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Self-propelled mortars are mechanized self-propelled artillery pieces that carry heavy mortars.


Caliber (mm) Weapon name Country of origin Period
81 mm[1] M4 Mortar Motor Carriage[1]  United States[1] World War II[1]
81 mm[1] M21 Mortar Motor Carriage[1]  United States[1] World War II[1]
107 mm[2] M106 mortar carrier[2]  United States[2] Cold War[2]
120 mm x 2[3] AMOS[3]  Finland/Sweden[3] Modern[3]
120 mm[4] Patria NEMO[4]  Finland[4] Modern[4]
120 mm[5] M1064 mortar carrier[5]  United States[5] Modern[5]
120 mm M1129 Mortar Carrier  United States Modern
240 mm 2S4 Tyulpan  Soviet Union Cold War
120 mm 2S9 Nona  Soviet Union Cold War



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