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This is a list of the most popular websites worldwide according to the first 50 websites listed in the global "Top Sites" lists published by Alexa Internet, as of November 18, 2020, along with its change in ranking over time.


Changes in ranking are since January 9, 2021.

Site Domain Alexa top 50 global sites
(As of February 8, 2021)[1]
Type Principal country/territory
Google Search 1 (Steady) Internet services and products  United States
YouTube 2 (Steady) Video sharing  United States
Tmall 3 (Steady) Internet-related services  China
Baidu 4 (Steady) Internet-related services and products  China
Tencent QQ 5 (Steady) Portal  China
Sohu 6 (Steady) Portal  China
Facebook 7 (Steady) Social networking  United States
Taobao 8 (Steady) Online shopping  China
Haosou 9 (Increase1) Internet security and web search engine  China
Amazon 10 (Decrease1) E-commerce and cloud computing  United States
Yahoo! 11 (Steady) Portal and Media  United States
Jingdong Mall 12 (Steady) Portal and media  China
Wikipedia 13 (Steady) Encyclopedia  United States
Zoom Video Communications 14 (Increase2) Videotelephony  United States
Sina Weibo 15 (Decrease1) Social networking  China
Sina Corp 16 (Decrease1) Portal and instant messaging  China
Xinhua News Agency 17 (Increase3) News  China
Windows Live 18 (Decrease1) Software plus services  United States
Reddit 19 (Decrease1) Social news and entertainment  United States
Netflix 20 (Decrease1) Streaming TV and movies  United States
Microsoft 21 (Steady) Software and technology  United States
Panda TV 22 (Increase7) Livestreaming (primarily video games)  China
Zhanqi TV 23 (Increase8) Livestreaming (primarily video games)  China
Okezone 24 (Steady) Portal  Indonesia
Alipay 25 (Increase1) Payment system  China
Microsoft Office 26 (Increase2) Online office suite  United States
Instagram 27 (Decrease5) Photo sharing and social media  United States
VK 28 (Decrease5) Social networking  Russia
CSDN 29 (Decrease4) Technology news and Internet forum  China
Shopify 30 (Decrease3) E-commerce  Canada
Yahoo! Japan 31 (Decrease1) Portal  Japan
Google Hong Kong 32 (Steady) Internet services and products  Hong Kong
Microsoft Online 33 (Increase4) Software  United States
Bing 34 (Steady) Web search engine  United States
BongaCams 35 (Steady) Pornography  Netherlands
Twitch 36 (Decrease3) Livestreaming (primarily video games)  United States
Naver 37 (Increase2) Portal  South Korea
AliExpress 38 (Steady) Online shopping  China
Adobe 39 (Increase1) Media software  United States
eBay 40 (Decrease4) Online auction & shopping  United States
Amazon India 41 (Increase2) E-commerce  India
Twitter 42 (Increase3) Social networking  United States
Global Times 43 (Increase7) News  China
Amazon Japan 44 (Steady) E-commerce  Japan
Tianya Club 45 (Decrease4) Internet forum  China 46 (N/A) Social networking  China
Apple Inc 47 (Decrease5) Technology company09:  United States
Chaturbate 48 (Steady) Pornography  United States
Aparat 49 (Decrease3) Video sharing  Iran
Yandex Search 50 (Decrease1) Web search engine  Russia


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