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A screening of Shrek the Third at the Vispathè cinema, in Campi Bisenzio, Italy.

This is a list of movie theaters and cinema chains across the world. The chains are listed alphabetically by continent and then by country.



  • Megarama - Operating in in Casablanca, Marrakesh and Fez, with more cities coming.
  • IMAX located inside Morocco Mall, Casablanca.
  • La Renaissance - Independent cinema in Rabat, includes a restaurant and a music venue.


  • Silverbird Cinemas - As at 2014, the largest cinema chain in west Africa with over 50 screens in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Uyo and Accra, Ghana.[1]
  • FilmHouse cinemas - with 7 cinemas in Lagos, Ibadan, Calabar, Port Harcourt and Kano as at March 2015. The company was established in 2012 and it is aiming to have 25 cinemas in six years.[2]
  • Genesis Deluxe cinemas - with 15 screens and over 2000 seats. It has 3 cinemas located in Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Enugu. It has served over 50million customers. It was the first cinema in West Africa to show a 3D movie.[3]
  • Viva Cinemas - with 7 screens in Ilorin and Ibadan.[4]
  • Ozone Cinemas - with 4 screens and 619 luxury seats located in Lagos. It is the first multiplex cinema to be built on the mainland of Lagos.[5]


  • Ster-Kinekor - Operating throughout South Africa, it has the largest market share.
  • Nu Metro Cinemas - 17 locations in South Africa.
  • CineCentre - Cinema chain in South Africa.
  • Rex Cinema - Accra, Ghana
  • Roxy Cinema - Accra, Ghana
  • Silverbird Cinemas - Nigeria and Accra, Ghana

North America and Caribbean[edit]

The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) is the largest exhibition trade organization in the world. According to their figures, the top 4 chains represent almost half of the theater screens in North America. NATO states that the number of U.S. movie screens as of December 2014 are 39,356 indoor screens in 5,463 sites and 656 Drive-In screens in 393 sites.[6]

Rank Circuit Headquarters Screens Sites
1 Regal Entertainment Group Knoxville,TN 7,295 565
2 AMC Entertainment Inc Leawood, KS 4,960 344
3 Cinemark Theatres Plano, TX 4,499 335
4 Carmike Cinemas, Inc. Columbus, GA 2,892 280
5 Cineplex Entertainment Toronto, ON 1,635 161
6 Marcus Theatres Milwaukee, WI 681 53
7 Harkins Theatres Phoenix, AZ 446 31
8 Southern Theatres New Orleans, LA 445 39
9 B&B Theatres Liberty, MO 409 50
10 National Amusements Dedham, MA 409 32


  • Alliance Atlantis "The Beach Cinemas" Wiki:Alliance Cinemas
  • Imagine Cinemas - 14 Locations and 85 screens.
  • Cinémas Guzzo - 10 locations and 142 screens in the Montreal area.
  • Ciné Entreprise - Independent theatre chain based in rural Québec
  • Cineplex Entertainment - Canada's largest and North America's fifth-largest movie theater company with 161 locations and 1,635 screens.
  • Landmark Cinemas - Canada's second-largest chain with 54 locations and 359 screens in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the Yukon.
  • Empire Theatres (Defunct) - Closed on October 29, 2013, by selling most of their locations to Cineplex Entertainment and Landmark Cinemas and closing 3 others that were not included in the sales.
  • Encore Cinemas - A small Canadian chain with one location.
  • AMC Theatres (Defunct) - 1 theatre in Canada - As of July 2012 AMC devested of its Canadian operations selling four to Cineplex, two to Empire Theatres which were later sold to Landmark Cinemas in 2013, closing one of the other two with the remaining location still up for sale as of early 2013
  • Rainbow and Magic Lantern Cinemas - 15 locations and 81 screens operating in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • Premier Theatres - Operates 5 drive-in theaters and 4 cinemas with a total of 23 screens in Ontario and Yellowknife NWT
  • Stinson Theatres (defunct)
  • CinéStarz - Small chain that operates 5 theaters: 3 in Quebec and 2 in Ontario

