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This List of mountains and hills in the Eifel contains a selection of mountains (2000 feet or higher[1]) and hills (below 2000 feet) in the low mountain range of the Eifel which lies mainly in Germany but also crosses into Belgium. The Eifel is located predominantly in the German states of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia and belongs to the Rhenish Massif.

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Elevation Height
Eifel region(s) District/
Remarks Image
Hohe Acht 746.9 High Eifel Ahrweiler,
Highest elevation in the
Eifel and the High Eifel;
Type: volcano;
site of the Kaiser Wilhelm Tower
(also: Erresberg)
698.8 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel Highest of the west Eifel volcanos;
second highest mountain in the Eifel;
Type: volcano
unnamed peak?
(Schwarzer Mann)
699.1 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel Highest of the west Eifel volcanos;
second highest mountain in the Eifel;
Type: volcano
Schwarzer Mann 697.8 Schnee Eifel,
Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm Highest point of the Schneifel ridge
and hence the Schnee Eifel
Schwarzermann Schneifel.jpg
Signal de Botrange 694.24 Hohes Venn Liège (B) Highest mountain in Belgium and the Hohes Venn
1031350 Botrange Baltia.jpg
Weißer Stein 693 North Eifel,
Zitter Forest
Euskirchen Highest mountain of the Zitter Forest and in North Rhine-Westphalia west of the Rhine; second highest mountain in Belgium; site of observation tower on the (German) eastern slopes of the mountain
Aussichtsturm Weißer Stein nahe Hellenthal, Eifel-0017.jpg
Scharteberg 691.4 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel Second highest elevation in the Vulkan Eifel,
lies between Ernstberg and Nerother Kopf;
site of transmission tower of SWR’s Eifel Transmitter
Burgberg ("castle mountain")
of the Nürburg
676.5 High Eifel Ahrweiler Second highest elevation in the High Eifel;
Type: volcano;
Located inside the Nordschleife of the old Nürburgring; site of Nürburg castle
Hochkelberg 674.9 High Eifel Vulkaneifel Third highest elevation in the High Eifel;
Type: stratovolcano;
Roman ringwork and modern transmission mast
Prümscheid 674.7 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel Highest point of the ridge in the Salm Forest near Gerolstein
Schöneberg 670.2 North Eifel Ahrweiler
Raßberg 664.9 High Eifel Mayen-Koblenz
Bärbelkreuz 662.8 Zitterwald Euskirchen Nearby: Eifel-Bärbelkreuz Transmission Tower
Seimersberg 662.9 Schnee-Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm
Pannensterzkopf (Bovel) 662 Hohes Venn Liège (B)
Hühnerhöhe 659.9 North Eifel,
Zitter Forest
Steling 658.3 Hohes Venn Aachen (D),
Liège (B)
Highest mountain in the district of Aachen
Steling Eifelberg.jpg
Steinberg 657.8 Schneifel Vulkaneifel

Foltenhöhe 656 North Eifel Landkreis Euskirchen

Huppertsberg 655.5 North Eifel Landkreis Euskirchen

Döhmberg 653.2 Volcanic Eifel Vulkaneifel
Gieschberg 652.0 North Eifel Euskirchen Site of the village of Giescheid on the summit
Nerother Kopf 651.7 Volcanic Eifel Vulkaneifel Type: cinder cone;
site of the ruined castle of Freudenkoppe
Nerother Kopf.JPG
Prümer Kopf 645.6 Schnee Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

Bockshahn 643.7 High Eifel Ahrweiler

Rote Heck 639.9 High Eifel Vulkaneifel

Kamberg 637.8 North Eifel,

Eselsberg 637 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel

Hahnheister 636.3 High Fens Aachen (GE),
Liège (B)

Auf dem Gericht 632.8 West Eifel Vulkaneifel

Apert 631.3 South Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

Hohe Warte 628.2 North Eifel Ahrweiler

Aremberg 623.8 Ahr Hills Ahrweiler Highest elevation of the Ahr Hills;
site of Burg Aremberg
Aremberg I.jpg
Dietzenley 617.6 Volcanic Eifel Vulkaneifel Highest mountain of the Pelmer Forest, site of wooden observation post
Aussichtsturm Dietzenley V.JPG
Auf der Kopp 615.5 South Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

Höchstberg 616 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel

Auf der Wurst 615.0 North Eifel Ahrweiler

Dreiser Höhe 610.8 High Eifel Vulkaneifel

Hohe Mark 609 High Fens Liège (B)

