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An actual sugarloaf, after which many mountains are named.

The name Sugarloaf or Sugar Loaf applies to numerous raised topographic landforms worldwide: mountains, hills, peaks, summits, buttes, ridges, rock formations, bornhardt, inselberg, etc. Landforms resembling the characteristic conical shape of a sugarloaf were often so named.[1] According to the United States Board on Geographic Names, there are over 200 such designations in the United States alone.[2]


There are over 450 hills, mountains or peaks named with a variant of "sugarloaf" or "sugar loaf".[3] That includes 49 instances of "the Sugarloaf" and 19 of "Mount Sugarloaf".






New Zealand[edit]

and 26 other Sugar Loaf hills, or islands,[6] the closest being hills about 17 km (11 mi) apart, one above the North branch,[7] and the other above the South branch,[8] of the Opuha River.

  • Sugarloaf hill, Cass valley

and 3 other Sugarloaf hills, Mount Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf Island and Sugarloaf Rock.[6]


Sierra Leone[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

United States of America[edit]



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