Dominican Republic[edit]

  • Caribbean Cinemas
  • Palacio del Cine


Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

United States[edit]

  • Allen Theatres - Located in New Mexico and Cortez, Colorado
  • AMC Theatres
  • Atlas Cinemas - 5 theaters with 57 screens located in northeast Ohio.[1]
  • B&B Theatres - 414 screens in 51 theaters, family-owned and -operated chain in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Arizona, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Texas.
  • Bel Air 10 Theater - Independent movie theater - 10 screens in Detroit, MI [2]
  • BIG Cinemas - 22 theaters with 230 screens, a division of Reliance MediaWorks Ltd and a member of Reliance ADA Group.
  • Phoenix Theatres - Acquired in 2008.
  • Big Picture Theater - Located in Wooster, Ohio, and a non-profit theater.
  • Bow Tie Cinemas - nearly 400 screens in 55 theaters, located in Colorado, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia.[8]
  • Showplex Cinemas, Inc. - Acquired in May 2010 with 80 screens in 10 theater locations.
  • Loeks Theatres, Inc. (also known as Celebration! Cinema) - 156 screens, 12 theaters in Michigan.
  • Malco Theatres - 340 screens in 33 theaters, located in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky and Missouri
  • Mann Theatres - 71 screens in 10 theaters throughout Minnesota.
  • Marcus Theatres - 681 screens in 53 theaters.[6] Theaters located in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska North Dakota and Ohio
  • Allen Park Digital Cinemas - six-screen theater located in Allen Park, Michigan, under same ownership.
  • Neighborhood Cinema Group - 147 screens in 19 theaters in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia and Tennessee
  • Northern Michigan Cinemas - 29 screens in 5 theaters. Theaters are located in Cheboygan, Bellaire, Mackinaw City, Petoskey and Gaylord.
  • Pacific Theatres - 15 theatres with around 313 screens, all located in Southern California
  • Paragon Theaters - Nine theaters with 97 screens in Florida, Minnesota, Virginia, Maryland, and Illinois.
  • Patriot Cinemas - 4 locations on the south shore of Massachusetts and Portland Maine with 23 screens
  • Picture Show Entertainment - 8 theaters with 75 screens, locations in Arizona, Orange County, California, Colorado, Florida and Metro Atlanta, Georgia
  • Premiere Cinemas - 257 screens, 22 theaters, locations in Texas, Alabama, Florida and New Mexico
  • Polson Theatres - 11 theaters with 24 screens, locations in Montana and Idaho
  • Reading Entertainment - 181 screens in 23 theaters in California, Hawaii, New York, Arizona, and Texas
  • Regal Cinemas - One of three chains part of the 2002 consolidation.
  • United Artists Theatres - One of three chains part of the 2002 consolidation.
  • Edwards Theatres - One of three chains part of the 2002 consolidation.
  • Sawmill Theaters - Six Screen multiplex located in Payson, Arizona.
  • Hoyts Cinemas - U.S. locations were acquired in 2003 and rebranded as Regal Cinemas.
  • Eastern Federal Theatres - Acquired in 2005 and rebranded as Regal Cinemas.
  • Consolidated Theatres - Acquired in 2008 for million in cash and rebranded as Regal Cinemas.
  • Great Escape Theatres - 305 screens in 26 theaters, acquired in 2012.
  • Hollywood Theaters (formerly Wallace Theaters) - 546 screens in 49 theaters[23] Acquired in 2013. All Edwards Theatres in the Pacific Northwest expected to be rebranded as Hollywood Theaters
  • Regency Theatres - 180 screens across 27 locations throughout Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona.[24]
  • Rio Entertainment, Inc. - 4 theaters, 27 screens in Texas.
  • Riverfront Cinemas - 2 Theaters, 19 screens in Central New York
  • Rogers Cinemas - 7 theaters, 50 screens in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.
