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Map of the United States with Rhode Island highlighted

Rhode Island is a state located in New England, United States. According to the 2010 United States Census, Rhode Island is the 8th least populous state with 1,052,931 inhabitants and the smallest by land area spanning 1,544.89 square miles (4,001.2 km2) of land.[1] Rhode Island is divided into 5 counties and contains 39 incorporated municipalities consisting of cities and towns.[2] Eight of these municipalities were re-incorporated as cities, while the other 31 remain as towns.

Towns in Rhode Island can adopt a city form of government without the need to re-incorporate as a city. Some Rhode Island cities and towns also contain named localities known as villages that reflect historic settlements. Notable villages include Kingston, in the town of South Kingstown, which houses the University of Rhode Island, and Wickford, in North Kingstown, the site of an annual international art festival. Villages have no separate corporate existence from the town or city they are located in. Rhode Island is one of only two states (with Hawaii) in which all of the incorporated municipalities have a population greater than 1,000 people.


Name[3] Type[3] County[3] Date incorporated[4] Date re-inc as a city[3] Form of government[3] Population[3]
Barrington Town Bristol 1770 Council-manager 16,310
Bristol Town Bristol 1747[5] Council-manager 22,954
Burrillville Town Providence 1806 Council-manager 15,955
Central Falls City Providence 1895[6] 1895 Mayor-council 19,376
Charlestown[7] Town Washington 1738 Council-manager 7,827
Coventry Town Kent 1741 Council-manager 35,014
Cranston City Providence 1754 1910 Mayor-council 80,387
Cumberland Town Providence 1747[5] Mayor-council 33,506
East Greenwich Town Kent 1677 Council-manager 13,146
East Providence City Providence 1862[5] 1958 Council-manager 47,037
Exeter Town Washington 1743 Town meeting 6,425
Foster Town Providence 1781 Town meeting 4,606
Glocester Town Providence 1730 Town meeting 9,746
Hopkinton[7] Town Washington 1757 Town meeting 8,188
Jamestown Town Newport 1678 Council-manager 5,405
Johnston Town Providence 1759 Mayor-council 28,769
Lincoln Town Providence 1871[6] Council-manager 21,105
Little Compton Town Newport 1747[5] Town meeting 3,492
Middletown Town Newport 1743 Council-manager 16,150
Narragansett Town Washington 1901[6] Council-manager 15,868
New Shoreham (Block Island) Town Washington 1672 Council-manager 1,051
Newport City Newport 1639 (original town) 1784/1853 Council-manager 24,672
North Kingstown Town Washington 1674 Council-manager 26,486
North Providence Town Providence 1765 Mayor-council 32,078
North Smithfield Town Providence 1871[6] Council-manager 11,967
Pawtucket City Providence 1862[5] 1954 Mayor-council 71,148
Portsmouth Town Newport 1638 (original town) Council-manager 17,389
Providence City Providence 1636 (original town) 1832 Mayor-council 178,042
Richmond[7] Town Washington 1747 Town meeting 7,708
Scituate Town Providence 1730 Town meeting 10,329
Smithfield Town Providence 1730 Council-manager 21,430
South Kingstown Town Washington 1723 Council-manager 30,639
Tiverton Town Newport 1747[5] Town meeting 15,780
Warren Town Bristol 1747[5] Council-manager 10,611
Warwick City Kent 1642[8] (original town) 1931 Mayor-council 82,672
West Greenwich Town Kent 1741 Town meeting 6,135
West Warwick Town Kent 1913[9] Council-manager 29,191
Westerly Town Washington 1669 Council-manager 22,787
Woonsocket City Providence 1867[6] 1888 Mayor-council 41,186
Map of the municipalities in the state

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