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This article lists the most visited art museums in the world (significant museums where art is the major focus; i.e., some museums that contain art are not included such as the Natural History Museum) based on an attendance survey for 2014 compiled by The Art Newspaper.[1] Many of the most visited art museums also feature on the overall list of the most visited museums in the world. Some, such as the Palace Museum in Beijing, which draws more than 14 million annual visitors,[2][3] were not listed.

Palace Museum, Beijing, China.
Musée du Louvre, Paris, France.
The British Museum, London, United Kingdom.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, United States.
The National Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
Vatican Museums, Vatican City.
National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
Tate Modern, London, United Kingdom.
The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., United States.
The Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.
The Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France.
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, United Kingdom.

Most visited art museums in the world[edit]

Art Museums
Name City Country Visitors annually Year reported
Palace Museum Beijing  China 14,000,000+ 2014[3]
Louvre Paris  France 9,260,000 2014[1]
British Museum London  United Kingdom 6,695,213 2014[1]
Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City  United States 6,226,727 2013[4]
National Gallery London  United Kingdom 6,031,574 2013[4]
Vatican Museums Vatican City (Rome)   Vatican City 5,978,804 2013[4]
Tate Modern London  United Kingdom 4,884,939 2013[4]
National Palace Museum Taipei  Taiwan 4,500,278 2013[4]
National Gallery of Art Washington, D.C.  United States 4,093,070 2013[4]
Musée National d'Art Moderne Paris  France 3,745,000 2013[4]
Musée d'Orsay Paris  France 3,500,000 2013[4]
Victoria and Albert Museum London  United Kingdom 3,290,500 2013[4]
Reina Sofía Madrid  Spain 3,185,413 2013[4]
Museum of Modern Art New York City  United States 3,066,337 2013[4]
National Museum of Korea Seoul  South Korea 3,052,823 2013[4]
State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg  Russia 2,898,562 2013[4]
National Folk Museum of Korea Seoul  South Korea 2,705,814 2013[4]
Somerset House London  United Kingdom 2,398,066 2013[4]
Museo del Prado Madrid  Spain 2,306,966 2013[4]
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam  Netherlands 2,450,000 2014[1]
The National Art Center Tokyo  Japan 2,039,947 2013[4]
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Rio de Janeiro  Brazil 2,034,397 2013[4]
National Portrait Gallery London  United Kingdom 2,014,636 2013[4]
Shanghai Museum Shanghai  China 1,946,420 2013[4]
National Gallery of Victoria[i] Melbourne  Australia 1,940,921 2013[4]
Galleria degli Uffizi Florence  Italy 1,870,708 2013[4]
MuCEM Marseille  France 1,824,000 2013[4]
National Museum of Scotland Edinburgh  United Kingdom 1,768,090 2013[4]
Moscow Kremlin Moscow  Russia 1,758,460 2013[4]
J. Paul Getty Museum[ii] Los Angeles  United States 1,728,815 2013[4]
FAMSF[iii] San Francisco  United States 1,690,078 2013[4]
Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam  Netherlands 1,608,849 2014[1]
Art Institute of Chicago Chicago  United States 1,539,716 2013[4]
Saatchi Gallery London  United Kingdom 1,505,608 2013[4]
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Brasilia  Brazil 1,468,818 2013[4]
National Galleries of Scotland[iv] Edinburgh  United Kingdom 1,460,324 2013[4]
Grand Palais Paris  France 1,422,013 2013[4]
Tokyo National Museum Tokyo  Japan 1,403,909 2013[4]
Tate Britain London  United Kingdom 1,378,272 2013[4]
Tretyakov Gallery Moscow  Russia 1,360,000 2013[4]
Dalí Theatre and Museum Figueres  Spain 1,333,430 2013[4]
Musée du quai Branly Paris  France 1,307,326 2013[4]
Doge's Palace Venice  Italy 1,307,230 2013[4]
Canadian Museum of History Gatineau  Canada 1,300,000 2015[5]
Gyeongju National Museum Gyeongju  South Korea 1,276,165 2013[4]
Australian Centre for the Moving Image Melbourne  Australia 1,260,577 2013[4]
Pergamon Museum Berlin  Germany 1,260,000 2013[4]
Galleria dell'Accademia Florence  Italy 1,257,241 2013[4]
Queensland Art Gallery/GoMA[v] Brisbane  Australia 1,224,964 2013[4]
