List of multinationals with research and development centres in Israel

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There are over 250 foreign R&D Centers in Israel.[1]

Google development center in Matam, Haifa
Broadcom development center in Herzliya
Alcatel-Lucent development center in Azorim technology park
BMC Software development center in Tel Aviv
Company Country Sector Major Acquisitions And Activities
3M USA Electronics Attenti [2]
Alcatel-Lucent France Telecommunication LANNET, Chromatis Networks, Mobilitec[3]
Amazon USA Internet Aannapurna Labs[4]
AOL USA Internet 5min Media [5]
AMD USA Semiconductors Graphic Remedy[6]
Apple USA Consumer electronics Anobit,[7] PrimeSense[8]
Applied Materials USA Semiconductors Orbot Instruments, Opal Technologies,[9] Oramir Semiconductor[10]
AT&T USA Telecommunication Interwise [11]
Autodesk USA Software R&D Center[12]
Barclays UK Financial Services R&D Center[13]
BMC Software USA Software New Dimension Software,[14] Identify Software[15]
Broadcom USA Semiconductors VisionTech, M-Stream, Siliquent Technologies, Dune Networks, Percello, Provigent, SC Square[16]
ChemChina China Chemicals Makhteshim Agan[17]
Citigroup USA Financial Services R&D Center[18]
Cisco USA Telecommunication CLASS Data Systems, HyNEX, Seagull Semiconductor, PentaCom, P-Cube, Riverhead Networks,[19] Intucell,[20] Sheer Networks,[21] NDS Group[22][23]
Dassault Systèmes France Software
Dell USA Computer technology R&D center[24]
Dropbox USA Internet Cloudon (2015)[25]
ebay USA Internet, Fraud Sciences, The Gift Project[26]
EMC USA Computer technology Kashya, nLayers, proActivity, Illuminator, ZettaPoint, Cyota,[27] XtremIO[28]
Facebook USA Internet Onavo,[29] Pebbles Interfaces[30]
General Electric USA Medical Technology Nuclear and MR businesses of Elscint,[31] Diasonics Vingmed[32]
General Motors USA Automotive
Google USA Internet LabPixies, Quiksee, modu (patents only),[33] Waze[34]
Harman International Industries USA Electronics Red Bend Software[35]
HP USA Computer technology Indigo Digital Press, Scitex Vision, Nur Macroprints, Mercury Interactive, Shunra[36]
Huawei China Telecommunication
IBM USA Computer technology Ubique,[37] I-Logix,[38] XIV,[39] Guardium,[40] Diligent Technologies,[41] Storwize,[42] Worklight,[43] Trusteer[44]
ICAP UK Financial Services
Intel USA Semiconductors DSPC[45] Envara,[46] Comsys,[47] InVision Biometrics,[48] Telmap[49]
John Deere USA Agricultural technology
Johnson & Johnson USA Medical Technology
Lenovo[50] China Consumer electronics
LG South Korea Consumer electronics
McAfee USA Software
Microsoft USA Software Maximal,[51] Peach Networks,[52] Whale Communications,[53] Gteko,[54] YaData,[55] 3DV Systems[56]
Monsanto USA Telecommunication Rosetta Green(2013)[57]
Motorola USA Telecommunication Terayon,[58] Bitband[59]
Oracle USA Software
Nestlé Switzerland Food processing Osem[60]
PayPal USA Internet
Philips Netherlands Medical Technology
Polycom USA Telecommunication
Qualcomm USA Semiconductors
Samsung South Korea Consumer electronics
SanDisk USA Semiconductors M-Systems[61]
SAP Germany Software OFEK-Tech, TopTier Software, TopManage, A2i[62]
Sears USA Retail
SeaGate USA Computer storage
Siemens Germany Electronics
Software AG Germany Software
Sun Pharmaceutical India Pharmaceuticals Taro[63]
SingTel[64] Singapore Telecommunications
Syngenta Switzerland Agribusiness Zeraim Gedera[65]
Tata Group India Information Technology Technology Innovation Momentum Fund[66]
Teradata USA Data warehousing Appoxee(2015) ~$20–25 mil [67]
Texas Instruments USA Semiconductors
Xiaomi China Consumer electronics
Xerox USA Information Technology
Yahoo USA Internet

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