  • Sarasota Film Society- 2 theaters, 9 screens in Lakewood Ranch Florida and in Downtown Sarasota, Independent Non-Profit Theater
  • Santikos Theatres - 136 screens in 9 theaters located in Texas[25]
  • Southeast Cinemas - 7 theaters with 60 screens, locations in the Carolinas and Virginia
  • Southern Theatres - 36 theaters, 433 screens. Based in New Orleans, the chain has locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas.
    • The Grand Theatre- 13 Theatres
    • AmStar Theatre- 8 Theatres
    • Movie Tavern- 16 Theatres -acquire 2013
  • Spotlight Theatres - 6 screens with 45 screens. Locations in Georgia, Florida, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.
  • SR Entertainment Group - 11 theaters with around 100 screens in California
  • Stanley Corporation of America - Founded in 1897 in Philadelphia by Jules and Stanley Mastbaum; 250 theaters in mid-Atlantic region; acquired by Warner Bros. in 1928.[26]
  • Starlight Cinemas - 5 theaters with 41 screens in the Los Angeles area.
  • Starplex Cinemas - Currently operates 25 theaters and 234 screens across the United States.
  • Stone Theatres - 4 theater chain with 56 screens based in the Carolinas with current locations in Durham, NC, Myrtle Beach, SC, Morrisville, NC and Hope Mills, NC. They are in the process of expanding to more locations.
  • Studio Movie Grill - 16 theaters, cinema/grill concept, initially operating in Texas, expanded to Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, and Ohio as of February 2014, [4]
  • Texas Cinemas - Merged with EVO Entertainment Group (2014) 3 Theaters, 28 Screens [5]
  • Tristone Cinemas - 5 theaters, 36 screens in Southern California
  • UltraStar Cinemas - A west coast regional chain that was the first Chain in the nation to adopt a full scale deployment of Digital Cinema, is a leader in Digital 3D and is the first theater chain to deploy D-box Motion seats. 147 screens in 15 theaters in Southern California and Arizona.
  • United Entertainment Corporation - 125 screens in 14 theaters, located in California, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and Utah.
  • VIP Cinemas Corporation - 16 screens in 3 theaters, located in Illinois and Kentucky.[27]
  • Warren Theatres - 101 screens in 10 theaters. Owned and operated by Bill Warren, headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, operates four luxury theaters under the Warren Theatres brand, including three cinema complexes in Wichita, Kansas and one in Moore, Oklahoma.Warren Theatres also operates two theatres under the Palace Theatres name, one of which is located in Springfield, Missouri and the other in Wichita. Warren Theatres also operates a small theater in the Towne West Square Mall in Wichita Kansas, called the Movie Machine. The Warren Theatre in Old Town Wichita, Kansas is a main venue for the Tallgrass Film Festival, an international, independent film festival. Warren Theatres' IMAX, with the largest IMAX screen in the world, is the top grossing IMAX in North America.[28]
  • Water Gardens Theatres - 4 theaters with 24 screens in Utah and Hawaii [6]
  • Wehrenberg Theatres - 15 theaters with 210 screens in the St. Louis metropolitan area, Minnesota and Iowa[29] Largest and oldest family-owned theater chain in the United States.
  • Westates Theatres - 5 theaters and about 13 screens operating in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Idaho, primarily in small urban areas and towns.
  • Wildwood Theatres - 4 theaters, in Wisconsin.
  • York River Crossing Cinemas - One location in Gloucester, VA. Eight screens.
  • Your Neighborhood Theatre, a division of Boston Culinary Group - 119 screens, 17 theaters in New England and New York State operates theaters branded as "five star cinemas" and some joint venture repossession properties under "Entertainment Cinemas" "Flagship Cinemas" and "SSC Cinemas"

