List of mosques in Cyprus

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This is a list of mosques in Cyprus.

Name Images City Year Remarks
Agha Cafer Pasha Mosque
Agha Cafer Pasha Mosque, Kyrenia.jpg
Kyrenia 1580s
Akkavuk Masjid Nicosia (North) 1904 It is on the site of a smaller mosque from 1895.
Akkule Mosque Famagusta 1618
Arabahmet Mosque
Nikozja polnoc5.jpg
Nicosia (North) 1571
Araplar Mosque
Araplar Mosque.jpg
Nicosia (South)  ?
Bayraktar Mosque
Bayraktar Mosque.jpg
Nicosia (South) 1571 The first mosque built by the Ottomans after the conquest of Nicosia
Hala Sultan Tekke
Larnaca 01-2017 img30 Salt Lake.jpg
Larnaca 1816/17
Hamit Bey Sokagi Larnaca  ? It is located—disrepaired/abandoned—at the corner of Athansiou Karydi- and Andrea Strouthidi Street, as shown on some[1] maps.
Iplik Pazari Mosque
Iplik Pazar Nicosia.jpg
Nicosia (North) 18th century
Kazaphana Mosque Kyrenia 17th century
Kebir Mosque
Limassol 01-2017 img14 Kebir Great Mosque.jpg
Limassol "The Grand Mosque"
Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque
Famagusta 01-2017 img14 Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque.jpg
Famagusta Originally known as the 'Saint Nicolas Cathedral', the French Lusignan dynasty constructed it between 1298 to 1312.
Laleli Mosque Nicosia (North)
Nöbethane Masjid Nicosia
Ömeriye Mosque
Nicosia 01-2017 img13 Omeriye Mosque.jpg
Nicosia (South) 1571-1572 First site of prayer by Turks on island of Cyprus following its conquest in 1571.
Osman Fazil Polat Pasha Mosque
Famagusta 01-2017 img01 Osman Fazil Mosque.jpg
Famagusta  ?
Peristerona Mosque Peristerona  ? Featured on the £5 Cypriot pound banknote
Piri Osman Pasha Mosque Lefka  ?
Sarayonu Mosque Nicosia (North) 1820
Selimiye Mosque
Nicosia 01-2017 img20 View from Shacolas Tower.jpg
Nicosia (North) Originally known as the 'Saint Sophia Cathedral', the French Lusignan dynasty constructed it between 1209 to 1228.
Tahtakale Mosque
Minaret of Tahtakale Mosque.jpg
Nicosia (South)  ?
Tabakhane Masjid
Tabakhane Mesjid.jpg
Nicosia  ?
Tophane Masjid
Tophane Mesjid Nicosia.jpg
Nicosia  ?
Turunçlu Mosque Nicosia (North) 1825
Yenicami Mosque Nicosia (North) 1571 Originally a 14th-century church, it was demolished around 1740.
Ziya Pasha Mosque
The mosque of Ziya Pasha.jpg
Dali 1837

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