List of mountain ranges of Arizona

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Shaded relief map, Arizona.
Arizona county index map

There are 210 named mountain ranges in Arizona.This list also includes mountain ranges that are mostly in New Mexico and Sonora, Mexico, that extend into Arizona.

Alphabetical list[edit]

The southeast of Arizona, with New Mexico, northwest Chihuahua and northeast Sonora contain insular sky island mountain ranges, (the Madrean Sky Islands), or smaller subranges in association. There are also numerous Sonoran Desert ranges, or Arizona transition zone ranges. Northern and northeast Arizona also has scattered ranges throughout.

Harquahala Mountains in spring, 2009
Low clouds on the Mohawk Mountains
Navajo Mountain and Lake Powell, viewed from the north
Eagle Eye Arch in the New Water Mountains
Ocotillo below Lookout Mountain, Phoenix Mountains
A rock pillar (hoodoo) in the Santa Catalina Mountains
Misty morning in the Sierra Estrella
Wasson Peak in the Tucson Mountains
Meadow & cabin near Big Lake, White Mountains (Arizona)
  1. Agua Caliente Mountains–Yuma County and Maricopa County
  2. Agua Dulce Mountains–Pima County
  3. Aguila Mountains–Yuma County
  4. Ajo Range–Pima County
  5. Alvarez Mountains–Pima County
  6. Aquarius Mountains–Mohave County
  7. Artesa Mountains–Pima County
  8. Artillery Mountains–Mohave County
  9. Atascosa Mountains–Santa Cruz County
  10. Aubrey Hills–Mohave County
  11. Baboquivari Mountains–Pima County
  12. Batamote Mountains–Pima County
  13. Bates Mountains–Pima County
  14. Beaver Dam Mountains–Mohave County
  15. Belmont Mountains–Maricopa County
  16. Big Horn Mountains (Arizona)–Maricopa County
  17. Big Lue Mountains–Greenlee County
  18. Bill Williams Mountains–Mohave County
  19. Black Hills (Greenlee County)–Greenlee County
  20. Black Hills (Yavapai County)–Yavapai County
  21. Black Mesa (Arizona) -- (E. Navajo County & W. Apache County)
  22. Black Mountains (Arizona)–Mohave County
  23. Black Mountains (Yavapai County)–Yavapai County-(southwest county)
  24. Blackjack Mountains (Arizona)–Gila County
  25. Bradshaw Mountains–Yavapai County
  26. Brownell Mountains–Pima County
  27. Bryan Mountains–Yuma County
  28. Buck Mountains–Mohave County
  29. Buckhorn Mountains–Yavapai County
  30. Buckskin Mountains (Arizona)–La Paz County
  31. Buckskin Mountains (Arizona-Utah)–Coconino County -- (S. Kane County, Utah)
  32. Butler Mountains–Yuma County
  33. Cabeza Prieta Mountains–Yuma County
  34. Canelo Hills–Santa Cruz County
  35. Carrizo Mountains–Apache County
  36. Casa Grande Mountains–Pinal County
  37. Castle Mountains–Pima County
  38. Castle Dome Mountains–Yuma County
  39. Cerbat Mountains–Mohave County
  40. Cerro Colorado Mountains–Pima County
  41. Chiricahua Mountains–Cochise County
  42. Chocolate Mountains (Arizona)–La Paz County
  43. Chuska Mountains–Apache County
  44. Cimarron Mountains–Pima County
  45. Connell Mountains–Yavapai County
  46. Copper Mountains–Yuma County
  47. Cottonwood Mountains–Mohave County
  48. Coyote Mountains (Arizona)–Pima County
  49. Crater Range–Maricopa County
  50. Crooked Mountains–Pima County
  51. Date Creek Mountains–Yavapai County
  52. Diablo Mountains (Arizona)–Pima County
  53. Dome Rock Mountains–La Paz County
  54. Dos Cabezas Mountains–Cochise County
  55. Dragoon Mountains–Cochise County
  56. Dripping Spring Mountains–Pinal County
  57. Eagletail Mountains–Maricopa County
  58. Empire Mountains–Pima County
  59. Gakolik Mountains–Pima County
  60. Galiuro Mountains–Graham County -- (SE. Pinal County)
  61. Gila Bend Mountains–Maricopa County
  62. Gila Mountains (Graham County)–Graham County
  63. Gila Mountains (Yuma County)–Yuma County
  64. Goldfield Mountains–Maricopa County
  65. Granite Mountains (Arizona)–Pima County–see also: Granite Mountain (Arizona)-(Yavapai County)
    a separate "Granite Mountain" is in s. La Paz County
  66. Granite Wash Mountains–La Paz County
  67. Grayback Mountains–Yavapai County
  68. Growler Mountains–Pima County
  69. Guadalupe Mountains (Hidalgo County)–Hidalgo County, NM - (Cochise County, AZ & Sonora, Mexico)
  70. Harcuvar Mountains–NE. La Paz County -- (SW. Yavapai County)
  71. Harquahala Mountains–E. La Paz County -- (W. Maricopa County)
  72. Hayes Mountains–Gila County
  73. Hieroglyphic Mountains–N. Maricopa County -- (some in S. Yavapai County)
  74. Hobble Mountains–Coconino County
  75. Huachuca Mountains–Cochise County
  76. Hualapai Mountains–Mohave County
  77. John the Baptist Mountains–Pima County
  78. Juniper Mountains–Yavapai County
  79. Kofa Mountains–N. Yuma County - (S. La Paz County)
  80. La Lesna Mountains–Pima County
  81. Laguna Mountains (Arizona)–Yuma County (see also: Laguna Mountains(Calif))
  82. Las Guijas Mountains–Pima County
  83. Little Ajo Mountains–Pima County
  84. Little Buckskin Mountains–La Paz County
  85. Little Dragoon Mountains–Cochise County
  86. Little Harquahala Mountains–La Paz County
  87. Little Horn Mountains–S. La Paz County -- (N. Yuma County)
  88. Little Rincon Mountains–Cochise County
  89. Lukachukai Mountains–Apache County
  90. Maricopa Mountains–Maricopa County
  91. Mazatzal Mountains–Southeast Yavapai County -- (and N. Maricopa County, W. Gila County)
  92. McAllister Range–Yavapai County
  93. McCloud Mountains–Yavapai County
  94. McCracken Mountains–Mohave County
  95. McDowell Mountains–Maricopa County
  96. Mescal Mountains–Gila County
  97. Mesquite Mountains–Pima County
  98. Middle Mountains–S. La Paz County -- (N. Yuma County)
  99. Mineral Mountains, Arizona–Pinal County
  100. Mingus Mountain, (= "Black Hills")–Yavapai County
  101. Moccasin Mountains–Mohave County -- (S. Kane County, Utah)
  102. Mohave Mountains–Mohave County
  103. Mohawk Mountains–Yuma County
  104. Mohon Mountains–Yavapai County
  105. Moquith Mountains–Mohave County
  106. Muggins Mountains–Yuma County
  107. Mule Mountains–Cochise County
  108. Music Mountains–Mohave County
  109. Mustang Mountains–Santa Cruz County
  110. Navajo Mountain, Arizona–Coconino County (mostly in Utah)
  111. Natanes Mountains–Graham County
  112. New River Mountains–Yavapai County & Maricopa County
  113. New Water Mountains–S. La Paz County -- (connected to Kofa Mountains, N. Yuma County)
  114. North Comobabi Mountains–Pima County
  115. Painted Rock Mountains–Maricopa Count
  116. Pajarito Mountains–Santa Cruz County
  117. Palo Verde Mountains–Pinal County
  118. Palomas Mountains–Yuma County
  119. Patagonia Mountains–Santa Cruz County
  120. Peacock Mountains–Mohave County
  121. Pedrogosa Mountains–Cochise County
  122. Peloncillo Mountains (Cochise County)–NE. Cochise County -- (SE. Graham County, S. Greenlee County)
    See also Peloncillo Mountains (Hidalgo County), New Mexico, also a Madrean Sky Island
  123. Perilla Mountains–Cochise County
  124. Phoenix Mountains–Maricopa County
  125. Picacho Mountains–Pinal County
  126. Pinal Mountains–Gila County
  127. Pinaleno Mountains–Graham County
  128. Plomosa Mountains–La Paz County
  129. Poachie Range–SE. Mohave County -- (SW. Yavapai County, NE. La Paz County)
  130. Pozo Redondo Mountains–Pima County
  131. Pozo Verde Mountains–Pima County
  132. Puerto Blanco Mountains–Pima County
  133. Quijotoa Mountains–Pima County
  134. Quinlan Mountains–Pima County
  135. Rawhide Mountains–Mohave County
  136. Rincon Mountains–Pima County
  137. Roskruge Mountains–Pima County
  138. Sacaton Mountains–Pinal County
  139. Salt River Mountains
  140. Salt River Mountains (Gila County)–Gila County
  141. San Cayento Mountains–Santa Cruz County