Central and South America[edit]



  • Multicine
  • Cine Center
  • Cinemark




Costa Rica[edit]

  • CCM Cinemas
  • Cinépolis
  • Cinemark
  • Citi Cinemas
  • Plaza Paraíso
  • Teatro Variedades
  • Cine Magaly
  • Sala Garbo



Extinct Brands in Mexico[edit]

  • MMcinemas (bought by Cinemex)
  • Cinemas Lumiere
  • Cinemark (bought by Cinemex)
  • cinemas gemelos and multicinemas They were part of the brand Organización Ramírez and were the largest cinema chains in the country
  • AMC Theatres there exist a short time since the early 90s in galerias coapa, perisur, pericentro (naucalpan), and pabellon cuauhtemoc
  • General Cinema He had two theaters in pavellon polanco and plaza Insurgentes
  • Carlos Amador Martínez named "tele-cine or also "Tele Cines Casa"" closed in the period 1995-1996, most theaters were located in the city of Mexico City and Monterrey



  • Cines Itaú - 4 theaters
  • Cines del Mall
  • Villamorra Cinecenter
  • Real Cines
  • Cine Art
  • Cine Granados
  • Cinemark



  • TBL Cinemas


  • Cines Unidos
  • Cinex
  • Movie Planet
  • Plató Cines
  • Super Cines



  • Ariana Cinema
  • Aryob Cinema
  • Bakhtar Cinema
  • Biraristan Cinema
  • Khairkhona Cinema
  • Kunduz Cinema
  • Pamir Cinema
  • Park Cinema
  • Temurshahi Cinema


  • Almas Cinema Hall (Chittagong)
  • Bonani Complex (Chittagong)
  • Karnaphuli Cinema Hall (Chittagong)
  • Cinema Palace (Chittagong)
  • Sagorika Cinema Hall (Chittagong)
  • Nupur Cinema Hall (Chittagong)
  • Chanda Cinema Hall (Chittagong)
  • Balaka Cineplex
  • Blockbuster Cineplex
  • Porbot Cinema Hall
  • Sony Cinema Hall
  • Star Cineplex
  • Shayamoli Cinema Hall


People's Republic of China (Mainland and Hong Kong)[edit]

In 2014 there were 5,813 movie theaters in China and 299 cinema chains, with 252 classified as "rural" and 47 as "urban".[30]

Republic of China (Taiwan)[edit]





  • Rav Hen
  • Globus Max
  • Cinema City
  • Yes Planet
  • Lev






  • SM Cinemas
  • Ayala Malls Cinemas
  • Robinsons Movieworld
  • Starmall Cinemas
  • Gaisano Cinemas


South Korea[edit]


  • Major Cineplex – The largest cinema group in Thailand. The group includes (by brands):
    • EGV – The first multiplex brand and THX cinema in Thailand.
    • IMAX Theatre – License in Thailand: Krungsri IMAX Theatre at Siam Paragon
    • Paragon Cineplex – A 16-screen plex in Siam Paragon
    • Esplanade Cineplex
    • Paradise Cineplex
    • Mega Cineplex
    • Hatyai Cineplex
    • Quartier CineArt
    • WestGate Cineplex
    • Promenade Cineplex
    • Diana Cineplex
    • Ayuthaya City Park Cineplex
    • Embassy Diplomat Screens
  • SF Cinema Group – More than 150 screens in 22 locations.
    • SFW Cinema
    • SFX Cinema
    • SFC Cinema
    • SF Multiplex
    • Emprive Cineclub
  • Major Hollywood - 3 locations; Suksawad, Chaengwattana, Ramkhamhaeng
  • Century The Movie Plaza - 1 location; Victory Monument
  • Thana Cineplex
  • Coliseum Cineplex
  • APEX
  • UMG
  • Other
    • Kosa
    • Prince
    • MVP
    • Five Star
    • Vista
    • Fairy

United Arab Emirates[edit]

  • Oscar Cinema, Abu Dhabi(Al Wahda mall, Al Raha), Al Ain(Al Ain Sports Club, Alfoah Mall, Barari Outlet Mall), Sharjah.
  • VOX Cinemas
  • Novo Cinemas
  • Reel Cinemas
  • Cinemacity, Arabian Center, Dubai
  • Cineroyal, Abu Dhabi
  • Lamcy Cinema, Dubai


