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Location of Ireland

Irish moths represent about 1,400 different types of moths. The moths (mostly nocturnal) and butterflies (mostly diurnal) together make up the taxonomic order Lepidoptera.

This is a list of moth species which have been recorded in Ireland.


Suborder Zeugloptera[edit]

Superfamily Micropterigoidea[edit]

Family Micropterigidae[edit]

Suborder Glossata[edit]

Infraorder Dacnonypha[edit]

Superfamily Eriocranioidea[edit]

Family Eriocraniidae[edit]

Infraorder Exoporia[edit]

Superfamily Hepialoidea[edit]

Family Hepialidae[edit]

Infraorder Heteroneura[edit]

Division Monotrysia[edit]

Section Nepticulina[edit]

Superfamily Nepticuloidea[edit]
Family Nepticulidae[edit]
Family Opostegidae[edit]
Superfamily Tischerioidea[edit]
Family Tischeriidae[edit]

Section Incurvariina[edit]

Superfamily Incurvarioidea[edit]
Family Incurvariidae[edit]
Family Prodoxidae[edit]
Family Adelidae[edit]
Family Heliozelidae[edit]

Division Ditrysia[edit]

Section Tineina[edit]

Superfamily Tineoidea[edit]
Family Psychidae[edit]
Family Tineidae[edit]
Superfamily Gracillarioidea[edit]
Family Bucculatricidae[edit]
Family Gracillariidae[edit]
Superfamily Schreckensteinioidea[edit]
Family Schreckensteiniidae[edit]
Superfamily Gelechioidea[edit]
Family Agonoxenidae[edit]
Family Batrachedridae[edit]
Family Blastobasidae[edit]
Family Coleophoridae[edit]
Family Cosmopterigidae[edit]
Family Elachistidae[edit]
Family Gelechiidae[edit]
Family Momphidae[edit]
Family Oecophoridae[edit]
Family Peleopodidae[edit]
Family Scythrididae[edit]
Superfamily Copromorphoidea[edit]
Family Alucitidae[edit]
Family Epermeniidae[edit]
Superfamily Yponomeutoidea[edit]
Family Bedelliidae[edit]
Family Glyphipterigidae[edit]
Family Lyonetiidae[edit]
Family Plutellidae[edit]
Family Praydidae[edit]
Family Yponomeutidae[edit]
Family Ypsolophidae[edit]
Superfamily Pyraloidea[edit]
Family Crambidae[edit]
Family Pyralidae[edit]
Superfamily Pterophoroidea[edit]
Family Pterophoridae[edit]
Superfamily Sesioidea[edit]
Family Choreutidae[edit]
Family Sesiidae[edit]
Superfamily Zygaenoidea[edit]
Family Zygaenidae[edit]

Section Cossina[edit]

Superfamily Cossoidea[edit]
Family Cossidae[edit]
Superfamily Tortricoidea[edit]
Family Tortricidae[edit]
Superfamily Geometroidea[edit]
Family Geometridae[edit]
Superfamily Drepanoidea[edit]
Family Drepanidae[edit]
Superfamily Bombycoidea[edit]
Family Lasiocampidae[edit]
Family Saturniidae[edit]
Family Sphingidae[edit]
Superfamily Noctuoidea[edit]
Family Erebidae[edit]
Family Noctuidae[edit]
Family Nolidae[edit]
Family Notodontidae[edit]

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