  142. San Francisco Mountains–Greenlee County
  143. San Francisco Mountains
  144. San Francisco Mountains (New Mexico)–New Mexico & Greenlee County
  145. San Francisco Peaks–Coconino County
  146. San Luis Mountains–Pima County
  147. San Tan Mountains, Arizona
  148. Santan Mountains–Pinal County
  149. Sand Tank Mountains–Maricopa County
  150. Santa Catalina Mountains–Pima County
  151. Santa Maria Mountains–Yavapai County
  152. Santa Rita Mountains–Santa Cruz County, Pima County
  153. Santa Rosa Mountains–Pima County
  154. Santa Teresa Mountains–Graham County
  155. San Tan Mountains, Arizona
  156. Santan Mountains–Pinal County
  157. Sauceda Mountains–Pima County
  158. Sawmill Mountains–Mohave County
  159. Sawtooth Mountains–Pinal County
  160. Sevenmile Mountains, Arizona-Gila County
  161. Sheridan Mountains–Pima County
  162. Sierra Ancha–Gila County
  163. Sierra Arida–Yuma County
  164. Sierra Blanca Mountains–Pima County
  165. Sierra de la Lechuguilla–Yuma County
  166. Sierra de la Nariz–Pima County
  167. Sierra de Santa Rosa–Pima County
  168. Sierra Estrella–Maricopa County
  169. Sierra Madre Occidental–Regional Western Mexico - (extension of individual ranges, along entire United States-Mexico border)
  170. Sky island/ Madrean sky islands
  171. Sierra Pinta–Yuma County
  172. Sierra Prieta–Yavapai County
  173. Sierrita Mountains–Pima County
  174. Sikort Chuapo Mountains–Pima County
  175. Silver Bell Mountains–Pima County
  176. Silver Reef Mountains–Pinal County
  177. Slate Mountains–Pinal County
  178. Sonoyta Mountains–Pima County
  179. South Comobabi Mountains–Pima County
  180. South Mountains (Arizona)–Maricopa County
  181. Suizo Mountains–Pinal County
  182. Summit Mountains–E. Greenlee County -- (W. Grant County, New Mexico)
  183. Superstition Mountains–Pinal County
  184. Swisshelm Mountains–Cochise County
  185. Table Top Mountains–Pinal County
  186. Tank Mountains–Yuma County
  187. Tat Momoli Mountains–Pinal County
  188. Tinajas Altas Mountains–Yuma County
  189. Tortilla Mountains–Pinal County
  190. Tortolita Mountains–Pima County, Pinal County
  191. Trigo Mountains–La Paz County
  192. Tucson Mountains–Pima County
  193. Tule Mountains–Yuma County
  194. Tumacacori Mountains–Santa Cruz County
  195. Tunitcha Mountains–Apache County
  196. Uinkaret Mountains–Mohave County
  197. Usery Mountains–Maricopa County
  198. Vekol Mountains–Pinal County
  199. Virgin Mountains–N. Mohave County -- (E. Clark County, Nevada)
  200. Vulture Mountains–Maricopa County
  201. Waterman Mountains–Pima County
  202. Weaver Mountains–Yavapai County
  203. West Silver Bell Mountains–Pima County
  204. Whetstone Mountains–Cochise County
  205. White Mountains (Arizona)–Apache County
  206. White Tank Mountains–Maricopa County
  207. Whitlock Mountains–Graham County
  208. Wickenburg Mountains–Yavapai County
  209. Winchester Mountains–N. Cochise County -- (they merge into S. Galiuro Mountains, Graham County)
  210. Yon Dot Mountains–Coconino County

Associated regional landforms[edit]

Apache County[edit]

Buffalo Pass, Lukachukai Mountains

Cochise County[edit]

Coconino County[edit]

San Francisco Peaks from the east

Gila County[edit]

Sierra Ancha mountains

Graham County[edit]

Pinaleno Mountains from the west

Greenlee County[edit]

La Paz County[edit]

Maricopa County[edit]

Mazatzal Mountains viewed from the east, March 2010

Mohave County[edit]

Beaver Dam Mountains, January 2007
Boundary Cone and the Black Mountains (Arizona), viewed from about ~due-west (from Mohave Valley, in Lower Colorado River Valley)

Navajo County[edit]

Pima County[edit]

East face of Baboquivari Peak

Pinal County[edit]

Santa Cruz County[edit]

Yavapai County[edit]

Yuma County[edit]

Kofa Mountains

New Mexico[edit]



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