List of moths of India (Noctuidae)

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This is a list of moths of the family Noctuidae (sensu Kitching & Rawlins, 1999) that are found in India. It also acts as an index to the species articles and forms part of the full List of moths of India. Subfamilies and species are listed alphabetically, though the list order of Catocalinae is based on Holloway, 2005. Species listed are those extracted from Kendrick (2002 [2003]) and will be augmented by the species listed in Hampson (vol. 2, 1894; vol. 3, 1895), once the updated nomenclature has been worked out and cross referenced against LepIndex.

Subfamily Acronictinae[edit]

Subfamily Aganainae[edit]

Subfamily Agaristinae[edit]

Subfamily Bagisarinae[edit]

Subfamily Catocalinae[edit]

Subfamily Condicinae[edit]

Subfamily Eriopinae[edit]

Subfamily Eustrotiinae[edit]

Subfamily Euteliinae[edit]

Subfamily Hadeninae[edit]

Subfamily Heliothinae[edit]

Subfamily Noctuinae[edit]

Subfamily Pantheinae[edit]

Subfamily Plusiinae[edit]

Subfamily Stictopterinae[edit]

Subfamily Strepsimanninae[edit]

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