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Maja e Thatë 2406 m

Albania contains many mountains, some reaching heights of more than 2,000 m above sea level. The highest mountain in Albania is Mount Korab on the border with the Republic of Macedonia. Mount Korab reaches a height of 2,764m. New GPS readings say that Mount Korab could be 2,864 m high, 100 m higher.[citation needed] The highest mountains are located in Mount Korab, the Prokletije (also Albanian Alps, Albanian: Bjeshkët e Namuna), the Šar Mountains (Albanian: Sharr) on the border with Kosovo (e.g. Koritnik and Pashtrik), near Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa and in the south where many ranges and mountains reach beyond 2,500m. Near the coast it is mainly hilly. The mountains create features such as the Canyon of Osum river and valleys like Valbona in the Prokletije. The mountains are used for a number of things like skiing and climbing.

Two large European mountain ranges dominate Albania, the Dinaric Alps and the Pindus mountains.

The mountains have glacial and alpine lakes. An example is the lakes on the mountain of Lura, the Albanian Government has declared Lura a National Park.

List of highest peaks in Albania[edit]

Shulani i Radomirës 2716m
Koritnik 2393m
Maja Jezercë 2694m
Gramoz 2520m
Maja Harapit 2217m
Maja Radohinës 2570m
Maja Papingut 2485m

List of peaks in Albania of over 2,000m

Peak Mountain Height (m)
Mount Korab Mount Korab 2764
Korab II Mount Korab 2756
Maja Portat e Korabit Mount Korab 2727
Korab III Mount Korab 2724
Maja e Moravës Mount Korab 2718
Shulani i Radomirës Mount Korab 2716
Maja Jezercë Prokletije 2694
Kepi Bar Mount Korab 2683
Maja Grykat e Hapëta Prokletije 2625
Kepi i Bardhë Mount Korab 2601
Cuka e Zezë Mount Korab 2572
Maja Radohimës Prokletije 2570
Maja e Popljuces Prokletije 2569
Maja Briaset Prokletije 2567
Maja Hekurave Prokletije 2561
Rodi e Kollatës Prokletije 2556
Maja Shnikut Prokletije 2554
Maja Tat Prokletije 2543
Maja Gusanit Prokletije 2539
Zla Kolata Prokletije 2534
Kolata e Mirë Prokletije 2528
Maja Rosit Prokletije 2524
Çuka e Peçit Gramos 2523
Maja Visens Prokletije 2517
Maja Kokervhake Prokletije 2508
Maja Shkurt Prokletije 2499
Maja e Risklit Prokletije 2496
Maja Malësores Prokletije 2490
Gjallica Gjallica 2489
Maja e Papingut Nemerçkë 2485
Maja e Ragamit Prokletije 2472
Maja Bojs Prokletije 2461
Mali i Mesit Gramos 2450
Maja Vukoces Prokletije 2450
Çuka e Partizanit Tomorr 2416
Maja e Vallamarës Gramos 2416
Shkëlzen Prokletije 2407
Maja e Thatë Prokletije 2406
Maja Bogiçaj Prokletije 2404
Koritnik Koritnik 2393
Ostrovicë Ostrovicë 2383
Maja e Tomorrit Tomorr 2379
Velivar Deshat 2375
Valamara Valamara 2373
Tromegja Prokletije 2366
Maja e Kakisë Prokletije 2360
Mali i Gramës Mount Korab 2345
Kërçinë Deshat 2341
Rrasa e Zogut Prokletije 2305
Pllaja e Pusit Mali i Thatë 2288
Junik Mountains Prokletije 2280
Black Stone, Jablanica Jablanica Mountain 2275
Maja Stogut Prokletije 2264
Shebenik Shebenik 2253
Dejë Mountain Dejë Mountain 2246
Ploča Mount Korab 2235
Maja e Elbunit Prokletije 2231
Maja Harapit Prokletije 2218
Maja Trojan Prokletije 2190
Mali i Kulmakut Tomorr 2174
Kalabak Šar Mountains 2174
Kunora e Lurës Lura Mountain 2121
Maja e Gurit të Topit Valamara 2120
Miceku Miceku 2097
Maja Ksulje e Priftit Šar Mountains 2092
Maja e Ershellit Prokletije 2067
Mali i Lopës Mali i Lopës 2050
Maja e Çikës Çika 2045
Maja e Qorrës Çika 2018
Maja e Madhe Prokletije 2011
Maja Zabel Prokletije 2006

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