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This is a list of mosques in Turkey. As of March 2013, there were 82,693 mosques in Turkey. The province with the highest number of mosques (3,113) was Istanbul and the lowest number (117) was Tunceli Province.[1] This reflected an increase of mosques by 7,324 in the 10-year period since 2003.[1]

Name Images City Year Remarks
Sabancı Mosque SabanciMosque meyavuz 20081226 06.JPG Adana 1998
Aslanhane Mosque Arslanhane Mosque 01.jpg Ankara 1290
Kocatepe Mosque Kocatepe Camii Ankara edit.JPG Ankara 1987
Maltepe Mosque Maltepe mosque.jpg Ankara 1959
Zagan Pasha Mosque Zağanos Paşa Mosque.jpg Balıkesir 1461
Emir Sultan Mosque Emirsultan 1.JPG Bursa 1868
Bursa Grand Mosque Bursa Ulucami.jpg Bursa 1420 Largest mosque in Bursa
Green Mosque Yeşil camii kündekari - panoramio (5).jpg Bursa 1421 "Green Mosque" commissioned by Mehmet I
Evliya Kasim Pasha Mosque Edirne 1442 Commissioned by Kasım Pasha
Selimiye Mosque Edirne 7333 Nevit.JPG Edirne 1575 Commissioned by Selim II
Üç Şerefeli Mosque BurmalıCamiEdirne (3).JPG Edirne 1547 Commissioned by Murat II
Arap Mosque İstanbul - Arap Camii r4 - Mart 2013.JPG Istanbul 1856 Based upon a former Roman Catholic church devoted to Saint Paul and Saint Dominic.
Bayezid II Mosque Bayezid Mosque.jpg Istanbul 1506 Commisiıned by Beyazıt II
Eyüp Sultan Mosque İstanbul 6000.jpg Istanbul 1458 The tomb and mosque of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari
Fatih Mosque FatihMosque.jpg Istanbul, Marmara 1463–1771 The mosque was destroyed by an earthquake in 1766 and rebuilt in 1771
Hagia Sophia Hagia Sophia Mars 2013.jpg Istanbul 537 Converted after the Conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmed II, became a public museum in 1935. In 2020, it was made again a mosque.
Laleli Mosque DSC04489 Istanbul - Laleli camii - Foto G. Dall'Orto 29-5-2006.jpg Istanbul 1783 by Sultan Mustafa III.
Mihrimah Mosque Istanbul - Mesquita de Mihrimah.JPG Istanbul 1565 Commissioned by the daughter of Suleyman I
New Mosque Yenicamii 01447 Nevit.jpg Istanbul 1665 Also known as Yeni Cami.
Nuruosmaniye Mosque Nuruosmaniye Mosque.jpg Istanbul 1755 Commissioned by Mahmut I, completed during the reign of Osman III
Ortaköy Mosque Mosque of Ortaköy.JPG Istanbul 1854 Officially the Büyük Mecidiye Camii. The current mosque was built between 1854 and 1856.
Rüstem Pasha Mosque Rüstem Pasha Mosque view.jpg Istanbul 1563 Commissioned by Rüstem Pasha
Şehzade Mosque SehzadeMosqueExterior.jpg Istanbul 1548 Dedicated to Şehzade Mehmet (son of Suleyman I)
Süleymaniye Mosque Istanbul - Süleymaniye camii - Foto G. Dall'Orto 26-5-2006 - 13.jpg Istanbul 1557 Second largest mosque of Istanbul, commissioned by Süleyman I
Sultan Ahmed Mosque Blaue moschee 6minarette.jpg Istanbul 1609–1616 Largest mosque in İstanbul, commissioned by Ahmet I
Yavuz Selim Mosque YavuzSultanSelimMosqueIstanbul.jpg Istanbul 1522 Completed during the reign of Suleyman I, bears the name of Selim I
Başdurak Mosque Başdurak Camii.jpg İzmir 1652 built by Hacı Hüseyin.
Mersin Grand Mosque Mersin Grandmosque.jpg Mersin Short before 1087
Muğdat Mosque Muğdat Mosque, Mersin.jpg Mersin 1898 (1979)
Tarsus Grand Mosque Ulucami, Tarsus, Mersin Province.jpg Tarsus, Mersin 1579
Bodrum Mosque BodrumCamii20070529 01.jpg Istanbul 10th century
Atik Mustafa Pasha Mosque AtikMustafaPashaMosque20072612 02.jpg Istanbul 1059
Eski Imaret Mosque EskiImaretCamii20070531 03.jpg Istanbul Short before 1087
Zeyrek Mosque Image-ZeyrekCamii20061230 02.jpg Istanbul Before 1136
Great Mosque of Diyarbakır Great Mosque, Diyarbakir.jpg Diyarbakir 1091
Altunizade Mosque AltunizadeMosque.jpg Istanbul 1865 Ottoman mosque
Atik Valide Mosque Atik Valide Mosque.jpg Istanbul 1583 Ottoman mosque
Çamlıca Mosque Camlica-2018-06-14.jpg Istanbul 2019 Post-Ottoman mosque
Şişli Mosque Sislicamii.jpg Istanbul 1949 Post-Ottoman mosque
Şakirin Mosque Sakirin mihrap.jpg Istanbul 2009 Post-Ottoman mosque
Bebek Mosque İstanbul - Bebek, Beşiktaş r7 - Şub 2013.JPG İstanbul 1913 commissioned by Grand Vizier Nevşehirli Damat Ibrahim Pasha (1666–1730).
Burmalı Mescit Mosque Burmalı Mescit Camii.jpg İstanbul 1550 Ottoman mosque
Defterdar Mosque Defterdar Mosque.jpg İstanbul 1542 Ottoman mosque, commissioned by Defterdar Nazlı Mahmut Efendi.
Dolmabahçe Mosque Istanbul Bosphorus Dolmabahce Mosque IMG 7575 1800.jpg İstanbul 1855 Ottoman mosque, commissioned by queen mother Bezmi Alem Valide Sultan

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