List of municipalities on Long Island

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This is a list of cities, towns, villages, and hamlets on Long Island.


Map of Long Island showing county and municipal boundaries.

In New York State, each county is divided into cities and towns. Every point in New York is inside either a city or a town. Additionally, towns may optionally contain villages, which are smaller incorporated municipalities within the town. Villages may overlap multiple towns. Well-known unincorporated places within towns are referred to as hamlets.

A town or city is the major subdivision of each county. Towns provide or arrange for most municipal services for residents of hamlets and selected services for residents of villages. All residents of New York who do not live in a city or on an Indian reservation live in a town.

A village is an incorporated area which is usually, but not always, within a single town. A village is a clearly defined municipality that provides the services closest to the residents, such as garbage collection, street and highway maintenance, street lighting and building codes. Some villages provide their own police and other optional services. A hamlet is a populated area within a town that is not part of a village. The term "hamlet" is not defined under New York law (unlike cities, towns and villages), but is often used in the state's statutes to refer to well-known populated sections of towns that are not incorporated as villages.

Brooklyn and Queens[edit]

Brooklyn and Queens are part of the City of New York.

Nassau County[edit]

City of Glen Cove[edit]

City of Long Beach[edit]

Town of Hempstead[edit]

The Town of Hempstead contains 22 villages and 35 hamlets:

Town of North Hempstead[edit]

The Town of North Hempstead contains 32 villages.

Town of Oyster Bay[edit]

The Town of Oyster Bay contains 18 villages and 18 hamlets:

The U.S. Postal Service has organized these 36 places into 20 different post offices with a total of 30 different 5-digit ZIP codes.[1] Some post offices have the same name as a hamlet or village, but the boundaries are seldom the same.

Suffolk County[edit]

Town of Babylon[edit]

Town of Huntington[edit]

Town of Islip[edit]

Town of Smithtown[edit]

Town of Brookhaven[edit]

Town of Southampton[edit]

Town of Riverhead[edit]

Town of East Hampton[edit]

Town of Shelter Island[edit]

Town of Southold[edit]

Fire Island[edit]

Fire Island National Seashore Map

Fire Island is not a separate town, but its villages are listed here due to its geographical isolation.

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