Monsters by Steve Broom
  • Blood Covenant: Revelations by Lucky Herman Tjandra
  • Hijos de P by Amancay Nicolas Nahuelpan Bustamante
  • Marshall by Andres Barrero and Felipe Martinez
  • Planet X by Trey Causey
  • Rumors of War by Justin Jordan and John Bivens
  • Work is Not in Progress by Diego Borriello

December 2008[edit]

  • A Single Soul by Nancy Leslie and Daniel Furman
  • Aeon of the Dead (now Devil's Wake) by Dean Hsieh (winner)
  • Angus Frump Kills Christmas by Steve Bialik
  • Bleed by Adam Atherton and Luiza Dragonescu
  • Caztar by Luc Poets
  • Hellbreak by Radek Smektala and Janusz Ordon
  • Non-Exertus 12 by Spencer Platt
  • Juliette: Worst Vampire Ever by Cedric Poulat
  • The Accountants by Rob Osbourne
  • Tri-Boro Tales by Keith Miller and Chuck Collins

2009 Competitions[edit]

January 2009[edit]

  • Lasers Dragons and Lies by John Zakour and John Dallaire
  • Legacy of the Wanderer by Mark Cecere and Randy Humphries
  • Lifespan by Shannon Cronin and Christopher Steininger
  • Love the Dango! by Amber D. Stone
  • Maladroits by Glen Walker
  • Project: WarHawk by Dan Thompson
  • Safe Inside by Zerocalcare (winner)
  • Sea Dogs of Mars by Christopher John Beck and Keri Woodward
  • The Devil's Cross by Antonio Vazquez Galvez and Ana Belen Nuñez Villalta
  • We Make Clouds by Michael Farah and J. Longo

February 2009[edit]

  • Azz's Inferno by Thane Benson
  • Doctor Immortalis by Jason D and Michael Nelsen of 50 Foot Robot Studios[9]
  • Fire and Water by Federica Manfredi
  • Gravedust by Jeff Mason
  • Indie by Jericho Vilar
  • Ninjas from Ibiza: Clubbin' to Death by Francesco Biagini
  • Operation: Nazi U by Kevin Dzuban
  • Part-Time Magic by Greg Kinman
  • Splitting Atoms by Siddharth Kotian
  • The Hammer by Sam Little, Gabe Ostley, Rob Berry, and Steve Steiner (winner)

March 2009[edit]

  • Children of Armageddon by Chris Meeks
  • Deadly by James Fosdike (winner)
  • Doorman Bill by Diego Flavio Tripodi
  • Dracula vs. Santa by Melissa DeJesus and Ed Power
  • Kharon: Scourge of Atlantis by Jim Shelley and Pierre Villeneuve
  • Lani, The Leopard Queen by Geof Isherwood
  • Maintaining Bohemia by Buster Moody and Harold Sipe
  • Panda Force by Sean Causley
  • The Dirty Mile by James Smith III
  • The Rejects by Nate Frisoli and Walter Ostlie

April 2009[edit]

  • Cancer Troop 4 by Gabriel Bautista
  • Earthbuilders by Axel Medellin Machain (winner)
  • Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad by Lisa Fary & John Dallaire
  • Mecha-Simian by Rich Lovatt
  • Myth by Michael Loniewski
  • Pirate Eye by Robert Gervais
  • Spy6teen by Tim Simmons
  • The Kind You Don't Bring Home to Mother by Ryan Estrada
  • The Rise and Fall of the Penguin by Harry Pujols

May 2009[edit]

  • Amber Hale, Supermodel by Daren Strange, Lewis Walker & Josh Howard
  • Beertown B'hoys by Steve Bialik
  • Clandestino by Amancay Nicolas Nahuelpan Bustamante
  • Cubicles by Walter Christopher Ostlie
  • Flowing Wells by Andrew Dimitt
  • Freak City by Mackenzie Michael Schubert
  • Gone Zombie by Stephen Thor
  • Lily of the Valley by Adam Atherton & Luiza Dragonescu (winner)
  • OPSEC by James Alexander Bott & Dean
  • Sides by Alexander Diochon

June 2009[edit]

  • Fallen Hunter by Wai Kwong Chan
  • Kogoshii by Danny Donovan and Gigi
  • Quick by Thane Frederick Benson
  • Scarecrow Spookshow by Aidan Casserly
  • Sidewise by Dwight L. MacPherson and Igor Noronha (winner)
  • Sketch Me, Deadly by David Gerard Miley
  • Small Lives by Marco Palombelli
  • The Corpse Carries A Gun by Matthew Petz
  • The Last Werewolf by SEDNA-STUDIO
  • The Urban Adventures of Melvin Blank by Bill Williams and Thom Zahler

