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This is a list of multilateral free-trade agreements, between several countries all treated equally. For agreements between two countries, between a bloc and a country, or between two blocs, see list of bilateral free-trade agreements; these are not listed below.

Every customs union, common market, economic union, customs and monetary union and economic and monetary union is also a free-trade area; these are listed on these separate articles and are not included below.

For a general explanation, see free-trade area.

World Trade Organization agreements[edit]

WTO accession progress:
  Members (including dual-representation with the European Union)
  Draft Working Party Report or Factual Summary adopted
  Goods and/or Services offers submitted
  Memorandum on Foreign Trade Regime (FTR) submitted
  Observer, negotiations to start later or no Memorandum on FTR submitted
  Frozen procedures or no negotiations in the last 3 years
  No official interaction with the WTO

Operating agreements[edit]

Stages of economic integration around the World (each country colored according to the most integrated form that it participates with):
  Economic and monetary union (CSME/EC$, EU/, Switzerland–Liechtenstein/CHF)
  Common market (EEA–Switzerland, ASEAN)

Proposed agreements[edit]

Agreements no longer active[edit]

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