  • CGV Cinemas - Largest nationwide cineplex chain from Korea with 35 locations across the country (formerly Megastar Cineplex)
    • North
      • CGV Vincom Center Ba Trieu (Hanoi) - 10-screen cineplex located in Hai Ba Trung District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV MIPEC Tower (Hanoi) - 7-screen cineplex located in Dong Da District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Ho Guom Plaza (Hanoi) - 6-screen cineplex located in Ha Dong District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV AEON Long Bien (Hanoi) - 10-screen cineplex located in Long Bien District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Vincom Nguyen Chi Thanh (Hanoi) - 7-screen cineplex located in Dong Da District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV IPH (Indochina Plaza Hanoi) - 9-screen cineplex located in Cau Giay District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Thuy Duong Plaza (Hai Phong) - 8-screen cineplex located in Ngo Quyen District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Marine Plaza (Quang Ninh) - 3-screen cineplex in Ha Long with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Vincom Ha Long(Quang Ninh) - 5-screen cineplex in Ha Long with Digital 2D and 3D screens
    • Central
      • CGV Vinh Trung Plaza (Da Nang) - 6-screen cineplex located in Thanh Khe District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Vincom (Da Nang) - 5-screen cineplex located in Son Tra District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Kim Cuc Plaza (Binh Dinh) - 3-screen cineplex located in Quy Nhon with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Buon Ma Thuot (Dac Lac) - 5-screen cineplex located in Buon Ma Thuot with Digital 2D and 3D screens
    • South
      • CGV Hung Vuong Plaza (Ho Chi Minh City) - 9-screen cineplex located in District 5 with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV CT Plaza (Ho Chi Minh City) - 7-screen cineplex located in District Tan Binh, next to the Ho Chi Minh City International airport, with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Saigon Parkson Paragon (Ho Chi Minh City) - 8-screen cineplex located in District 7 with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Crescent Mall (Ho Chi Minh City) - 8-screen cineplex located in District 7 with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Pandora City Mall (Ho Chi Minh City) - 8-screen cineplex located in Tan Phu District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV AEON Celadon Mall (Ho Chi Minh City) - 8-screen cineplex located in Tan Phu District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Thao Dien Pearl (Ho Chi Minh City) - 6-screen cineplex located in District 2 with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Liberty Citypoint (Ho Chi Minh City) - 6-screen cineplex located in District 1 with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Thu Duc (Ho Chi Minh City) - 7-screen cineplex located in Thu Duc District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV SC VivoCity (Ho Chi Minh City) - 8-screen cineplex located in District 7 with Digital 2D, 3D and IMAX screens
      • CGV Pearl Plaza (Ho Chi Minh City) - 7-screen cineplex located in Binh Thanh District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Go Vap (Ho Chi Minh City) - 5-screen cineplex located in Go Vap District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Hoang Van Thu (Ho Chi Minh City) - cineplex located in Tan Binh District with Digital 2D, 3D and IMAX screens
      • CGV AEON Binh Tan (Ho Chi Minh City) - cineplex located in Binh Tan District with Digital 2D, 3D and Starium screens
      • CGV Vincom Dong Khoi (Ho Chi Minh City) - cineplex located in District 1 with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Sense City (Can Tho) - 6-screen cineplex located in Ninh Kieu District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Vincom Hung Vuong (Can Tho) - 4-screen cineplex located in Ninh Kieu District with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Coopmart Bien Hoa (Bien Hoa) - Located just outside central HCMC