Huscheid 607.9 West Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

Steffelnkopf 607 Schnee Eifel Vulkaneifel

Hardtkopf 601.5 South Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm Highest hill on the edge of the Prümer Kalkmulde
Achelter 595.7 Schnee Eifel Vulkaneifel /
Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

Heidenkopf I:
Heidenkopf II:
Heidenkopf III:

Ripsdorf Forest, North Eifel Euskirchen /

Rödelkaul 592.3 Volcanic Eifel Vulkaneifel

Arensberg 561.3 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel

Daxelberg 588.7 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel

Alter Voß 589.9 Volcanic Eifel Vulkaneifel
Alter Voß II.JPG
Bradscheid 588.2 Volcanic Eifel Vulkaneifel

Michelsberg 586.1 Ahr Hills Euskirchen Highest elevation in Bad Münstereifel;
site of St. Michael's Chapel
Hochsimmer 587.9 High Eifel Mayen-Koblenz Site of the Hochsimmer Tower, an observation tower
unnamed summit
583.67 Hohes Venn,
Hürtgen Forest
Site of the old NATO direction-finding station, an observation tower and a telecommunication tower;
Nearby: fire lookout tower

Perlerkopf 579.1 North Eifel Ahrweiler

Gänsehals 575.3 High Eifel Mayen-Koblenz

Denskopf 577.0 High Eifel Mayen-Koblenz

Lichtenborner Höhe 570.6 South Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

Kalvarienberg 569 Schneifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

Engelner Kopf 569 North Eifel Ahrweiler

Dackscheidberg 568 South Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

Losenseifen 568 South Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

Eigart 565 North Eifel Euskirchen Eifel National Park
Hochstein 562.5 High Eifel Mayen-Koblenz Site of Genoveva Cave
Auf dem Thron 562 North Eifel Ahrweiler

Mäuseberg 561 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel Site of Dronke Tower
Kneiff 560  ??? Eifel Diekirch District, Luxembourg Highest point in Luxembourg
Buurgplaatz 559  ??? Eifel Diekirch District, Luxembourg Second highest point in Luxembourg; often erroneously thought to be the highest
Buergplaz Huldang.jpg
Steineberger Ley 558 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel Site of Vulcano Infoplattform (observation tower)
Junkerberg 557 Ahr Hills Ahrweiler

Rockeskyller Kopf 555 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel Type: volcano
555 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel

Daxberg 549 South Eifel Vulkaneifel

Hoher List 549 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel Site of Hoher List Observatory
Alter Burgberg 548 High Eifel Ahrweiler,

Auf Holbert 543 South Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

Ahrberg 540 High Eifel Vulkaneifel

Hahn 539 Schnee-Eifel Vulkaneifel

Hirzberg 538 Ripsdorfer Wald Euskirchen

Knippberg 537 Ahr Hills Euskirchen

Muxerather Höhe 535 South Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

Hühnerberg 533.5 Ahr Hills Euskirchen

Hohe Kuppe 531 South Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

Steinerberg 531 North Eifel Ahrweiler
Kuppe near Wolfgarten 527.8 Rur Eifel,
Euskirchen Highest elevation in the Kermeter;
Eifel National Park;
site of Wolfgarten Fire Tower

Scheidkopf 527 Osteifel Mayen-Koblenz

Hellberg 525.8 Rur Eifel,
Euskirchen Eifel National Park
Wildbretshügel 525.3 Rur Eifel,
Euskirchen Eifel National Park
Goldberg 523 South Eifel Vulkaneifel

Kalvarienberg 523 North Eifel Euskirchen

Kirchberg 520 North Eifel Euskirchen

Lenzerath 519.3 Schnee-Eifel Vulkaneifel

Mosenberg 519 Vulkan Eifel Bernkastel-Wittlich Site of Windsborn
crater lake, summit cross and observation post
Verbrannter Berg 515.5 Rur Eifel,
Euskirchen Eifel National Park
Kopnück 514 Ahr Hills Euskirchen

Wendelsberg 513 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel site of Daun Deer Park
(aka: Stag and Boar Park)

Geerberg 510 Vulkan Eifel Cochem-Zell,

Vulkan Kalem 509,4 South Eifel Vulkaneifel

Häuschen 507 North Eifel Ahrweiler Ruins of an observation tower
Hahnenkopf 505 South Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