Mori Art Museum Tokyo  Japan 1,223,198 2013[4]
LACMA Los Angeles  United States 1,202,654 2013[4]
SAAM/Renwick Gallery Washington, D.C.  United States 1,200,000 2013[4]
Guggenheim Museum New York City  United States 1,199,123 2013[4]
Institut Valencià d'Art Modern Valencia  Spain 1,163,419 2013[4]
Art Gallery of New South Wales Sydney  Australia 1,162,792 2013[4]
National Museum of Western Art Tokyo  Japan 1,155,975 2013[4]
Museum of Fine Arts Boston  United States 1,134,289 2013[4]
Museo Soumaya Mexico City  Mexico 1,095,000 2013[4]
Acropolis Museum Athens  Greece 1,091,143 2013[4]
National Portrait Gallery Washington, D.C.  United States 1,083,815 2013[4]
National Art Museum of China Beijing  China 1,050,000 2013[4]
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Glasgow  United Kingdom 1,044,067 2013[4]
Royal Academy of Arts London  United Kingdom 1,018,378 2013[4]
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Montreal  Canada 1,015,022 2013[4]
Museum of Liverpool Liverpool  United Kingdom 1,015,022 2013[4]
Israel Museum Jerusalem  Israel 966,502 2013[4]
Belvedere Vienna  Austria 957,802 2013[4]
Royal Ontario Museum Toronto  Canada 956,498 2013[4]
Serpentine Galleries London  United Kingdom 945,161 2013[4]
Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum Madrid  Spain 944,827 2013[4]
Neues Museum Berlin  Germany 940,000 2013[4]
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil São Paulo  Brazil 931,639 2013 [4]
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao  Spain 931,015 2013 [4]
Museu Picasso Barcelona  Spain 911,342 2013[4]
Musée de l'Orangerie Paris  France 900,000 2013[4]
MCA Australia Sydney  Australia 894,876 2013[4]
CaixaForum Barcelona Barcelona  Spain 892,806 2013[4]
Art Gallery of Ontario Toronto  Canada 852,904 2013[4]
Museum of Fine Arts Houston  United States 850,395 2013[4]
Melbourne Museum Melbourne  Australia 850,194 2013[4]
Merseyside Maritime Museum Liverpool  United Kingdom 845,709 2013[4]
Louvre-Lens Lens  France 824,898 2013[4]
ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum Aarhus  Denmark 816,468 2015[6]
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Amsterdam  Netherlands 811,000 2014[1]
Royal Palace of Milan Milan  Italy 806,677 2013[4]
CaixaForum Madrid Madrid  Spain 790,732 2013[4]
Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna  Austria 778,853 2013[4]
National Gallery of Australia Canberra  Australia 770,243 2013[4]
Minneapolis Institute of Art Minneapolis  United States 752,444 2015[7]
Ashmolean Museum Oxford  United Kingdom 747,874 2013[4]
Palais de Tokyo Paris  France 723,259 2013[4]
World Museum Liverpool Liverpool  United Kingdom 716,579 2013[4]
Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris Paris  France 700,088 2013[4]
Ullens Center for Contemporary Art Beijing  China 700,000 2013[4]
Seattle Art Museum[vi] Seattle  United States 689,582 2013[4]
Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium Brussels  Belgium 662,389 2013 [4]
Huntington Library San Marino (Los Angeles County )  United States 660,640 2013 [4]
Art Gallery of South Australia Adelaide  Australia 660,358 2013[4]
National Portrait Gallery Canberra  Australia 652,759 2013[4]
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Humlebæk  Denmark 647,857 2014[8]
Hirshhorn Museum Washington, D.C.  United States 645,343 2013[4]
MACBA Barcelona  Spain 643,274 2013[4]
National Gallery of Ireland Dublin  Ireland 641,572 2013[4]
Philadelphia Museum of Art Philadelphia  United States 639,810 2013[4]
Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya Barcelona  Spain 635,917 2013[4]
Tel Aviv Museum of Art Tel Aviv  Israel 630,000 2013[4]
Detroit Institute of Arts Detroit  United States 630,000 2014[9]
İstanbul Modern Istanbul  Turkey 628,000 2013[4]
Freer and Sackler Galleries Washington, D.C.  United States 613,000 2013[4]


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^iii M. H. de Young Memorial Museum: 1,304,339; California Palace of the Legion of Honor: 385,739)
^iv Scottish National Gallery: 933,296; Scottish National Portrait Gallery: 261,937; Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art: 265,091
^v Queensland Art Gallery: 597,157; Queensland Gallery of Modern Art: 627,807
^vi includes the Seattle Asian Art Museum and the Olympic Sculpture Park


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