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The North West province of South Africa is divided, for local government purposes, into four district municipalities which are in turn divided into eighteen local municipalities.

In the following map, the district municipalities are labelled in capital letters and shaded in various different colours.

Map of the municipalities in the North West

District municipalities[edit]

  Name Code Seat Area
Pop. density
(per km²)
Bojanala Platinum District Municipality DC37 Rustenburg 18,333 1,657,148 90.4
Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality DC40 Klerksdorp 14,671 742,821 50.6
Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District Municipality DC39 Vryburg 43,764 459,357 10.5
Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality DC38 Mahikeng 28,114 889,108 31.6

Local municipalities[edit]

  Name Code District Seat Area
Pop. density
(per km²)
City of Matlosana Local Municipality NW403 Dr Kenneth Kaunda Klerksdorp 3,602 417,282 115.8
Ditsobotla Local Municipality NW384 Ngaka Modiri Molema Lichtenburg 6,387 181,865 28.5
Greater Taung Local Municipality NW394 Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati Taung 5,639 167,827 29.8
JB Marks Local Municipality NW405 Dr Kenneth Kaunda Potchefstroom 6,398 243,527 38.1
Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality NW397 Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati Ganyesa 23,827 102,703 4.3
Kgetlengrivier Local Municipality NW374 Bojanala Platinum Koster 3,973 59,562 15.0
Lekwa-Teemane Local Municipality NW396 Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati Christiana 3,654 56,025 15.3
Madibeng Local Municipality NW372 Bojanala Platinum Brits 3,720 536,110 144.1
Mahikeng Local Municipality NW383 Ngaka Modiri Molema Mahikeng 3,646 314,394 86.2
Mamusa Local Municipality NW393 Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati Schweizer-Reneke 3,614 64,000 17.7
Maquassi Hills Local Municipality NW404 Dr Kenneth Kaunda Wolmaransstad 4,671 82,012 17.6
Moretele Local Municipality NW371 Bojanala Platinum Makapanstad 1,498 191,306 127.7
Moses Kotane Local Municipality NW375 Bojanala Platinum Mogwase 5,726 243,648 42.5
Naledi Local Municipality NW392 Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati Vryburg 7,030 68,803 9.8
Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality NW385 Ngaka Modiri Molema Zeerust 7,323 157,690 21.5
Ratlou Local Municipality NW381 Ngaka Modiri Molema Setlagole 4,884 106,108 21.7
Rustenburg Local Municipality NW373 Bojanala Platinum Rustenburg 3,416 626,522 183.4
Tswaing Local Municipality NW382 Ngaka Modiri Molema Delareyville 5,875 129,052 22.0

Former municipalities[edit]

These municipalities have been dissolved since the current system of local government was established in 2000.

Name Code Dissolved Fate
Kagisano Local Municipality NW391 18 May 2011 Merged to create Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality
Molopo Local Municipality NW395 18 May 2011
Ventersdorp Local Municipality NW401 3 August 2016 Merged to create JB Marks Local Municipality
Tlokwe Local Municipality NW402 3 August 2016


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