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This is a list of mosques in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

In 2001, the number of Muslims in Ottawa was 80,000, according to Ottawa Muslim Cemetery Inc. Ottawa is experiencing a mosque building boom with half a dozen mosques being built or expanded. The Assunah Muslims Association is building a mosque in Ottawa South and the Kanata Muslim Association is fundraising to seek a large location to replace the space it rents at a community centre.[citation needed]

Name Images Province City Year G Remarks
Ottawa Mosque (Ottawa Muslim Association),[1]
Ottawa Mosque.jpg
Ontario [Ottawa Westboro] S
Abo Ther Mosque
Ontario Ottawa Downtown
AlBatool Center
Ontario Ottawa West
Ahlul-Bayt Center
Ontario Ottawa Vanier
Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque (Ahmadiyya Muslim Association) [2] Ontario Ottawa East AMJ
Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque Kanata (Ahmadiyya Muslim Association) [2] Ontario Ottawa Kanata AMJ
Assalam Mosque (Ottawa Islamic Centre) Ontario Ottawa South Assalam mosque in the Ottawa Business Park on St. Laurent Avenue [1][3]
Ottawa Ismaili Mosque (Ismaili Council for Ottawa),[4][5]Ottawa Mosque Ontario Ottawa West
Bilal Masjid mosque Ontario Ottawa Orléans [1][3]
Bell Corners Jami Omar - [1][3] Ontario Ottawa Bells Corners
Islamic Shia Ithna-asheri Association
Ontario Ottawa Nepean
South Nepean Muslim Community [3] Ontario Ottawa Barrhaven
The Mosque of Aylmer [3] Gatineau Mosque Gatineau Mosque .IMG 4651.jpg Quebec Gatineau- Aylmer
Outaouais Islamic Centre (Centre islamique de l’Outaouais) Quebec Gatineau - Angers - Buckingham - Mason *1,200-square-metre mosque at Lois and St. Jean Bosco Roads,, Ottawa [3]
Hull Mosque A mosque in Hull, Quebec.jpg Quebec Gatineau - Hull Thurr Ghaffari mousque [South Ottawa]

Khaled Ibn AlWaleed Islamic Center of Canada (Masjed Khaled Ibn AlWaleed in Ottawa, Ontario); Located at: Mailing Address: 2487 Kaladar Ave., Suite 109, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 8B9 CANADA Tel. & Fax: (613) 733-5051

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