July 2009[edit]

  • 9th Year by Alberto Lanzillotti & Manuel Bracchi
  • Assignment by Anthony Peruzzo & Justin Jordan
  • Bloody Pulp by Jeff McComsey & Jorge Vega
  • Children's Games by Erik Valdez y Alanis
  • Interrogation Control Element by Tyler James, Damian Couceiro, Paul John Little & Steve D Forbes
  • Metropolitan Siege by Eric & Chris Zawadzki
  • RockStar by Aluísio Cervelle Santos (winner)
  • The Adventures of Mr. Simian by John Bivens
  • The Ares Imperative by Steve Ekstrom, Mikael Bergkvist & Jesse Turnbull
  • Vigilante Granny by Don Kunkel, Rian Miller & CPWilsonIII

August 2009[edit]

  • A Stinking Corpse by Daniel Furman
  • Absolute Magnitude by Robert Burke Richardson, Martin Morazzo & chinadoll (winner)
  • Antique Books by Scott Boyce
  • Arctic by 00ghost00
  • Bow & Arrow Detective Agency by George Gousis & Antonis Vavagiannis
  • Cards Kill by Jason Chiu & Leah Liu Robekka Art Studio
  • If You See The Hills by Sal Field
  • Octane Jungle by Morgan Luthi & Mike L. Kinshella
  • Physikon by Alexander Drummond Diochon
  • Rogue Royal by Chris Garret

September 2009[edit]

  • Goldilock by Adam Lucas (winner)
  • Zamir by Pablo Zych
  • WheelJack Union by Mike Odum
  • The Symptoms by William Sliney & Dave Hendrick
  • Marked by Fernando Pinto
  • Revenge of the Homicidal Pumpkins by Shannon Cronin, Iwan Nazif & Lisa Moore
  • Incarna by David Gunawan
  • Tessyleia 2.0 by Marc Borstel
  • Mystery Jungle by Diego Cordoba
  • My T-Shirt Fairy Tale by Adrian Ramos

October 2009[edit]

  • Pluck by Gabe White, John Amor & Matt White[disambiguation needed] (Winner)
  • Where Evils Dare by Tony Lee & Stefano Martino
  • Doc Monster by David Flora
  • Evil Ain't Easy by Seth Wolfshorndl
  • Impure Blood by Nathan Lueth & Nadja Baer
  • ShockPopTerror! by Jean-Michel Ringuet
  • A Polar Nightmare by Amancay Nicolas Nahuelpan Bustamante
  • Old Cthulhu's On The Rise by Daniel Tollin
  • Fly Me From The Moon by Gabriel Bautista
  • Blitz by Ted Dawson

November 2009[edit]

  • In Maps & Legends by Niki Smith and Michael Jasper (Winner)
  • Children of the Sewer by Benito Gallego (the best)
  • Peabody & D'Gorath by Mark D Penman
  • Model Student by Joe Bowen
  • Little Earth People by Christopher Lewis and Joe Pekar
  • Brother of Bronze Hammer by Andrew Alexander
  • Slam McCracken by Greg Woronchak
  • Big Ups: A Space Adventure by Christina Boyce and Justin King
  • Molly and the Amazing Door Tree by Mark Murphy
  • Witch Phase by Bryan Golden

December 2009[edit]

  • One Hit Knock Out by Maximo V. Lorenzo (Winner)
  • Villain by Gregory Smallwood
  • Unseen Tribe by Luciano Vecchio
  • The House Always Wins by Josh Hechinger and John Bivens
  • SubSuelo by Alfredo Rodríguez and Gabriel Rodríguez
  • Ayanna by Wai Kwong Chan
  • Mark Wolfchild by Li Shi Peng and David LeVack
  • Daemon's Sphere by Andrew Hartmann and Gill Saxon
  • Goop Jr. by Mike Robinson
  • Jason and the Argonauts Redux by Barry Keegan

2010 Competitions[edit]

January 2010[edit]

  • Beyond The Borderlands by Brian McLachlan
  • Candy From Strangers by Jim Rodgers and Byron Jackson
  • Iron Sam by David Dumeer
  • NewBot by Chuck Harrison
  • Pavlov's Dream by Shari Chankhamma and Bicyclefish
  • Phantom Sword by Nick Edwards
  • Road Monster by Nicolás Raúl Sánchez Brondo and Diego Cortés
  • The Thunderchickens by William Dean Blankenship Jr. and Chad Boudreau
  • War Of The Fallen by Quinton J. Bedwell
  • War Of The Woods by Matthew Petz


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