      • CGV Big C Dong Nai (Bien Hoa) - 5-screen cineplex located in Bien Hoa with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Lam Son Square (Vung Tau) - 5-screen cineplex located in Vung Tau with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV Binh Duong Square (Binh Duong) - 7-screen cineplex located in Thu Dau Mot with Digital 2D and 3D screens
      • CGV AEON Canary (Binh Duong) - 7-screen cineplex located in Thuan An town with Digital 2D and 3D screens
  • Galaxy Cinemas
    • North
      • Galaxy Mipec Long Bien (Ha Noi)
    • Central
      • Galaxy Coopmart Da Nang (Da Nang City)
    • South
      • Galaxy Nguyen Du (Ho Chi Minh City)
      • Galaxy Nguyen Trai (Ho Chi Minh City)
      • Galaxy Tan Binh (Ho Chi Minh City)
      • Galaxy Kinh Duong Vuong (Ho Chi Minh City)
      • Galaxy Ben Tre (Ben Tre)
  • BHD Star Cineplex
    • South:
      • BHD Star Cineplex 3.2 (Ho Chi Minh City): 4th Floor Maximark 3/2, 3 thang 2 St, Dist 10, HCMC (5 theaters - All Digital D2D/3D - 664 seats)
      • BHD Star Cineplex ICON68 (Ho Chi Minh City): 3rd & 4th Floor, Bitexco Financial Tower ICON68 Shopping Center. 02 Hai Trieu St, Dist 1, HCMC (7 theaters - All Digital D2D/3D - 998 Seats)
      • BHD Vincom Le Van Viet (Ho Chi Minh City)
      • BHD Vincom Thao Dien (Ho Chi Minh City)
      • BHD Vincom Quang Trung (Ho Chi Minh City)
      • BHD Pham Hung (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Lotte Cinema - Nationwide cineplex chain from Korea with 23 locations across the country - Multiplex striving to offer happy cultural experiences with All Screen-Digital and Dolby Surround 7.1
    • North:
      • Lotte Cinema Landmark (Hanoi): 5th Floor Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, E6 Pham Hung, Cau Giay District, Hanoi (5 theater, 848 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Ha Dong (Hanoi): 5th floor, Me Linh Plaza, To Hieu, Ha Dong, Ha Noi (7 screens, 859 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Thang Long (Hanoi)
      • Lotte Cinema Ha Long (Quang Ninh): 1st Floor, Big C Ha Long, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh (3 screens, 350 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Bac Giang (Bac Giang): G Floor, Big C Bac Giang, Tân Tiến, Bac Giang City, Bac Giang (4 screens, 556 Seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Viet Tri (Phu Tho): 5th Floor, Vincom Hai Phong, Doan Ket street, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho (4 screens, 545 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Hai Phong (Hai Phong): 5th Floor, Vincom Hai Phong, 1 Le Thanh Tong street, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong (5 screens, 692 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Ninh Binh (Ninh Binh): 1st Floor, BigC Ninh Binh, Ninh Phuc, Ninh Binh City, Ninh Binh Province (4 screens, 472 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Thai Binh (Thai Binh)
    • Central:
      • Lotte Cinema Hue (Thua Thien Hue): 4 Floor Big C Hue, 181 Ba Trieu, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue (3 screens, 436 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Da Nang (Da Nang): 5th Floor Lotte Mart Da Nang, Hoa Cuong Bac Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City (4 screens, 479 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Nha Trang (Nha Trang): 5th Floor Maximark, 60 Thai Nguyen Phuong Sai Ward, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa (4 theater, 473 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan)
    • South:
      • Lotte Cinema Nam Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City): 3rd Floor, Lotte Mart 469 Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, HCM City (6 theater, 1336 seat)
