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The Sudetes and Carpathian Mountains mountain ranges are located on either side of Poland's southern border. Within Poland, neither of these ranges is forbidding enough to prevent substantial habitation; the Carpathians are especially densely populated. The rugged form of the Sudeten range derives from the geological shifts that formed the later Carpathian uplift. The Carpathians in Poland, formed as a discrete topographical unit in the relatively recent Tertiary Era, are the highest mountains in the country. They are the northernmost edge of a much larger range that extends into the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, and Romania.

The Świętokrzyskie Mountains, one of the oldest mountain ranges in Europe, are located in central Poland, in the vicinity of the city of Kielce. The mountain range consists of a number of separate ranges, the highest of which is Łysogóry (lit. bald mountains). Together with the Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska the mountains form a region called the Lesser Poland Upland (Wyżyna Małopolska). They were formed during the Caledonian orogeny of the Silurian period and then rejuvenated in the Hercynian orogeny of the Upper Carboniferous period.

The most known and significant mountain in Poland are the Tatra Mountains which attract many tourists from Poland and its neighbouring states.

Polish mountain ranges[edit]

List of Polish Mountains[edit]

Name Elevation Mountain Range
Rysy 2503 m[1] Tatras (Eastern)
Mięguszowiecki Szczyt Wielki 2438 m Tatras (Eastern)
Niżnie Rysy 2430 m Tatras (Eastern)
Mięguszowiecki Szczyt Czarny 2410 m Tatras (Eastern)
Mięguszowiecki Szczyt Pośredni 2393 m Tatras (Eastern)
Cubryna 2376 m Tatras (Eastern)
Świnica 2301 m Tatras (Eastern)
Kozi Wierch 2291 m Tatras (Eastern)
Zamarła Turnia 2179 m Tatras (Eastern)
Kościelec 2155 m Tatras (Eastern)
Mnich 2068 m Tatras (Eastern)
Starorobociański Wierch 2176 m Tatras (Western)
Jarząbczy Wierch 2137 m Tatras (Western)
Kamienista 2126 m Tatras (Western)
Krzesanica 2122 m Tatras (Western)
Wołowiec 2064 m Tatras (Western)
Kasprowy Wierch 1987 m Tatras (Western)
Giewont 1894 m Tatras (Western)
Flaki 0803 m Pieniny Środkowe
Nowa Góra 0902 m Pieniny Środkowe
Trzy Korony 0982 m Pieniny Środkowe
Skrzyczne 1257 m Silesian Beskids
Barania Góra 1220 m Silesian Beskids
Małe Skrzyczne 1211 m Silesian Beskids
Wierch Wisełka 1192 m Silesian Beskids
Równiański Wierch 1160 m Silesian Beskids
Zielony Kopiec 1152 m Silesian Beskids
Malinowska Skała 1152 m Silesian Beskids
Magurka Wiślańska 1140 m Silesian Beskids
Klimczok 1117 m Silesian Beskids
Malinów 1115 m Silesian Beskids
Magura 1109 m Silesian Beskids
Magurka Radziechowska 1108 m Silesian Beskids
Trzy Kopce 1082 m Silesian Beskids
Stołów 1035 m Silesian Beskids
Glinne 1034 m Silesian Beskids
Przysłop 1029 m Silesian Beskids
Szyndzielnia 1028 m Silesian Beskids
Muronka 1021 m Silesian Beskids
Jaworzyna 1020 m Silesian Beskids
Kościelec 1019 m Silesian Beskids
Czantoria Wielka 0995 m Silesian Beskids
Kiczory 0990 m Silesian Beskids
Stożek Wielki 0978 m Silesian Beskids
Kopa Bukowska 1320 m Bieszczady Mountains

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