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Map of Spain with Álava-Araba highlighted
Map of Spain with Álava-Araba highlighted
The 51 municipalities of the province of Álava-Araba

Álava-Araba is a province in the autonomous community of the Basque Country, Spain. It is divided into 51 municipalities.[1] According to the 2011 Spanish Census, the province is the 41st largest by population with 320,788 inhabitants but is the 48th largest by land area spanning 2,963 square kilometres (1,144 sq mi).[1]

Each municipality forms part of a province which in turn forms part or the whole of an autonomous community. The organisation of the municipalities is governed by a 2 April 1985 law, completed by the 18 April 1986 royal decree. The Statutes of Autonomy of the various autonomous communities also contain provisions concerning the relations between the municipalities and the autonomous governments. In general, municipalities enjoy a large degree of autonomy in their local affairs: many of the functions of the comarcas and provinces are municipal powers pooled together. Each municipality is a corporation with independent legal personality: its governing body is called the ayuntamiento (municipal council or corporation), a term often also used to refer to the municipal offices (city and town halls). The ayuntamiento is composed of the mayor (Spanish: alcalde), the deputy mayors (Spanish: tenientes de alcalde) and the plenary assembly (pleno) of councillors (concejales). The mayor and the deputy mayors are elected by the plenary assembly, which is itself elected by universal suffrage on a list system every four years. The plenary assembly must meet publicly at least every three months at the seat of the ayuntamiento. Many ayuntamientos also have a governing commission (comisión de gobierno), named by the mayor from among the councillors; it is required for municipalities of more than 5,000 inhabitants. The governing commission, whose role is to assist the mayor between meetings of the plenary assembly, may not include more than one third of the councillors.

Official name INE code Name in Spanish Name in Basque Population
Alegría-Dulantzi 01001 Alegría de Álava Dulantzi 2,305
Amurrio 01002 Amurrio Amurrio 9,879
Añana 01049 Añana Añana 181
Aramaio 01003 Aramayona Aramaio 1,493
Armiñón 01006 Armiñón Armiñon 199
Arraia-Maeztu 01037 Arraya-Maestu Arraia-Maeztu 718
Arrazua-Ubarrundia 01008 Arrazua-Ubarrundia Arratzu-Ubarrundia 880
Artziniega 01004 Arceniega Artziniega 1,702
Asparrena 01009 Aspárrena Asparrena 1,578
Ayala/Aiara 01010 Ayala Aiara 2,635
Baños de Ebro/Mañueta 01011 Baños de Ebro Mañueta 357
Barrundia 01013 Barrundia Barrundia 818
Berantevilla 01014 Berantevilla Berantebila 446
Bernedo 01016 Bernedo Bernedo 581
Campezo/Kanpezu 01017 Campezo Kanpezu 1,106
Elburgo/Burgelu 01021 Elburgo Burgelu 524
Elciego 01022 Elciego Eltziego 1,001
Elvillar/Bilar 01023 Elvillar Bilar 356
Harana/Valle de Arana 01056 Valle de Arana Harana 313
Iruña de Oca/Iruña Oka 01901 Iruña de Oca Iruña Oka 2,587
Iruraiz-Gauna 01027 Iruraiz-Gauna Iruraitz-Gauna 483
Kripan 01019 Cripán Kripan 184
Kuartango 01020 Cuartango Kuartango 358
Labastida 01028 Labastida Bastida 1,475
Lagrán 01030 Lagrán Lagran 194
Laguardia 01031 Laguardia Guardia 1,484
Lanciego/Lantziego 01032 Lanciego Lantziego 687
Lantarón 01902 Lantarón Lantaron 964
Lapuebla de Labarca 01033 Lapuebla de Labarca Lapuebla Labarka 882
Laudio/Llodio 01036 Llodio Laudio 18,397
Legutiano 01058 Villarreal de Álava Legutiano 1,587
Leza 01034 Leza Leza 230
Moreda de Álava 01039 Moreda de Álava Arabako Moreda 275
Navaridas 01041 Navaridas Navaridas 218
Okondo 01042 Oquendo Okondo 1,064
Oyón-Oion 01043 Oyón Oion 3,014
Peñacerrada-Urizaharra 01044 Peñacerrada Urizaharra 253
Ribera Alta 01046 Ribera Alta Erriberagoita 683
Ribera Baja/Erribera Beitia 01047 Ribera Baja Erriberabeitia 1,130
Salvatierra/Agurain 01051 Salvatierra Agurain 4,407
Samaniego 01052 Samaniego Samaniego 313
San Millán/Donemiliaga 01053 San Millán Donemiliaga 744
Urkabustaiz 01054 Urcabustaiz Urkabustaiz 1,141
Valdegovía 01055 Valdegovía Gobiaran 1,112
Villabuena de Álava/Eskuernaga 01057 Villabuena de Álava Eskuernaga 314
Vitoria-Gasteiz 01059 Vitoria Gasteiz 229,484
Yécora/Iekora 01060 Yécora Iekora 293
Zalduondo 01061 Zalduendo de Álava Zalduondo 185
Zambrana 01062 Zambrana Zanbrana 360
Zigoitia 01018 Cigoitia Zigoitia 1,513
Zuia 01063 Zuya Zuia 2,372

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Place names and populations are taken from the Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE).