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This is an Incomplete list of mosques in the United Kingdom listed by regions in Scotland, England and Wales.



Name Images City Year Groups Remarks
Faizan-e-Madina Mosque Peterborough (Sunni Islam)


Name Images City Year Groups Remarks
Abbey Mills Mosque London 1910 Tablighi Jamaat, Deobandi (Sunni Islam)
Aziziye Mosque
Aziziye Mosque.jpg
London 1983 Turkish (Sunni Islam)
Fazl Mosque
Fazl Moschee.JPG
London 1924 Ahmadiyya First mosque in London: 1924, also known as the 'London Mosque'
Baitul Futuh
Baitul Futuh.jpg
London 2003 Ahmadiyya
Brick Lane Mosque
Brick Lane Mosque2.JPG
London 1976 Tablighi Jamaat, Deobandi (Sunni Islam)
East London Mosque
Aerial view of East London Mosque complex - Feb 2014.jpg
London 1910 Jamaat-e-Islami, Deobandi (Sunni Islam) One of the few mosques in Britain permitted to use loudspeakers to broadcast the call to prayer.[1]
London Central Mosque
London Central Mosque2.JPG
London 1977 (Sunni Islam) Also known as the Islamic Cultural Centre, ICC or Regent's Park Mosque
North London Central Mosque
Finsbury park mosque.jpg
London 1990s (Sunni Islam) Until 2005 it was known as Finsbury Park Mosque
Suleymaniye Mosque
Suleymaniye Mosque London, E2.jpg
London 1999 Turkish (Sunni Islam)

North East[edit]

Name Images City Year Groups Remarks
Nasir Mosque
Nasir mosque, Hartlepool.jpg
Hartlepool 2005 Ahmadiyya

North West[edit]

Name Images City Year Groups Remarks
Al-Rahma mosque
Al-Rahma Mosque, Liverpool.jpg
Liverpool 1889 Barelvi (Sunni Islam) Third mosque in Great Britain
Manchester Central Mosque
Manchester Central Mosque and Islamic Centre - - 661755.jpg
Manchester Barelvi (Sunni Islam) Also known as Victoria Park Mosque, sometimes referred to as Jamia Mosque
Jamea Masjid
Front View of Jamea Masjid.gif
Preston 1964 Jamaat-e-Islami (Sunni Islam) Recognised as the Central Masjid of Preston and also known for its 'castle-like' Islamic architectural design.
Didsbury Mosque
Didsbury mosque.jpg
Manchester 1962 Arab community (Sunni Islam) Originally opened in 1883 as Albert Park Methodist Chapel

South East[edit]

Name Images City Year Groups Remarks
Chesham Mosque
Chesham Mosque.jpg
Chesham (Buckinghamshire) 2005 Sunni Islam
Madina Mosque
Madina Mosque (Formerly Jireh Independent Chapel), Park Terrace East, Horsham.jpg
Horsham (West Sussex) 2008 Sunni Islam Built in 1857 as the Jireh Independent Baptist Chapel[2]
Shah Jahan Mosque
Shah Jahan Mosque TQ0159 214.jpg
Woking 1889 Sunni Islam

South West[edit]

Name Images City Year Groups Remarks
Bristol Jamia Mosque
The Bristol Jamia Mosque - - 2566333.jpg
Bristol 1968 (Sunni Islam) First mosque in Bristol. Largest mosque in south-west England.
Exeter Mosque Exeter 2011 (Sunni Islam)

West Midlands[edit]

Name Images City Year Groups Remarks
Ghamkol Shariff Masjid Birmingham 1992 Barelvi (Sunni Islam)
Birmingham Central Mosque
Birmingham Central Mosque.jpg
Birmingham 1981 Deobandi (Sunni Islam)
Darul Barakaat Mosque
Birmingham 2004 Ahmadiyya Hold 500 worshippers[3]
Green Lane Masjid
Green Lane Mosque sym.jpg
Birmingham 1970s Ahle Hadith[4] (Sunni Islam) Built 1893–1902 as a public library and baths
Telford Central Mosque
Telford Central Mosque Shropshire Islamic Centre Old Premises Sign.jpg
Telford Shropshire Islamic Foundation (Sunni Islam)
Masjid As-Salafi Birmingham 2002 Salafi (Sunni Islam)

Yorkshire and the Humber[edit]

Name Images City Year Groups Remarks
Al Mahdi Mosque
Al Mahdi Mosque.jpg
Bradford 2008 Ahmadiyya Holds 2,000 worshippers[5]
Leeds Grand Mosque
Leeds Barelvi[citation needed] (Sunni Islam)
Markazi Masjid Dewsbury (West Yorkshire) 1982 Tablighi Jamaat, Deobandi (Sunni Islam) European headquarters of the Tablighi Jamaat movement
Medina Mosque
Medina Mosque 09-12-06.jpg
Sheffield 2006 Barelvi (Sunni Islam) Also known as the Wolseley Road Mosque
Stratford Street mosque Leeds Barelvi (Sunni Islam) Officially the Omar Mosque or Masjid-e-Umar
Al-Jamia Suffa-Tul-Islam Grand Mosque
Suffa tul-Islam Central Mosque - Horton Park Avenue - - 636589.jpg
Bradford 2013 Suffa-tul-Islam (UK) Association (Sunni Islam) Mosque nearing completion with a capacity of 8000 worshippers and also known as the "Bradford Grand Mosque"


Name Images City Year Groups Remarks
Dundee Central Mosque
Dundee Central Mosque.jpg
Dundee 2000 Sunni Islam Also known as the Jamia Mosque
Edinburgh Central Mosque
Edinburgh central mosque edit.jpg
Edinburgh 1998 Deobandi (Sunni Islam) Officially known as the King Fahd Mosque and Islamic Centre of Edinburgh
Glasgow Central Mosque
Wfm glasgow central mosque front.jpg
Glasgow 1983 Barelvi (Sunni Islam)


Name Images City Year Groups Remarks
Al-Manar Centre Cardiff 1992 (Sunni Islam) Formerly known as Masjid-e-Abu Hurairah.

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