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This article lists museums with more than two million annual visitors reported in the most recent surveys of museum attendance. A museum is defined as a building or institution dedicated to the acquisition, care, research, and exhibition of numerous objects that represent the legacy of humankind and its environment.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

Criteria for inclusion[edit]

Major sources for this list are the Art Newspaper's annual exhibition and museum visitor figures, which includes only art museums, and the TEA/AECOM Museum Index. The research for the Museum Index is conducted by the consulting firm AECOM, a Fortune 500 consulting company. The list includes art museums, history museums, natural history museums, and science museums, but does not include archaeological sites or historical monuments, and many palace museums.[a] This list generally follows that guideline, so the Palace of Versailles, Peterhof Palace, and Forbidden City are not included. Though these sites include some museum collections, they are found in the List of most visited palaces and monuments. The list also includes one site, the Mevlana Museum, a mausoleum and religious shrine which is classified by the Turkish government as a museum. However, it does not include Hagia Sophia, which the Turkish government also classifies as a museum.

Musée du Louvre, Paris, France.
National Museum of China, Beijing, China.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, United States.
Vatican Museums, Vatican City.
State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Tate Modern, London, United Kingdom
National Museum of Korea, Seoul, South Korea
Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain
National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan


Name Country flag, city Visitors per year Year reported
Louvre France Paris 9,600,000 2019[12]
National Museum of China China Beijing 7,390,000 2019[12]
Vatican Museums Vatican City Vatican City 6,882,931 2019[12]
Metropolitan Museum of Art[b] United States New York City 6,479,548 2019[12]
Galleria degli Uffizi Italy Florence 4,391,861 2019 [13]
National Air and Space Museum United States Washington, D.C. 3,200,000 2019[14]
British Museum United Kingdom London 6,239,983 2019[12]
Tate Modern United Kingdom London 6,098,340 2019[12]
National Gallery United Kingdom London 6,011,007 2019[12]
Natural History Museum United Kingdom London 5,300,000 2019[15]
American Museum of Natural History United States New York City 4,500,000 2018[16]
National Museum of Natural History United States Washington, D.C. 4,200,000 2019[14]
National Gallery of Art United States Washington, D.C. 4,074,403 2019[12]
China Science and Technology Museum China Beijing 4,400,000 2018[17]
State Hermitage Museum Russia Saint Petersburg 4,956,529 2019[12]
Zhejiang Museum China Hangzhou 4,200,000 2018[17]
Victoria and Albert Museum United Kingdom London 3,932,938 2019[18]
Museo Reina Sofía Spain Madrid 4,425,699 2019[12]
National Palace Museum[c] Taiwan Taipei 3,832,373 2019[19]
National Museum of American History United States Washington, D.C. 2,800,000 2019[14]
Nanjing Museum China Nanjing 3,670,000 2018[17]
Hunan Museum China Changsha 3,600,000 2018[17]
Centre Pompidou France Paris 3,273,867 2019[20]
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum China Shanghai 3,540,000 2018[17]
Gansu Provincial Museum China Lanzhou 3,500,000 2018[17]
National Museum of Korea South Korea Seoul 3,354,161 2019[21]
London Science Museum United Kingdom London 3,286,000 2018[17]
Musée d'Orsay France Paris 3,651,616 2019[22]
Somerset House United Kingdom London 3,143,626 2018[23]
National Museum of Natural Science Taiwan Taichung 2,963,857 2018[24]
Museo del Prado Spain Madrid 2,893,000 2018[17]
Moscow Kremlin Museums Russia Moscow 2,867,295 2018[23]
Chongqing Museum of Natural History China Chongqing 2,830,000 2018[17]
Mevlana Museum Turkey Konya 2,817,386 2018[11]
Shaanxi History Museum China Xi'an 2,800,000 2018[17]
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Japan Tokyo 2,787,770 2018[23]
Chengdu Museum [zh] China Chengdu 2,780,000 2018[17]
Museum of Modern Art United States New York City 2,774,103 2018[23]
National Art Center Japan Tokyo 2,717,565 2018[23]
National Museum of History Mexico Mexico City 2,661,615 2018[25]
Royal Museums Greenwich United Kingdom London 2,549,833 2018[26]
National Museum of Nature and Science Japan Tokyo 2,460,000 2018[17]
National Museum of Anthropology Mexico Mexico City 2,596,725 2018[25]
NGV International Australia Melbourne 2,565,474 2018[23]
China Art Museum China Shanghai 2,550,000 2018[17]
California Science Center United States Los Angeles 2,520,000 2018[17]
Tokyo National Museum Japan Tokyo 2,431,073 2018[23]
National Museum of African American History and Culture United States Washington, D.C. 2,400,000 2018[17]
Suzhou Museum China Suzhou 2,340,000 2018[17]
Houston Museum of Natural Science United States Houston 2,313,000 2018[17]
Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture United States Washington, D.C. 2,304,404 2018[23]
Rijksmuseum Netherlands Amsterdam 2,300,000 2018[17]
Three Gorges Museum China Chongqing 2,240,000 2018[17]
Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie France Paris 2,231,000 2018[17]
National Museum of Scotland United Kingdom Edinburgh 2,227,773 2018[23]
Russian Museum Russia Saint Petersburg 2,192,200 2018[27]
Van Gogh Museum Netherlands Amsterdam 2,161,160 2018[23]
Tretyakov Gallery Russia Moscow 2,148,538 2018[23]
Shanghai Museum Shanghai 2,111,730 2018[23]
Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum Poland Oświęcim 2,100,000 2018[17]
National Folk Museum of Korea Seoul 2,054,719 2018[23]

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  1. ^ Some well-attended palace museums are not included in either publication, although they are sometimes classified as museums by their respective national cultural agencies. These include Beijing's Forbidden City (which, with more than 17 million visitors in 2018, was ranked as the most-visited museum by the China Daily News Agency[8]); the Palace of Versailles (8,132,518 visitors in 2018);[9] Peterhof Palace (5,714,700 visitors in 2018), which is formally classified either as a "Дворцо́во-па́рковый анса́мбль, or Palace-Park Ensemble" or as a "Museum-Park Ensemble" by the Russian Ministry of Culture;[10] the Museum of King John III's Palace at Wilanów (3,279,889 visitors in 2017); and Istanbul's Topkapı Palace (2,980,450 visitors in 2018).[11]
  2. ^ Includes visitors at the main Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Met Cloisters, but not the visitors recorded at the Met Breuer.[12]
  3. ^ Includes only the visitors recorded at the main museum in Taipei, and not visitors recorded at the Southern Branch.


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