List of mosques in Africa

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This is a list of mosques in Africa.

Name Images Country City Year Remarks
List of mosques in Algeria Algeria
Hamoudi Mosque Djibouti mosque.JPG Djibouti City of Djibouti 1906
Great Mosque of Asmara Great Mosque (8351473351).jpg Eritrea Asmara 1938 The minaret resembles a fluted Roman column.
List of mosques in Egypt Egypt
Medina Mosque Ghana Accra 1959
Larabanga Mosque Larabanga.jpg Ghana Larabanga 1421
Great Mosque of Djenné Great Mosque of Djenné 3.jpg Mali Djenné 1300 The first mosque on the site was built in the 13th century, but the current structure dates from 1907.
Djinguereber Mosque Djingareiber cour.jpg Mali Timbuktu 1327
Sidi Yahya Mosque Fortier 361 Timbuktu Sidi-Yabya Mosque.jpg Mali Timbuktu 1440
Chinguetti Mosque Chinguetti mosquee.jpg Mauritania Chinguetti
Saudi Mosque Central mosque in Nouakchott.jpg Mauritania Nouakchott
Jummah Mosque Mauritius Port Louis
Hassan II Mosque Hassan II mosque, Casablanca.jpg Morocco Casablanca 1993 Masjid al Malik Hassan II
Koutoubia Mosque MoroccoMarrakech KoutoubiaMosqueTop.jpg Morocco Marrakech 1158
Agadez Mosque 1997 277-9A Agadez mosque.jpg Niger Agadez 16th century
Niamey Mosque Niamey Mosque.jpg Niger Niamey
Yamma Mosque Niger Tahoua 1962
Abuja National Mosque AbujaNationalMosque.jpg Nigeria Abuja 1984 National mosque
Great Mosque of Kano Nigeria Kano 15th century
Dakar Grand Mosque DakarGrandeMosquée.jpg Senegal Dakar
Mosque of Divinity (fr) Senegal Grande Mosquee de Ouakam 800x600.jpg Senegal Ouakam
Great Mosque of Touba Touba moschee.jpg Senegal Touba Muslim brotherhoods of Senegal
Arba'a Rukun Mosque Mogadishu1936.jpg Somalia Mogadishu 1268/9 Mihrab contains an inscription commemorating the masjid's founder, Khusrau ibn Muhammed.
Fakr ad-Din Mosque Fakr Ud Din Mosque.jpg Somalia Mogadishu 1269 Oldest mosque in Mogadishu. Built by the Sultanate of Mogadishu's first Sultan, Fakr ad-Din.
Mosque of al-Qiblatayn Somalia Zeila 7th century Oldest mosque in the Horn of Africa. Built shortly after the hijra.
Mosque of Islamic Solidarity Mosislsol2.jpg Somalia Mogadishu 1987 National mosque. Largest masjid in the Horn of Africa.
Juma Masjid Mosque Juma Masjid Mosque on Queen (Denis Harle) Street-20140222.jpg South Africa Durban 1881 Largest mosque in South Africa
Nizamiye Mosque South Africa Midrand, Johannesburg 2012
Al-Nilin Mosque Masjid Al-Nilin, August 2007 - by Nick Hobgood.jpg Sudan Khartoum
Gaddafi Mosque Gaddafi Mosque.jpg Tanzania Dodoma 2010
Great Mosque of Kilwa GreatMosque.jpg Tanzania Kilwa ~1000 Historical – one of the earliest surviving mosques in East Africa
Kizimkazi Mosque KizimkaziMosque3.JPG Tanzania Dimbani 1107
Mosque of Uqba MosqueeKairouan 4.jpg Tunisia Kairouan 670 also known as the Great Mosque of Kairouan
Great Mosque of Mahdia Mahdia mosquin.jpg Tunisia Mahdia
Great Mosque of Sousse (fr) Sousse Grosse Moschee.JPG Tunisia Sousse
Saheb Ettabaâ Mosque Tunis mosquee halfaouine 1890.jpg Tunisia Tunis
Al-Zaytuna Mosque MinaretMosqueeZitounaTunis.JPG Tunisia Tunis 703
Uganda National Mosque Laika ac Gaddafi National Mosque, Kampala (6693328097).jpg Uganda Kampala 2006 opened in June 2007;[1]

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