      • Lotte Cinema Diamond (Ho Chi Minh City): 13th Floor, Diamond Plaza 34 Le Duan, District 1, HCMC (3 theaters, 344 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Cong Hoa (Ho Chi Minh City): 4th Floor, Pico Plaza, 20 Cong Hoa, Ward 12, Tan Binh Dist., HCM City (6 theaters, 1229 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Cantavil (Ho Chi Minh City): 7th Floor, Cantavil Premier, Ha Noi Highway, An Phu, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City (8 screens, 1032 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Nowzone (Ho Chi Minh City)
      • Lotte Cinema Phu Tho (Ho Chi Minh City)
      • Lotte Cinema Go Vap (Ho Chi Minh City)
      • Lotte Cinema Dong Nai (Dong Nai): 5th Floor Lotte Mart Bien Hoa, Amata Commercial Area, Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai (4 theaters, 608 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Bien Hoa (Dong Nai)
      • Lotte Cinema Cai Rang (Can Tho): 1st Floor Big C Can Tho, Hung Phu Ward, Cai Rang Dist, Can Tho City (5 screens, 668 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Ninh Kieu (Can Tho): Add: 3rd Floor, Lotte Mart Ninh Kieu, 84 Mậu Thân Street,Ninh Kiều District, Can Tho City (4 screens, 635 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Binh Duong (Binh Duong): 2nd Floor, Lotte Mart Binh Duong, Lai Thieu Thuan An, Binh Duong (4 screens, 689 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema Vung Tau (Ba Ria - Vung Tau): 3rd Floor Lotte Mart Vung Tau, 3/2 Street, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria Vung Tau (4 screens - 509 seats)
      • Lotte Cinema My Binh Long Xuyen (An Giang): - 5th Floor Vincom, Long Xuyen City, An Giang (4 screens - 681 seats)
  • PLATINUM Cineplex
    • North
      • PLATINUM Big C The Garden (Hanoi): 4th Floor, The Garden Shopping Center, Me Tri, My Dinh1, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi (6 screens: 2 3D and 4 2D screens, 812 seat)
      • PLATINUM Long Bien (Hanoi): 5th Floor, Vincom Center Long Bien, Phuc Loi Ward, Long Bien, Hanoi. (4 screens: 1 3D and 3 2D screens, 839 seat)
      • PLATINUM Nha Trang (Nha Trang): 3th Floor, Nha Trang Shopping Center, 20 Tran Phu, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. (3 screens: 1 3D and 2 2D screens, 283 seat)
      • PLATINUM Royal City (Hanoi): B2 Floor, Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, 72A Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi (10 screens: 3 3D and 7 2D screens, include 1 Lounge and 1 Dolby Atmos screens, 1700 seat)
      • PLATINUM Times City (Hanoi): B1 Floor, Vincom Mega Mall Times City, 458 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi (11 screens: 3 3D and 8 2D screens, include 1 Lounge and 1 Dolby Atmos screens, ~2100 seat - the biggest cineplex in Vietnam)
  • National Cinema Center - 87 Lang Ha, Dong Da, District, Hanoi (10 screens)
  • Beta Cineplex
    • North
      • Beta Cineplex Thai Nguyen (Thai Nguyen)
      • Beta Cineplex Thanh Xuan (Hanoi)
    • South
      • Beta Cineplex Bien Hoa (Dong Nai) - Formerly Pegacine Bien Hoa
  • Starlight
    • Central
      • Starlight Da Nang
      • Starlight Quy Nhon
      • Starlight Buon Ma Thuot
  • Cinestar
    • South
      • Cinestar Quoc Thanh (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • MegaGS
    • South
      • Mega GS Cao Thang (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Cinebox
    • South
      • Cinebox 212 (Ho Chi Minh City)


Former chains[edit]



Rank Circuit Headquarters Locations
1 Event Cinemas Sydney, NSW 55
2 Dendy Cinemas Sydney, NSW 3
3 Howard Cinemas Taree, NSW 2
4 Hoyts (owned by Wanda Cinemas) Sydney, NSW 40
5 Independent Exhibitors Various 72
6 Palace Cinemas Balwyn, VIC 7
7 Reading Cinemas South Melbourne, VIC 20
8 United Cinemas Various 5
9 Wallis Richmond, SA 5
10 Cineplex Australia Brisbane, QLD 5
11 The Movie Masters Perth, WA 9
12 Village Cinemas Melbourne, VIC 26
13 David & Carol Stonnill Victor Harbor, SA 1

New Zealand[edit]

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