503.4 Rur Eifel,

Site of Kermeterstollen below the western flanks of the hill
Hochthürmen 499.8 North Eifel Ahrweiler,
Site of Roman circular fort
Pflugberg 498 North Eifel Euskirchen

Teufelsley 496 North Eifel Ahrweiler

Hardtberg 495 South Eifel Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm

Honigberg 495 Rur Eifel,
Düren Eifel National Park; viewing point for the Rur Reservoir
Adert 488 North Eifel Ahrweiler Popular viewing point
Hasenberg 471 North Eifel Ahrweiler

Römerberg 470 Vulkan Eifel Vulkaneifel

Krufter Ofen 463 Vulkan Eifel Mayen-Koblenz

Weidenauer Berg 453.3 Rur Eifel,
Düren Eifel National Park
Laacher Kopf 442 Vulkan Eifel Ahrweiler Nearby: Maria Laach Abbey and
Laacher See

Kellerberg 448 Meulenwald Bernkastel-Wittlich Highest elevation of the Meulenwald;
site of Kellerberg observation tower

Stockert 435 Münstereifel Forest Euskirchen Site of Astropeiler Stockert radio-telescope
Herkelstein 434.5 North Eifel Euskirchen

Veitskopf 428 Vulkan Eifel Ahrweiler Type: volcano;
Nearby: Laacher See; site of Observation tower Lydia Tower

Ettringer Bellerberg
(also: Ettringer Bellberg)
427.5 High Eifel Mayen-Koblenz Site of crater landscape
(also: Plaidter Hummerich)
425 Vulkan Eifel Mayen-Koblenz Type: volcano;
Nearby: Laacher See

Monzeler Hüttenkopf 421 Moselle Hills Bernkastel-Wittlich
Monzel Panorama 2009.JPG
Mehringer Berg 418 Moselle Hills Trier-Saarburg

Falkenlay 414 Pre-Eifel Cochem-Zell Observation post below the summit
Hansenberg 401 Moselle Hills Bernkastel-Wittlich

Zoonenberg 401 Meulenwald Trier-Saarburg

Burgberg 400.5 Rur Eifel,
North Eifel
Düren Site of former Berenstein imperial castle and Krawutschke observation tower
Thelenberg 400 Vulkan Eifel Mayen-Koblenz / Ahrweiler

Arenberg 399 Pre-Eifel Cochem-Zell

Sollig 398 Pre-Eifel Cochem-Zell

Hühnerberg 398 Ahr Hills Ahrweiler Nearby: Effelsberg Radio Telescope
Sonnenberg 393,3 Rur Eifel,
North Eifel

Eickelslay 390 Moselle Eifel

Blumkirst 389 Pre-Eifel Cochem-Zell

Hornberg 388 North Eifel Ahrweiler

Calmont 378 Pre-Eifel Cochem-Zell Has the steepest individual vineyard in Europe
Hochkopf 376 North Eifel Rhein-Sieg-Kreis
Thomasberg 378 Moselle Hills Bernkastel-Wittlich

Steckenberg 366 North Eifel Ahrweiler Site of observation tower
Rothenberg 365 Moselle Hills Bernkastel-Wittlich

Mayener Bellerberg („Mayener Bellberg“) 363 High Eifel Mayen-Koblenz

Krausberg 360 North Eifel Ahrweiler Site of Krausberg Tower and Krausberghütte
Römerberg 359 Meulenwald Trier-Saarburg

Bausenberg 340 North Eifel Ahrweiler Type: volcano
Neuenahrer Berg 339 North Eifel Ahrweiler Site of ruined castle of Neuenahr and Langer Köbes observation tower
Tomberg 316 North Eifel Rhein-Sieg-Kreis Type: volcano; Tomburg castle
Hochburg 306 South Eifel Trier-Saarburg Old Celtic refuge castle: Hochburg
Elterlay 294 South Eifel Trier-Saarburg Genoveva Cave
Beuelskopf 291.9 North Eifel Rhein-Sieg-Kreis Remains of the Hans-Wischeler Tower
Scheidskopf 280 North Eifel Ahrweiler Site of partly accessible quarry and Roman ringwork
Landskrone 272 North Eifel Ahrweiler Site of Landskron Castle

References and footnotes[edit]

  1. ^ There is no universally agreed definition of a mountain, but Whittow (1984) suggests 2,000 feet or ~600 metres as common
  2. ^ Topographic Information Management, Cologne - NRW GEObasis Division (info)


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