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This is a selected list of multiplayer browser games. These games are usually free, with extra, payable options sometimes available. See the List of browser games for single-player browser games.

The game flow of the games may be either turn-based, where players are given a number of "turns" to execute their actions or real-time, where player actions take a real amount of time to complete. Most notable is the real-time strategy genre.

Name Developer Release[1] Type Game flow Setting
8Realms Jagex 2011 (now closed) Strategy Real-time Empire building
Adventure Quest Worlds Artix Entertainment 2008 MMORPG Real-time RPG Matheus Valadares 2015 Platform game Real-time Minimalist color circles
Blaseball The Game Band 2020 Sports game Real-time Absurdist baseball
Blood Wars BW Team 2006 MMORPG Real-time Post-apocalyptic world
Castle Marrach Skotos 2001 role-playing Real-time Fantasy/storytelling
Castle of Heroes SNAIL Game 2009 Strategy Real-time Fantasy/empire building
Club Penguin New Horizon Entertainment/Disney 2005 (now closed) Social networking Real-time Antarctica
Dead Frontier Neil Yates 2008 MMORPG, Third-person shooter Real-time Post-apocalyptic world Matheus Valadares 2016 Platform game Real-time Minimalist 2D arena
Domain of Heroes Tandem Games 2008 (now closed) MMORPG Turn-based Fantasy
Dragon City Social Point 2013 Social networking Real-time Fantasy
Drakensang Online Bigpoint 2011 MMORPG Real-time Fantasy
Doomlord Beholder Kft 2008 RPG Real-time Fantasy
Earth Eternal Sparkplay Media 2009 (now closed) MMORPG Real-time Fantasy
Empire & State Novel, Inc. 2011 MMORPG Real-time Science Fiction
eRepublik eRepublik Labs 2008 Strategy Real-time Contemporary/country building
Evony Evony 2009 Strategy Real-time Fantasy/empire building
Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey GameSamba 2018 role-playing Turn-based Anime/Fantasy
Fallen London (formerly Echo Bazaar) Failbetter Games 2009 RPG Turn-based Gothic Fantasy/Steampunk
Forge of Empires InnoGames 2012 Strategy Real-time Historical empire building
Forumwarz Crotch Zombie Productions 2008 Strategy Turn-based Contemporary/Internet forum The Freeciv Project 2010 Strategy Turn-based Empire building game
FusionFall Cartoon Network/Grigon Entertainment 2009 (now closed) MMORPG Real-time Science fiction
GeoFS Unknown 2010 Simulation Turn-based Flight Simulator
Granblue Fantasy Cygames 2014 (Android, iOS), 2016 (PC) MMORPG Turn-based Anime/Fantasy
Grendel's Cave Grendel Enterprises, L.L.C. 1998 Adventure Real-time Literary (Beowulf)
Habbo Hotel Sulake Inc. 2000 Social networking Real-time Contemporary/teenagers
Hattrick ExtraLives 1997 Strategy Real-time Contemporary/soccer team
Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms Ubisoft 2010 (now closed) Strategy Real-time Fantasy/empire building
Might and Magic: Heroes Online Ubisoft 2014 Strategy Turn-based Fantasy
Ikariam Gameforge 2007 Strategy Real-time Ancient Greece/empire building
Illyriad Illyriad Games Ltd 2011 Strategy Real-time Fantasy/empire building
Kantai Collection Kadokawa Games 2013 card battle game Real-time World War II
Kingdom of Loathing Asymmetric Publications 2003 role-playing Turn-based Fantasy/humorous
Kung Fu Panda World DreamWorks Animation 2010 (now closed) MMORPG Real-time Fantasy
Legends of Zork Jolt Online Gaming 2009-2011 (now closed) role-playing Turn-based Fantasy/humorous
Little Space Heroes Bubble Gum Interactive 2011 (now closed) MMORPG Real-time Kids
Lord of Ultima Electronic Arts 2010 (now closed) Strategy Real-time Fantasy
Mad TV online Sven Burkert 2006 Strategy Turn-based Television business simulation/humorous
Miniconomy Trade Games International BV 2002 Strategy Real-time Contemporary/country building
MouseHunt HitGrab,Inc 2008 Strategy, Social Networking Real-time Fantasy
NationStates Max Barry 2002 Strategy Real-time Contemporary/country building
Neopets Viacom 1999 Strategy, Simulation Real-time Virtual Pet Site
Nile Online Tilted Mill Entertainment 2008 Strategy Real-time Ancient Egypt/empire building
Omerta (video game) Omerta Game Limited 2003 MMORPG Real-time Mafia
OGame Gameforge AG 2002 Strategy Real-time Science fiction
Pardus Bayer&Szell OEG 2004 Strategy Turn-based Science fiction
Pirate Galaxy Splitscreen Studios 2000 role-playing Real-time Science fiction
Planetarion FUBRA 2000 Strategy Turn-based Science fiction
Quick Hit Football Play Hard Sports 2009 Sports game Real-time Sports/American football
Realm of the Mad God Wildshadow 2010 MMORPG Real-time Fantasy
Samurai Taisen PST Team 2013 MMORTS, Visual Novel Real-time Sengoku period
Sentou Gakuen PST Team 2012 MMORPG, Visual Novel Real-time School Life
SmallWorlds Outsmart Games 2008 (now closed) Virtual World, Social Networking Real-time Contemporary/teenagers Steve Howse 2016 Platform game Real-time Snakes on Black
Star Trek: Alien Domain GameSamba 2015 Strategy Real-time Science fiction
Supremacy 1914 Bytro Labs 2009 Strategy Real-time Alternate History/Empire Building Kongregate 2017 Battle Royale Real-time Minimalist circles
TagPro Nick Riggs (LuckySpammer) 2013 Multiplayer online battle arena Real-time Arena
Tanki Online AlternativaPlatform 2009 3D MMO-Shooter Real-time Post-apocalyptic world
Terra Est Quaestuosa Schoot Digital Productions 1998 Strategy Turn-based Contemporary/country building
Terra Militaris SNAIL Game 2010 Strategy Real-time Historical/empire building
Torn Torn LTD 2003 MMORPG Real-time Text based MMORPG
Trade Wars Sylien Games 2007 Space trade and combat Real-time Fantasy
Transformice Atelier801 2010 Platform game Real-time MMOG
Travian Travian Games 2004 MMORTS, Strategy Real-time Antiquity/empire building
Tribal Wars Inno Games 2003 Strategy Real-time Empire building
Twilight Heroes Quirkz Media 2007 role-playing Turn-based Contemporary/superheroes
Unforgiven War Nvinium Games 2008 role-playing Real-time Modern Warfare
Urban Dead Kevan Davis 2005 MMORPG Turn-based Contemporary/zombies
Urban Rivals Boostr 2006 Collectible card game Turn-based Board game
Utopia Omac Industries 1998 Strategy Real-time Fantasy
Virtonomics Marilana UAB 2006 Business simulation Turn-based Real world
Disney's Virtual Magical Kingdom (VMK) Disney 2005 Virtual park Real-time Real world
War of Legends Ultizen 2010 Strategy Real-time Chinese fantasy
World of the Living Dead: Resurrection Ballardia 2013 (now closed) MMORPG Real-Time Zombie Survival Strategy
World War Online Chilltime 2010 MMORTS Real-time Modern Warfare
X-Wars Sebastian Lagemann, Nils Mitoussis, Mediatainment GmbH 2002 (now closed) Strategy Real-time Science fiction

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